This takes place during Shadow Kissed. Dimitri was never turned, obviously. Just a starter. I'll continue if requested. Anyway, Enjoy!

- Violet

Rose POV

His light breathing at the back of my neck tickled me. I didn't open my eyes, scared that it had all been a dream. Instead I let myself go in his butterfly kisses trailing from my ear to my neck. His hands were around my stomach, holding me in place - not that I planned on leaving his side. His touch was soft as if he, too, was scared I would vanish. I wanted to reassure him that i planned on staying forever but his lips were traveling south, down my left shoulder blade. His hands went to my waist pressing his – very – muscular chest against my back.

He didn't speak. And I didn't want him to. No words were needed for moments like these. When I finally did open my eyes I found myself staring at deep chocolate orbs - like chocolate glazed donuts. Yum. Anyway, what I found there made my heart leap. Love. Pure love. And I was sure that my eyes reflected the same thing. I spun around in his arms and kissed him lovingly on his luscious lips. I loved his kisses.

"Good morning, Roza." he said against my lips. The smell of his aftershave filled all my senses. It was until Dimitri smiled against my lips was when I realized that I hadn't replied. I broke the kiss and buried my head and the base of his neck.

"Good morning, Comrade." I heard the thud, thud, thud of his heart, the sound surprisingly soothing. He chuckled and pushed me away softly and got out of bed. I groaned.

"I know, I know." I got up before Dimitri would say anything. Dimitri raised a brow – why couldn't I do that? – but didn't say anything. He moved into the shower. The instant the door closed I laid back down on the bed, spreading my arms over my head, sleep creeping at me. I gave in, falling into a black haze.

Dimitri POV

The hot water ran down my body making my muscles relax. Roza didn't know what she did to me. Good thing I had good self-control. Turning the shower off, I stepped out and grabbed my towel, wrapping it around my waist. No doubt Roza had gone back to sleep.

The image of seeing her there laying on my bed, with nothing but one of my T shirts was a view but it was time to wake up and meet Lissa and the others. Almost as a second thought I changed into jeans, a black T, and my duster. Pulling my hair into a ponytail as the base of my neck, I walked up to where Roza laid, asleep, in my sheets. I shook her softly.

"Roza. Roza, wake up. We have to meet Lissa, remember?" It took another whole ten minutes but I finally managed to wake her up. Her eyes, the perfect shade of brown, were hazy from sleep. After yet another ten minutes I managed to get her into the shower. I made the bed as she took her shower. Afterward, when she was done, I watched as she slipped into black skinny jeans, blood red tank top and all-black high top converse. She made something as simple as that look sexy.

"See something you like?" she asked, giving me her 'man-eater' smile. I smiled at her and snaked my arms around her waist.

"Lots. But for now we have to meet Lissa." she pouted, making her look adorable, but gave up. We walked out the door and walked to the other end of campus to where Princess Lissa's dorm was. Once we arrived we – Roza – nearly broke the door, knocking hard on the door. There was shuffling at the other side before Lissa opened the door wearing light-colored jeans and a light pink v-neck.

"Rose we could hear you, ya' know?" Roza, ignoring Lissa's glare, side-stepped her, entering her room. I followed suit flashing an apologetic smile towards Lissa. Inside were Christian, Eddie, Mia, Adrian, sitting in a circle on the floor. I took a seat next to Roza who sat next to Lissa.

"Ok, so I called all of you guys because…" she trailed off, keeping everyone in suspense.

"Just spit it out Liss!" Roza yelled at her. Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Ok! So I brought you guys here to play a game of truth and dare!" Silence. Then – of course – Roza broke the silence.

"I hope you guys are ready for defeat because you guys are going down!"

"No way, Hathaway! I'm the king of T o D!" Christian yelled back at her.

"You wish, Pyro!"

"I think we should all think rationally," Eddie's voice cut through their argument. "Playing T o D with Rose is like giving her free pass for: destruction, injury, and revenge." Roza opened her mouth to deny it but then closed it.

"Roza, I think he has a point." I said, trying not to smile. Roza looked shock.

"You know about T o D?" I rolled my eyes.

"I wasn't born yesterday. I had my wild moments – some I'm not planning on sharing. But I might change my mind if you play it nice…" I gave her one of my rare full-on smiles, that I knew she loved.

"Fine! I'll go easy on you guys just because I love you –"

"I know you love me!" Non other than Christian said.

"–except you, fire-torch!" Christian frowned. Mia squealed.

"I'll go first!" She turned to the person to her right which happened to be Eddie.

"Eddie, T o D?"

"I choose…"

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