When Edward returned, he seemed relatively calm and collected- not the raving lunatic I encountered minutes before by the elevator. He was so sweet and thoughtful as he pulled out a small container from his fridge and began to re-cook a meal he made earlier that evening; I got up and went to him, as a bug would the light, because I suddenly felt compelled to put my hands on him. I slid my arms around his waist and laid my cheek on the back of his shoulder, strainging myself to do so because of the height difference. How could he have known I was hungry? Just as I thought about it, my stomach did a loud growl that caused heat to rush to my face. How embarassing was that? I wanted to punch my stomach for acting like an asshole in that moment, but I realized that it would have made me look crazy so I fought the urge. "Someone is quite famished." And the throaty chuckle that followed his statement made his chest rumble in an echo, causing me to feel every single movement. It felt nice like this, all slung over him.

Did he find my sudden closeness weird? Was I coming off slightly clingy? As he finished warming up the chicken stirfry, I let go of him and silently punished myself by taking a seat at the table far away from him. It was a moment of weakness that caused me to want to be attached to his body. I tried not to think too much of it when he passed me an odd look- it was quickly covered up and I was back to his stonewall expression as he placed a plate infront of me. All table manners and womanlike ettiquette was gone as I tore up the chicken dish; I never felt so hungry in my life and it was so delicious!

"Oh my gosh, this is great!" I said with a mouthful of it. When he smiled serenely at me, as though that was the greatest compliment on the planet, I blushed and ducked my head to finish my serving.

"Are you still hungry? I can make more-" But before he could finish, I stood up abruptly and took his hand in mine to trail him to his room. Once we arrived there, I plopped myself down on the edge of the bed and pulled him by his belt buckle to stand right before me. "Bella, no! What are you trying to do-" I knew I'd regret this in the morning, hell- I was almost starting to regret it in the moment! But Edward had done a great deal for me and I just wanted to show him a little bit of appreciation. I slid my hand in his pocket and grabbed his phone, handing it over to him as soon as I could.

"It was up close and personal pictures that you wanted, right? Well, go ahead, snap away." I purred. Was this my best shot at being provocative? I blushed just thinking how he could possibly react; would he downright reject me and play me off as a joke, or would he see me as a drunk slob with a few initmacy issues? Edward completely took me off guard when he switched the iPhone on and clicked on his photo app- with a loud swallow, he clicked the first picture. It was innocent really, just me standing there looking awkward and drunk. But I began to get comfortable under his gaze and it was no time at all when I began to move along the bed, spreading my legs open and letting my hair from its tie. "Take the boxers off, please Isabella?" He sweetly requested and I had no choice but to comply. "Would you be willing to... to open your legs like you did before?" I felt so powerful by making his voice quiver like that, and people said power was quite the drug.

"No." I answered nonchalantly but scooted myself closer to him. He looked almost crestfallen, as if that request had him dangling by a string. "Don't ask me to, tell me." I challenged him.

Edward swallowed again. It was settled, he was definitely not the man with the confidence that texted me all of the time! It seemed as if the further he was away from me, the more cocky he got. Like when he was in China, he was this devilish creature of pure sex and wanton- now he was a bumbling geek under my gaze. Honestly, I was perversly attracted to the nervouse Joe infront of me. "Spread your legs. N-now." The manner in which he said it made me want to laugh my ass off but instead of doing that and potentially ruining all confidence he had, I did as he said without complaint. It was like the holy grail to him, he couldn't snap enough pictures of me. So i upped the stakes and threw his shirt off of me as well, causing him to have his own galore of photos. Really, what was so great about these PG pictures for him? Lots of girls took pictures like these and put them on the internet, they were sort of the new thing. Less skin covered was better for modern day whores. Who was I calling a whore, though? I was the one letting a man take intimate pictures of me. "Get on your hands and knees." This command was a lot more solid and it almost... turned me on?

I tried to make out what was happening to me as I adjusted myself and pushed my ass out dramatically. He had me do a lot of differnt poses before I finally grew tired of his use of my body- I had to admit, it was a lot of fun and made me feel me so in control of my sexuality, but I was too sleepy for words. "I think that's enough for tonight. I'm feeling kinda sleepy." I admitted lowly.

Edward's face fell momentarily at my submission, but he was quick to school his facial features back to something akin to monotony. "Thank you for posing for me, I really... appreciate it." He swallowed again, and this time I stared at the adam's apple in his throat rise and then fall. Why was he so damn sexy, and masculine to boot? I pulled him toward me by his jean pockets, and even though I was so small and my feet dangled off the edge of the bed, I was still able to make him shiver.

"How old are you, Edward?" I inquired nosily, staring at him with tiny stars in my eyes.

"29." Was his shaky response. "How old are you?"

"Just turned 21 in September." I replied cheekily, loving the way I let the legal drinking age slip right off my tongue. I enjoyed being carded and asked my age at bars and resturaunts, it made me smug to know that no one could stop me from purchasing overpriced alcoholic beverages in public anymore. "Where are you from? What are you parents like? What do you do for a living?" My neck was begining to hurt at the angle I had to be in to look up at him, so I released him and scooted more onto the bed before patting the right side of the bed. I always preferred the left side of the bed, anyway.

He looked a hell of a lot calmer as he sat down next to me, kicking off his new tennis shoes as he began to unwind. "I'm from a small town in Washington called Forks. My parents are... uh," Edward's face split into a tiny grin as he continued, "my mom and dad are wonderful. You would love them, Bella." I blushed at the undercurrents of his statement. So, he thought about me possibly in the future meeting his mother and father? That was... odd, I supposed. "I'm an acountant for a lawfirm in Seattle, Delrado & Kazarian. Why?" His eyebrows wrinkled inquistively, as if it just dawned on him that I was being too nosy for my own good. It sort of answered some questions for me, seeing as he was the statusquo timid accountant- he had more money than he knew what to do with, an infectious shyness about him, and it caused him to travel often. But what was he doing here, all the way in San Diego?

I shurgged in nonchalance and ran a hand under his blue shirt, feeling on all of his more toned body parts. "I guess I just wanna know more about you. You're a mysterious character, you know that?" A deep chuckle erupted from his chest and I leaned in to be closer to him. The real reason I was asking all of these stupid questions was for more than just natural curiosty- if I was going to go any further intimately, I wanted to know much more about him.

Edward smiled down at me and propped his head on his balled fist, elbow bent and pressing into the comfy mattress beside my chest. We surely looked like lovebirds in a nesting aura, but it felt so right to be this close to his body. "How mysterious do I come off, then? I feel like I'm as open a book as the next person."

I rolled my eyes at his emission. "Yeah, right! You're so private about everything. You don't even own a facebook page! Now that..." I shook my head with mock anger, "is just ridiculous. Why haven't you joined the army of our generation, a group of people that chose to live their lives through pictures and deep, emotional status updates regarding every move of their boring life?" My lips puckered up at him as I relayed my speech. He took it as an invitation to kiss me, and boy did he kiss me! It was like stars and stripes with the American Association' s marching band playing the background. He pulled away after a few nibbles and teases with his tongue, much to my chagrin.

"For your information, I do have a facebook account." Edward almost sounded embarassed as he said this. Oh, he did? And why wasn't I a friend on his profile? Maybe he had a girlfriend or a wife, or maybe just someone he was too flirtaceous with and didn't want me to see.

"You do? Why haven't you sent me a facebook request then?" I felt my nostrils flare up just a little at the fact that we had known one another for months now, and we still weren't connected through any media networks.

Edward ran a silent hand over my hip and down my thigh. "I didn't want you to be uncomfortable with me reaching out to you in such a private manner." He emerald eyes caught my plain brown ones and I just melted against him. This little jerk was just too considerate, wasn't he? It made me want to plant a million small kisses all over his face in return. Instead, I locked my lips onto his and let my hand guide its way down his flat stomach and lower to the inside of his pants. His body did a noticable jerk as I found exactly what I was looking for, and if I hadn't been so determined to give him this building pleasure, I might have pulled back and laughed my ass off. Edward had a funny way of responding to me and what I did to him, it was almost... like an aphrodisiac for me. I kissed him hard, trying my best to bruise his mouth and swallow his tongue whole as I grabbed and pulled at his member. It was standing at attention and I liked to think he only got that way for me and myself alone, though I realized that he was nearly thirty and had much more experience than I could cook up.

Honestly, I wasn't even sure if a hand job could even get him off! Not but a minute later, wherein I began to massage his testes as well, was my hand wet and sticky with the evidence of his release. Where some women found cum sexy and arousing, I wasn't a fan of it at all. But I got caught up in the moment and way he looked so happy and delirious that it truly didn't matter, I was just giddy to see the kind of effect I had on him. "Wow." He seemed utterly speechless at what transpired, but I could tell he was struggling with words. Edward was the type of guy that felt the need to speak and assert matters, but I liked the comfortable silences. "I'm sorry, I know I wasn't supposed to do that-"

"Shh." I ordered softly as I reached up and kissed his cute lips once more. "No need for an explanation, Edward, you needed a release and I gave it to you. You didn't do anything wrong." As if to appease him, I sent him a pretty smile and winked before getting off the bed and walking towards the en suite bathroom. He caught my arm when I came closer to his side of the bed.

I looked down at him with cautious eyes- soemtimes, there was this scary intense way about him. "I can return the favor to you, Bella, you don't need to work on by yourself." My eyes bulged and nearly fell out of their sockets at his words. Did he think... oh, dear lord! Did he honestly think I was going to mastorbate in his bathroom with him just feet away? And in any sense, I had a personal vendetta towards even the thought of touching myself. I thought it was gross and way too uncomfortable to ever find myself doing it!

"No, Edward! It's not what you think." I held my hands out to him in a gesture of surrender. "I was going to wash my hands, is all." My voice dropped a few octaves as I mulled over his words in my head. Did he consider my some crazed, oversexualized being? Jesus, perhaps that was exactly the way I came off! "Tonight was about you and your wanton, not mine." And with that, I turned around and shut the bathroom door behind me- leaving a very weird, unfomrtable situation alone for the time being.


Poor Bella, I can only imagine! ; ).