The ten year anniversary of the defeat of Voldemort had arrived. Though there was a big event in London, one was being held at the school. Fabian avoided them in the past, but had been convinced to come. Both he and Neville were asked to speak; both had played a major role. Neville and Luna were still at school, and Neville was head of Gryffindor. Minerva was trying to convince Fabian to take over for Hagrid, who was finding it hard to teach and be gamekeeper any more. Fabian might consider, but not until the triplets were ready for school, as they'd be here. Neville and Luna had two children now, a son Frankie Xeno, and a daughter Alice Selene, both named for their parents. Neville's parents had both passed away in the last years, but Augusta was a doting great grandmother. And Neville remained a member of the family from Romania, though he had moved. Even since marrying and having kids of their own, Tonks and Moody remained in Black Rock. Paul and Regulus had wed a few years ago, and lived in the gate house. The couple had chosen never to have kids, Regulus had a son, and Paul never really wanted his own.

Fabian walked up the front path with his husband and children, but Remus and Severus were with them. Moody and Tonks, with their two boys, Gideon and Teddy, and Paul and Regulus were with them as well. The red heads were to join them soon.

Ava pulled on her daddy's hand. "Can we go fly?"

Aleks nodded. "We haven't flown on this pitch."

Viktor reminded them. "There is the memorial."

Fabian kissed his kids. "You will play soon enough at Malfoy manor."

A voice came from behind. "Good thing we're coming then."

Viktor turned to Oliver. "And why would that be?"

Adrian smirked at his husband. "He is convinced still to turn his goddaughter into a lion, since ours will be snakes."

Oliver grinned. "Have to give me one."

Fabian shook his head. "I doubt you will have issues with Ava."

Viktor whispered. "Or his own daughter."

Adrian unfortunately heard. "I remind you Livi is the Pucey heir, and we are snakes."

Oliver smirked. "Then I guess Troy can be a lion, as he is my heir, and Woods are always lions."

They all laughed, when Adrian grunted something, which sounded like over his dead body. The pair had two, daughter Livi and son Troy, Livi being Adrian's heir. Adrian was not the only Slytherin to be putty for a daughter, as Draco and Pansy also had a daughter, little Iris. The triplets were all little flyers, different positions, they didn't have a beater. They seemed to have chosen their heirs well, as if they had been psychic. Aleks and Ava were little pranksters, they could give their Uncles a run for their money. Aleks was the one who usually pulled them, more like his godfather or James and Sirius. He loved to ride horses, and climb trees, and learn about owls from his grandfather. And he was a little keeper. Ava was like Remus, in that she was the one who came up with the actual tricks, was able to create products. The twins joked, that it was a sign Fred and not Draco should have been her godfather. But she loved potions, and had a logical side, even had Severus' sneer. And she was a seeker like Draco, though Oliver was convinced she'd be a lion. Ari was a true Black, at seven he was already showing promise, to have empathy skills. He spent a lot of hours with his dad and the animals, or reading some book on them. He was a lot like Percy, though he did fly, he was a chaser.

Hagrid was happy to see them, and had unicorns close by for the kids to see. He was hoping Fabian would take the job, especially since he'd love to have him and the kids close. He had made one trip to Romania to see them a few years ago.

Ava grinned. "Hagrid."

Hagrid smiled as he was piled with hugs. "I have missed you three."

Ari looked around. "Where is Fang?"

Hagrid shared a smile with his dads before turning to the little boy. "In the back garden."

Viktor shared a look with his husband. "I am still not sure about this."

Fabian kissed him. "We already agreed. We have plenty of space."

Remus shook his head. "Only one is coming home right?"

Viktor laughed. "Yes."

Ari broke them out of thoughts. "A puppy."

Hagrid smiled. "Fang had puppies with one of the dogs in town. This is the only one left."

Ava looked at the puppy. "Probably not chosen as he is a bit funny looking."

Ari pouted. "No he isn't."

Fabian knelt. "He has been waiting for his owner to come for him."

Ari looked up hopefully. "Me?"

Viktor nodded. "You will have to help take care of him."

Ari hugged both of his daddies before going back to his puppy. Ava would soon have a cat, she was quietly promised, she had been asking for one. And Boden had been promising Aleks a bird of his own, even if a bit young for an owl. Ari was so busy with his dog, who was a bit odd looking as it was mutt, Fabian guest part setter, he didn't notice his cousins arrive. With Fabian's kids, the kids were even, six boys and six girls. Percy and Penny and Fred and Alicia had stopped at two, Myles being followed by a sister Ariadne. George and Angie had a third, their second son being named Jason. Charlie and Fleur were blessed twice so far, both girls, but were not ruling out a third. Charlie was the only one without a son, but was reminded when he married even a partial vela, that was the chance. He didn't mind, little Viola and Brielle had him eating out of their hands from birth. Fabian was godfather to Brielle, the older one, with Viktor. He served as godfather to a child of each of his cousins.

Fred came over to Fabian. "Did you see them?"

Fabian knew who he spoke of. "Kingsley warned me."

George shook his head. "I have no idea how they are allowed to be here."

Fred grunted. "Given special permission for today."

Remus came to their side. "They are under guard."

Fabian knew. "I guess they did pay a role in the war."

Regulus reminded them. "Let's not forget why we were here."

Viktor agreed. "We should be going for the memorial."

Ari pouted about leaving his new puppy. "Can't Hero come with us?"

Fabian shook his head. "We will come back for him."

Hagrid helped. "He will get scared by so many new people."

They headed to the monument, where the ceremony was to be held. They would be at Malfoy manor later, for the big dinner there. Kingsley had warned Fabian, so he wouldn't be blind-sided. Hermione and Ron had been allowed to come today, under auror supervision, even with the ban. The entire Weasley clan was there, even the kids, and he noticed a few that way as well. He didn't let them bother him, they were his past.

He went to go up front, and looked at Neville. "I don't mind this, at least I get to share the attention."

Molly and Arthur had come, accompanied by their three remaining children, and two grandchildren. Hermione and Ron had petitioned to be allowed to come, and had it granted. They had an auror following them, as if they were still criminals. It was the first time they had been allowed in this world, since they had been arrested in France. The only magic they were around, was with the couple, Bill and Ginny. And their own two children, who were showing magic already. The six lived in a six bedroom house in muggle London. Hermione and Ron had managed to buy it, with a huge mortgage, but the others helped pay what they could. Molly and Arthur would retire with them.

Hermione wondered about when their kids came to school. Their daughter was three and already doing some magic, little Jeanie Molly. Their son Artie wasn't yet, but he was only a year old, and many showed later. Molly took care of the kids, so Hermione could work.

Hermione sighed as the memorial ended and they had to leave. "I almost wished we had not come."

Ron agreed. "Reminded of what we lost."

Molly took Jeanie from them. "It will be good for the kids."

Hermione smirked. "They are too young to remember."

Arthur motioned. "We need to return to London."

Ron looked at Bill and Ginny. "Are you coming for dinner?"

Bill nodded. "We don't have work this weekend."

Ginny agreed. "We have the weekend off for the holiday."

Ron went red. "You don't need to rub it in."

Hermione agreed. "We are well reminded."

Arthur tried to keep peace. "Today is not the day."

Molly agreed. "We should be remembering those we lost."

It was easy to think about what they lost, and not who. Hermione and Ron had to take the day off work, they didn't have a holiday as muggles. Hermione worked two jobs, full time as an assistant librarian, and part time at a restaurant. Ron was assistant manager of a grocery store. Arthur remained in the ministry, and would until forced to retire. Molly took care of her grandkids, and did some sewing work for Diagon Alley. Ginny bounced from job to job as much as she did men. Bill had found it near impossible finding work since he was released from prison. He had been working for a magical construction company for a few years now, but hadn't moved out. He was drinking and gambling away his money.

They had all seen not only Fabian, but his growing family, and the other red heads as well. Hermione and Ron were not the only ones who were reminded of what they were missing. Molly and Arthur saw their grandkids, and Bill saw his old fiancé.

Ron took a dig. "Did you see them?"

Bill pretended to be oblivious. "Who?"

Hermione snorted. "The French slut and your so called brother?"

Ron added. "And the two little girls?"

Bill poured himself a drink. "The slut warned me we would likely have girls."

Molly tried to stop him drinking. "If you cleaned up a bit, I am sure you'd find a new wife."

Bill downed the booze and poured another glass. "Not getting any more grandchildren off of me."

Ginny sat down on the edge of the table. "Not like we have more room."

Ron shot his sister a look. "You could always move out."

Ginny sunk down into a chair. "Sure."

Molly went into the kitchen. "Today is not a day to fight."

Molly could admit she felt the loss worse today. The blame she had felt for Fabian had gone away. Now she only felt a longing, for her sons and the children she had seen. She had no idea what their names were, or how many they had, or how old. Bill and Ginny were not likely ever to marry, and Jeanie and Artie would be it for her. She knew Arthur was feeling the same way.

Hermione appeared in the door. "The auror told me some news."

Molly turned to look at her. "News?"

Hermione nodded. "He died finally."

Molly put down her knife. "All these years in a black cell."

Ron smirked from his place in the door. "He was lucky he was so old."

Molly looked around as she put dinner on the table. "Where is Bill?"

Arthur shrugged. "He went up the stairs."

Ron saw his mother's look. "Fine, I will go get him."

Hermione was putting her son in his high chair. "He looked like the one with dementors."

Molly shook her head. "That French slut still entraps him."

They were all drawn out of their thoughts by a shout. "Come up here."

Grabbing the kids, the adults raced up the stairs to Bill's room on the second floor. They saw Ron standing in the door, and for a moment they had no idea what he was doing. They looked into the room, and Hermione had to turn away, so her kids did not see. Arthur led them away, and went to call the aurors, and report it. They had been worried about someone, but it was Arthur. His health had been failing, and he had been depressed lately, but Bill they had never seen. His drinking and gambling was bad, but even after prison, he seemed strong. It seemed that day, watching Charlie with Fleur and their daughters, had been the breaking point for the man. He had been closer to the edge then any had known. As his body was taken away, far away at the manor, Charlie and his wife were sharing a meal with their loved ones.

Charlie picked up his youngest and kissed his wife and Brielle. "I have no idea how I am so lucky to have you."

An: I hope this was a good ending. I wanted to compare the happiness of Fabian and his loved ones, with how the others' lives turned out.

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