Chapter 3

Flashing Back

A few weeks had passed and Cher'niv was training with that Wererabbit which I still felt kind of uncomfortable to be around. She was a serious flirt, just like most other Venomancers out there. Hmph, I just do not understand what they have that is so obsessive about me. Anyways, I had returned to Archosaur today, and along the way in, I had noticed a few things had changed. First off, after leaving the city without me there, Chen and Li started some sort of conflict over who should and should not be general. I tried to stay far away from the Southwestern corner of the city as much as possible, and instead, went eastward. This part of town, was mostly the dock district, and it was thriving, but many people were poor, or even homeless due to the amounts of people being forced to live here for not being rich. However, the Elder of Archosaur, Tsu Cheng lived here, and I usually come to him for advice.

But today, it was where I was to meet with Cher'niv and that Wererabbit for something... important. When I finally manage to find them however, they were speaking to some mysterious man from across the seas. Taking of my helmet, revealing my brunette black hair, I wiped the sweat off of my head. I begun to walk towards the three. "Cher'niv" I said. The assassin turned towards me looking at me with those beautiful eyes and gazed at my hair. "Qian." she replied. The Wererabbit however, looked at my hair... and I know what she was going to do. "Hehehe! So, that is what you look like without your helmet then, Qian? So handsome you are!" ... Sigh, at times, I just wish that I was born with this helmet just so I won't show... ANYONE my hair at all. Why? It's hard for me to say. "Thank you I guess, rabbit girl." I replied. She raised a brow. "My name is Neinei, silly. I have a name."

In either case, I turned to the mysterious man and cleared my throat. "I am General Qian Summer of Archosaur, can I help you with anything?" It was obvious the man knew little of what I was speaking. Hmph, it didnt matter, but he did gave me a reply. "Orchid Temple..." he said. Orchid Temple? Was it the same thing I was informed a few weeks back? "What? What is going on there?" I begun to get more and more suspicious. "The Temple... it's becoming desecrated... Wraiths threaten area. Do something, quickly, general, bunny girl and fish girl! Feng needs your help!". This man was all too weird, but I looked at the two and nodded. "Our course of action is clear, we must head to Orchid Temple. Move out!" But then I discovered... they weren't soldiers... they were wanderers, adventurers. "Umm, I mean, let's go!" I only heard a seductive giggle from Neinei and a nod from Cher'niv.

At the north gate, I remember Zhang Cheng who was an old friend of mine. He gave me a smile and nodded. I nodded back to him and gave a wave. But however, we heard a shout of "WAIT!" from behind. The man approached us and he appeared to of had shields around him... "Oh great... not a mage..." I said in a mighty groan. I hate Wizards more than anything. They annoy the crap out of me, and not to mention they use magic, the most HATED thing I ever used. But I had to learn how to adapt to them, since they CAN be useful at times I guess. "Is there a problem, warrior?" he said with a small intellectual voice. It seems that he was pretty intelligent when he said that. I only gave a slight grumble and looked at him at the straight eye. "Why do YOU want to come along with us? You're just a mage." The Wizard then pointed to my sword and then to Neinei. "Magical. How ironic. Warriors, and their stupidity." I was ready to knock him out at any moment, but Cher'niv held my arm, and I felt her breasts press against my arm. That made me feel... awkward... "Don't kill him, yet." she said with a serious and smooth voice. "He could be useful to us for now." Grunting at what Cher said, I could not deny it. She placed her chest on my ARM. THAT was something I did not expect. However, I did not try to distract myself from such things, and begun walking up the road. Neinei however, stayed behind a bit and spoke to the mage. "Ah, don't worry about Qian. He's a cute, handsome and easily irritable man. He's kinda cute when he's angry." she said to the mage with her charming voice. The Wizard then thought and nodded. "Oh yes, he sounds like the man who'd be constantly pissed off over nearly everything. Highly illogical, but hey, he's a warrior."

As we arrived in Orchid Temple, we passed by the giant tower that had full of the undead guarding it. We had to run for the Osseins were after our skin. We'd also had to stay careful of those dangerous Jumbles who guarded the area. They could be seductive, but dangerous at the same time, which always got me to think... why did they had so little armour and little clothing? Seriously, it was even worse than looking at Nenei's armour! My goodness, is it me, or am I just naturally born to see perverted things! Oh Archosaur save me... But anyways, as soon as we got the temple, we four met with Scholar Feng who I am quite good acquaintances with. "Feng!" I said as we approached him. "It has been long!" Feng looked at me, and gave a smile that I had never seen in over a few years. "General! I haven't seen you in a long time either! Come inside, I have some tea for you, and your... unusual friends and your wives!" I instantly blushed. WIVES? For as far as I'm concerned, I'm not together with a Venomancer NOR a Tideborn! The mage gave a small chuckle as soon as Feng said that. "Feng... they're my companions, not wives..." I corrected. Neinei gave a light giggle, and Cher remained silent. Feng gave a welcoming warm smile. "You make me laugh every time, Qian! Come inside, we got much to discuss!" he said as he walked inside of the time. We followed after he got in.

It was a beautiful and quite cozy area. It looked like a mix of a Taoist temple, and a home. I saw a giant statue of the god, Archosaur who created the city which he called "Ancient Dragon City" or "Archosaur" by many of us humans today. Cher'niv and Neinei were quite impressed, as if they had never saw a Taoist god before, but the mage didn't really seemed surprised. However, Feng begun to speak. "General." he said holding up a cup of warm tea as he offered. I accept, and so did the others and we sat down. "The reason why I summoned you here, was because the Wraiths begun to desecrate the temple here. Around here, and the Shining Tidewoods, the Wraiths begun to taint it with dark magic, awakening the dead, and souls that were not save, are now property of the wraiths. More horribly, they had enslaved local Taurocs to some strange sword shrine that is in the east. However, we will not let the wraiths taint anymore of this area. If this temple is destroyed, the god Archosaur will be extremely angry, and who knows what will happen to us." Giving a nod, I begun to speak, "But what do we have to do with this? I'm a general, and these people are adventurers." Feng then sipped his tea and begun to speak again. "What your goal is truly, is to protect our world, and save it from the wraiths. Our goal is destroy the wraiths. General, who is your ancestor?" He asked me who my ancestor was... It was obviously a big deal since my ancestor is the man who was apparently killed by the Cold Reaper-

The Cold Reaper...

"Father, please, don't leave me here!" a younger me said to my father. As I kept crying, I felt his hand on my face and him softly saying, "Summer..." he said as he passed me the same note I was given by him... again?. This time, it sounded clearer than what I had remember he told me. "Give this... to the Cold Reaper...". I placed my head down on his armour as I sobbed once more. I felt a soothing voice come to my ear.

But why? It's the next question I was going to ask but... it was too late... his last breath, and his voice became uncomprehending. But this time, I heard his voice again.

"My son." the voice said, all healthy, great and mature.

I turned over and it was him... my father...

"F-father?" I said with a rather shocked tone. "Wh-what on Pangu are you doing here?" My father gave a soft laugh as he spoke. "I see that you are lost in thought, so I might as well sum everything up." I felt a strange whirl come towards me. It felt cold and ever so strange, and soon, we were in a ancient version of the West Tranquility River. It was a large camp, with different races, but I didn't see any Tideborn or Earthguard. However, it looked a bit different from what my father told me. "There was this man who was in the Winged Elf tribe. his name was Liang. That very day, he accidentally killed my ancestor, Liu Chenying, who lived a thousand years ago. My father gave me the letter, and that is why I gave you it. It was not his fault, it was all a mistake." I then thought to myself, and looked at my father. "But who is Liu Chenying's true decent?" I asked. My father laughed as soon as I asked the question. He handed me over a horse and he got on his horse. Proceeding to march with the Archosaurian army, he spoke again. "Qian Liu Yuan was apart of the Liu Family which descends from Liu Chenying's bloodline. Though, most of the decent are quite unknown. However, my father and my grandfather both claim that they had cousins that link to the same man. Therefore, you are his decent... but that is not the thing I wanted to tell you." Of course I already knew Liu Chenying is my ancestor, but then I saw Cher'niv, Neinei and that wizard man there again and when we turned around, it was Scorpion Valley, with all the wraiths lined up, organized and ready to fight us. My father pulled out his sword. "My son, it's your destiny to defeat the wraiths. When you were born, the man who is the Taoist in Archosaur, claimed that you had more talent than any other normal human. He said that you are the only one capable of learning every single magical spell in the world, even if it is not related to humans. My son..." my father fell over, since he was shot by a Wraith Commando who fired his arrow towards his heart, and he fell of his horse. "FATHER!" I shouted. I ran towards him with an arrow on his heart. "You... are the chosen one..." he said as he gasped in pain. "You... are the only... one... who can save this world..." he then closed his eyes for a few seconds, but opened them up slowly... and history felt like it was repeating itself. "Son... carry on our legacy... do not let my soul... become one of them... do as you-" I placed my hand on his hand. "Father... I know. I understand... Your soul is safe with me." He gave me a smile as he looked at me. "You've matured over the years... You're indeed a brave man... and the bravest General of Archosaur I had ever seen... in my life." I then begun to sing that song that my mother sung once.

"Through times of war... and times of peace...

We all see... a little piece...

Our blood shall always stick together...

For ever... and ever.

We shall be together, when we separate...

And never ever, let our souls be touched by a wraith..."

"Qian..." my father said. But it started to fade as I opened my eyes. "Qian!" I opened my eyes quickly, and it was Feng's voice. "Huh?! What?!". Neinei gave me a curious look "Are you okay, Quinny?" she said as she rubbed my face with her hand. "Off of me bunny." I said sternly. Feng sipped his tea again and offered some more to me. I nodded. "But anyways," he said. "My question from earlier. Who is your ancestor?" I then answered, more comfortably. "Liu Chenying. I am apparently the chosen one according to my father. I was born with the talent to learn every skill from every race. My goal was supposedly to destroy the wraiths, and bring an end to their pathetic existence... I still must take vengeance all I can to avenge my father AND the Archosaurian army!". Everyone in the room gave me a shocked expression. Neinei then placed her hand on mine again and begun to put her breasts in my face. It was... a bit awkward... "Now I love you even MORE now! Hihihi~" I pushed her back and growled even though the breasts were quite softer than Cher'ni-... why am I THINKING this stuff again?! The Wizard then spoke. "Hm. So you are a special warrior after all... Yes. I see. Oh, by the way, I had never introduced myself. My name is Sima Chen styled Chuling, but you can call me Dante." I gave a nod at Sima Chen or... "Dante" "General Qian Summer styled Lingxiu or just call me Summer. A pleasure to meet you... I guess."

I still didn't like him, but Feng then spoke again. "If your goal is to infact, slay all the wraiths, then I suppose you can look into trying to help with the issue at the Heroes Tomb and the Tomb of the Shining Tide? Around there, many gravestones came to life by spider-men, and here, dead Merchants and Artisans came to life with corrupt magic. To make matters worse, flames had also appeared, in addition to Dustwraiths, Adalwolves and Scorpions." I hated Scorpions and Dustwraiths, for they were the most ANNOYING in this entire world. I gave a growling sigh and nodded. "Very well, I shall offer whatever help I can. If it can only help me learn how to use my skills and powers better and if it only keeps me away from Archosaur longer. I kind of grew more used to adventuring outside of the city... Theres some areas of the world I haven't seen yet." Cher'niv nodded. "Excellent. This would be a perfect opportunity to train my skills." Neinei gave a nod as well. "Behind trying to make men so shy, killing monsters with these people are MORE fun!~" and atlast, Dante spoke. "Indeed a perfect way to aid and mentor those who do not understand the supernatural arts of magic." Feng gave a warm smile and nodded. "Good! Good! Get going then, we could plan for a night assault on a secret passage beneath the gravesite."

We all grabbed our weapons and begun to walk to the entrance to the temple, but before we did, me and Dante prayed to the statue of Archosaur for luck. Cher'niv and Neinei looked at each other in confusion, since they do not apparently worship that god. When me and Dante were finished, Neinei had to ask. "Why did you guys prayed to that statue?" she said. Cher'niv gave a nod as well. "Yes. Our goddess is quite different from yours." I then asked the two. "Because, we humans have different subsets. Me and Dante are Taoists, so we believe in our ancestors who were humans but respected as a god upon death." Neinei and Cher'niv both giggled... AGAIN. "You two are the giggle factor, I'll tell you that..."

But I still ask myself... why did my father said I was the "chosen one"? What does he mean, EVERY single skill of EVERY race?

Perhaps venturing around the world would answer that...

Sorry for not posting sooner! I had alot of writers block, and couldn't think! But anyways, I'm sorry if this chapter looks confusing and weird, because I had many ideas flow through my head.

Next up, the heroes may face against Qiang and Feng!