Authors Note again! This is important! I was notified today that BOTH of my Twilight fanfictions have been added to a community that was made specifically for people to REPORT the stories and have them REMOVED. This, to me is childish and immature. To take your own personal time to go through and find stories for the express purposes of having it removed. I gave warnings. If something in the warning 'offends' you DON'T READ THE THING IDIOT! (Not that my readers are idiots, I love you guys!) I'm not sure right now if there is a way to remove my stories from this community but if there is not they can both be found over on the site listed on my profile which I may continue to write all of my future stories only there instead of here where there seems to be sticks up some asses. That is all. Thank you for your time and I am trying really hard to come up with a good, original Jasper/Bella plot for a story since that is what the poll came out to. :D

This is the third time I'm posting this because each of the other times I had tried typing out the name of the site my stories are on with spaces between things but it was just being cut out still. So once again just take a look at my profile and you will find the site name thanks for your patience and probably several emails saying I have updated the story!