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Dimitri POV

"Okay, everyone separate into your groups. There will be beds and bathrooms for boys and girls." I pointedly looked at all the boys, "and no sneaking into each others dorms at night."

"Come one, Belivok!" Adrian complained, "Don't be a cock blocker!" I glared at him.

"Let him finish, Adrian, before you start whining. Comrade was about to say we can play a game before tomorrow, right, Comrade?" Ah, Rose, always understanding what I meant before I even formed the thought myself.

"Yes, Ivashkov, that's the plan. So," I looked around the room, "Any suggestions?"

"Seven minutes in heaven!" Mia and Lissa yelled in unison. All the guys groaned.

"But what if we get paired with a person from the same gender?" Eddie asked, looking worried that he would have to make out with a dude.

I opened my mouth to come up with a solution but Roza beat me to it. "Ed, all you have to do if you don't want to kiss your bros is take a dare from the person you got paired with."

"You spoke my mind, Roza," I said, my voice going unexpectedly husky, as we had shared the same thought. She shivered, no doubt a cause of my eyes darkening from pleasure.

"Okay! Okay!" Mia squeezed herself in between us, which was hard considering we had almost been chest to chest. "Cut it out and lets play!"

"Okay…how should we do this?"

"Here!" Mia grabbed a piece of paper from her purse and started cutting them into equal parts. She grabbed a pen and wrote everybody's name on it. Rose dug through a bag, my bag, and took out my fedora.

"No way, Belikov! You have a fedora?" I just shrugged at that, was it really that much of a surprise?

"Anyway," Mia said, dumping all the pieces of paper into the hat. She mixed them while shaking her entire body, making Eddie lock on her every movement as she swayed her hips.

"Eddie," she said sweetly, "would you mind choosing the first two people?"

He gulped loudly and nodded his head. He dug his hand into my fedora and pulled out two pieces of paper. "And the first couple to be chosen is…" His face fell. "Mia and Adrian."

Mia blushed and tried to cover it but it was clear she was satisfied to be paired up with him. Adrian grinned lazily at her.

"So, want to get some action on, huh?" He opened the door for her, and winked at Sydney who was staring stone-faced. I love you, he mouthed at her, causing her to smile in satisfaction. I set up my watch for seven minutes. "And go!"

Seven minutes later, they walked out, Mia grinning and Adrian looking smug. Eddie and Sydney both looked hurt but were obviously trying to hide it. But they both smiled when their lovers gave them a kiss on the mouth.

"Next!" Adrian dug his hand into the hat and took out two new names. "It is the turn off…Christian and Rose!" I tried to keep a blank expression but a grin still broke through.

"WHAT?!" They both yelled in unison. They glared at each other. "Stop copying what I say." They said.

"Stop copying me!" They yelled at each other. "No, you stop!"

"Both of you stop!" Lissa yelled over both of them. "Just get the seven minutes over with or you guys can do a dare."

Rose and Christian looked at each other before looking at Lissa and said, "Fine."

I chocked on my laughter, when they both walked to the other room, still glaring at each other. But it soon died out when we heard shuffling on the other side. I concentrated on any noise that was happening on the other side of the door. There was a faint thud and more shuffling. Could they…? No, they hate each other. So what was going the fuck on?

Rose POV

I glared at Sparky as we went into the room. God, seven effing minutes with him? I'd prefer to be with my Russian God and jump his bones but noo!, I got stuck with Fire Torch.

Once the door closed, Chrissy turned towards me and gave me a weird look. "What? Do I have something on my face?"

He shocked me by moving closer, so close our knees bumped together. "What the hell!" I snarled.

"Oh, calm it, Rosie Posie, I threw up a little in my mouth too, just FYI." He smirked. "I just thought it would be fun to mess around with everybody out there. Why don't we give them a show?"

I think about it. Maybe…"Okay, but don't you fucken dare grope me or try anything, go it?" He rolled his eyes.

"You know, there are actually guys out there in this world that don't want you, Rosie." I take off my shirt and roll it up to smack him with it.

"Oh yeah, smartass? Like who?" He thinks hard about it, brows forward. Then he brightens.

"Like gay guys." Ugh! I throw my shirt at him, making my elbow bump against the door.

"Yeah, just like that, Rose!" Chrissie half yells, half moans. I put my hand on my mouth to not laugh out loud. This is ridiculous.

"Uh, yeah, uh, keep going, Christian." I fake moan, trying to keep up with the act.

"Harder? Faster?" I can see Fire Ball trying not to laugh as well.

"I'm almost there!" I said, groaning as if I was.

"Just…a…little…more!" Chrissy shouted the last word so that who ever was listening, which trust me everyone was at this point, thought he had come by the end of his sentence. We quieted down after a while, mouth covered with our hands. I couldn't wait to see the look on their faces!

"Seven minutes is up!" Eddie yelled from the other side of the door. Fire Fly unbuckled his belt just to buckle it again once he was walking out to make it seem believable. I had half put on my shirt when I walked out. Silence.

Everyone was staring at us. Dimitri had his guardian mask on, and Lissa was staring between us, looking lost.

I threw them my Man-eater smile. "Come on, who's next?"

Silence, then: "That's all you have to say?!" Mia exclaimed. "That was like fricken porn or something! We heard all the banging and moaning…EW!"

I rolled my eyes, trying to hide my smile. "It isn't that big of a deal. It's just a game."

"Yeah," Fire Torch agreed with me, for once. "No biggie."

"Rose," was all Dimitri said, and though the others couldn't tell, he was trying to contain himself from possibly killing Fire Torch. That was it, Crissy and I burst out laughing. We laughed so hard we had to lean against each other to stop from falling to the floor.

"You…"I tried to say through my laughs, "acyuall-l-y th-thou-ght th-at me, and him would d-do it!"

Everyone shot us daggers. "Look, Crissy! We made them all speechless!"

"I didn't think that was possible!" He agreed and high-fived me.

"Wooo!" Silence. More silence. Even more silence.

"Come on guys! We don't have all day!" I snapped my fingers at them, which finally got them out of their daze. I rolled my eyes and grabbed two strips of paper from the fedora.

"Next up are Sydney and…Dwimitrwi." I mumbled the last name, not at all satisfied with the fact that he was paired up with someone else, but then again, I had done just that. Hypocrite much, Rose?

They both made their way to the room next door in silence. And that was it. Just silence, which I was glad for. I knew Dimitri and Sydney were both too prideful to do anything. I was seriously a hypocrite…

Seven minutes later they both walked out of the room exactly as they had walked in. Phew.

"Go, Syd! Choose the next pair!" She dug her hand into the hat and then pulled out two strips.

"And the next pair are…Eddie and Lissa." They both blushed like mad. Of course we all knew nothing would happen between them since a) Eddie was to stuck up about her being a princess b) Lissa wasn't as close to him like the rest of the group.

Or so we all thought. No longer had they walked in that there was shuffling. Oh sweet Jesus lord! They were actually getting it on! Who would of known?

After the seven minutes were done with, they walked out, hair and clothe disheveled.

"Lissa!" I accused, pointing a finger at her. "How dare you?!" Everyone looked shocked at my outburst.

"Rose, why are you so mad? If anything I should be the one that has to be mad." Mia said, not sounding mad at all.

"It's because…" I chewed on my lip, scared of how the others would react once I told them. "It's because…because…"

"Because what, Rose?" Dimitri seemed to have caught on, and he sounded pissed. I flinched.

"It's because I…I love Eddie!" I blurted it out. There was shocked silence. Then everyone was screaming, cursing, threatening, crying, and yelling.

"What the fuck do you mean by that, Rose?!" Dimitri yelled.

"Eddie, what is the meaning of this?" Mia cried.

"Rose, why didn't you tell me anything?" Lissa screamed.

"Fuck, Rose! What are you thinking? You're supposed to be in love with the cradle robber!" Even Adrian was outraged.

"Eddie, what do you have to say about this?" Sydney asked. Everyone quieted down and looked at him, waiting a response. Eddie stood his ground and stared ahead with a serious face.

"I love Rose, too." Dimitri, Christian, Adrian, and Mia all threw themselves on him. Dimitri got in a good punch on his jaw; Christian and Adrian were both trying to hold him still while Mia slapped the hell out of him.

"Stop!" I pulled all of them off of Eddie. He had bruises all over his face, making me turn at them angry.

"Will you guys just chill?!" That only got Dimitri madder.

"Chill? Chill? That's not fucken possible because the love of my life, or who I thought was the love of my life, just confessed to loving another man! How the hell do you think I feel after you threw yourself at Christian, then Eddie, and Adrian!" I was shocked that Dimitr had said all of that.

"Are you calling me a slut?" I asked softly.

"Yes! Your behavior is just proving me right!" He yelled at me, his face red with anger.

"Dimitri–" I tried to say, but he cut me off.

"No! You know what? I'm through with you! You can fuck anybody you want, love anybody you want, I don't care!" He stomped out of the room. I snapped. Tears started spilling down my cheeks in rivers. Did he really think all of that of me?

"I'm sorry, Rose," Eddie apologized. "I didn't think it would go this far." Now everyone was confused again. Sydney was the first to catch on.

"Wait, you mean you guys were just messing around?" I nodded, tears still coming.

"Oh my god, Rose!" Lissa threw her arms around me. "I'm sorry, I thought you were serious! Stupid one-way bond! If I would of only known that you were pretending!" Mia then ran to Eddie's side and started tending his wounds.

"No I wasn't!" I sobbed. What the hell was wrong with me? "I thought it would be funny. I'm sorry I got you involved Eddie." He shook his head, earning him a don't move! from Mia who was cleaning out a cut on his cheek.

"I should of not gone along with it. Now look at the mess I've caused."

"No. It's my fault. It…I think it was too much with the prank with Christian, and then when I said that about you – which, for the record, isn't a lie, I do love you but as a brother – I think it was too much for him." I had calmed down and wiped my tears away. Surprisingly, Christian was the one who came and hugged me.

"It'll be okay, Rose, you guys'll get back together in no time. Just flash him or something and he'll be back in a heartbeat." Christian attempted to joke but I could tell he was trying hard.

"I don't think so. He thinks I'm a slut now. He thinks I've been with you, Eddie, and Adrian."

"Didn't I wish," Adrian muttered to himself. Sydney hit him on his arm. "I said in past tense! Past tense!"

"Well, at least we know why he worries about Adrian. Christian too. And Eddie, well…" Lissa trailed of to not state the obvious: we had been friends since forever and he probably thought that it had been going on for a while now, meaning that I was cheating on him.

"Let's go look for him and clear up this mess." But I was out the door faster than any of them. I locked the door with the spare key Dimitri had given me seconds before we entered. The only other key was with Dimitri himself.

"Rose, what the hell are you doing?!" Chrissie yelled. "Let us out of this room!"

"Sorry, guys, but I have to fix my own mess. Don't worry, there's food, bathrooms and beds in there." I put away the key safely in my pocket.

"Rose, but where are you going to stay?" Lissa asked calmly, knowing that she wouldn't be able to stop me once I made up my mind.

I winked. "Spend it with Dimitri, of course." Yeah, once we got this misunderstanding cleared up.

"Oh, in that case, be safe! Use protection! Not that you need it because you guys can't make babies…" Lissa trailed off, realizing one of the downs of her sex life.

"Oh well. I'll be back soon!" I waved and ran in the general direction Dimitri had gone on. Hmm…if I were a guy with a fascination with the Old West, where would I be? I almost smacked myself in the head. Of course! Dimitri had mentioned a horse stall somewhere. And I was wiling to be money, no, I was willing to bet donuts that he was there right now! Now, just to find that place…

Just then, a hot guy walked by, which was evident since he wasn't wearing a shirt. I waved when he glanced at me. His eyes widened and then wandered about my body. Oh, yeah, right. I was wearing a mini jean skirt with a skin-tight low cut shirt.

I threw him my man-eater smile. He couldn't get closer fast enough. "Hey, I'm sort of lost." I said.

He grinned. "Oh yeah? Need me to take you somewhere?" So he was going to be cocky?

I smiled, innocently, "You see, I need to find the horse stable, I'm sort of looking for someone."

He raised a brow, smile never wavering. "You looking for your friend?" I almost laughed. Wow, he was totally not being subtle about trying to figure out if I had a boyfriend.

"He's not really a friend," was all I said. His face lit up. Ha! Poor guy. He was going to cry once he saw my hunk Dimitri.

"Right this way, sweets." He did not just call me "sweets"! But I followed him anyway, after all, he was my only way of finding where Dimitri was. He talked non stop, providing more information than I needed. Like the fact that he had two brothers, he was in college, playing as quarterback in the football team, which explained his physique, he had recently broken up with his girlfriend because she had cheated on him. Blah, Blah, Blah…

I was seriously considering knocking him out and just finding the damn stall on my own once it came into view.

"And we have reached our destination!" He announced, grinning, obviously expecting some sort of reward for helping me out. Boo hoo.

I raised my hand to shake his. "Thank you…um, what was your name?"

His smile faltered a bit. "Brandon, I mentioned it at least twice."

"Oh, sorry, I'm horrible with names." Which wasn't a lie; I called all my teachers by their first names and had nicknames for almost everybody. "Well, thank you for your help, Brandon." He took my hand and pulled me close enough to kiss me full on the mouth. He was slobering all over me. Ew.

I pushed him away, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand. "That's what you call a kiss?" The way to stop a pervert from being a pervert is by killing their ego first. "Too much saliva for my taste. Now," I glared at him, making him gulp loudly. "Don't. You. Ever. Ever. Ever. Touch. Me. Again! I happen to have a boyfriend who I love with all my life! He's the one I was looking for so fuck off!" I turned on my heel and went to go inside the horse stall when I saw Dimitri mounting a horse, which was surprisingly, able to withstand his height and weight.

"Dimitri." I said, dumbfound. He did a clicking noise with his mouth and the horse walked towards me in elegant, long strides. Dimitri came to a stop in front of me.

"Roza." He stretched out his hand, which I gladly took. I swung my leg around the horse's back, my thighs being hugged by Dimitri's. His chest rising and falling against my back, making shivers go down there.

"We have to talk." I said, once Dimitri had made the horse start a nice even pace around the track set up. "About what happened back there…" I trailed off, as Dimitri seemed uninterested with the topic. In fact, he was smiling, and it was one of those rare smiles he only saved for me.

"There's nothing to say. Just the fact that I finally got you to myself and I can show you how to ride a horse." I was confused.

"Huh? Aren't you mad? You even called me a slut!" What was wrong with him? He seemed totally unaffected by the whole situation, maybe because…

"You knew!" I accused loudly, making the horse perk up his ears. Dimitri patted the animal, and whispered shooing words in Russian.

"Of course I knew, Rose, who do you think I am? I knew Eddie was just like a brother to you. And I knew Adrian and Christian had their own lovers to love and look at. Though Adrian tends to not follow it often." I turned around to glare at him.

"That's it? I cried god dammit! You called me a slut!" He flinched.

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that. I had to make it believable to the others." I refused to look at him. "And besides, I thought I could gain your forgiveness another way." His hand suddenly lowered to my front, touching me.

"Oh no you don't!" I took away his hand though it felt amazing. "One, we are in public, two, we don't have to make this horse witness, three, do you think you would get off the hook so easily! I thought I had lost you because I was being fucking stu–" He shut me off with a kiss. I strained my neck to be able to kiss him fully, wrapping my arms around his neck to pull him down. We broke it off, both breathing rapidly.

"I think we should go somewhere." He murmured against my lips.

"Mmmm. I think so too, Comrade." I tugged at the tips of his hair. "Have I told you how sexy it is that you know how to ride a horse?"

He laughed, making vibrations travel down to my core. "Tonight, I'm going to be riding you." I threw him my man-eater smile.

"Then lets go, cowboy!" And we sped off towards the direction of another cabin and made love until neither of us could think straight.

The next morning…

"Rose!" Christina lunged at me but I was quick and dodged him, making him crash against a trashcan. I laughed.

"Shut up! The next time you lock me in a room with Ivashkov making innuendoes every fucken minute I will track you down and kick your ass!" He tried to lunge at me again but I shoved him away.

"As if, Ozera! You can't even lift a finger at me!" He glared at me, red-faced with anger. I stuck my tongue out at him.

"Stop messing around! Some of us want to get this scavenger hunt done with!" Vikka tried to quiet us. I turned towards her, curious.

"Where were you last night? I don't remember seeing you there." She blushed.

"Well…um, that…that's non of your business!" Lissa and I connected eyes, and hid a grin.

"Alright, alright! Everybody out except, Rose, Mia, and Sydney!" Lissa yelled, and since she was pretty persistent all the guys left the room.

"Tell us what happened!" Lissa squealed. Mia and Sydney looked eager.

"Um, he was very hot." Vikka blushed but then sobered. "But he turned out to be such a perv! He pretended to shake my hand and kissed me instead!" My jaw almost dropped.

"No way! Was he walking around without a shirt?" She nodded. "Did he have light hair?" Nod. "Did he tell you his whole life story?" Nod. "Was his name Brandon?" Now she looked suspicious.

"How do you know that?" I burst out laughing.

"Because that was the same guy that was hitting on me just yesterday!" She looked disgusted but then started laughing because, honestly, what were the odds?

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