Summary: A month after Chase Collins vanished, Hazel Holmes arrives at Spencer Academy. She knows what and who the Sons of Ipswich really are and she needs their help. Though they are cautious to let anyone new in, they decide to help her. Though one of them has a less innocent plan in mind for her.

Can't tell you anything more without giving to much away! ;)


Book of Damnation


Powerful, they can harness the powers of the Covenant. Help to control the powers.

They are female and the counterpart to Warlock. A bond is formed between a Son and an Elemental. It is unknown how the bond is chosen, but it is unbreakable.

They have the ability to control the elements and have a strong connection to all things living.

Elemental's have a ritual that binds them to a Son. When this ritual is complete both subjects power is magnified.

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