By me, Livdoggy and our two friends

When the cat of nine tails showed up….."Hello, Mr. Cooonvict" she purred. "Grrr…." Earthquake roared. "Want some breaaaaakfast? I took it from the cook!" she recently purred-again, throwing piece of loafed bread in the air. "Koo, kook, kooky, throw the bread" said the annoying bird. "Huh! Never!" she ate the bread and gulped it down her furry neck. "Wait a go, weirdo" chuckled Earthquake. "What did you just call me?" she hissed, then scratched him on the face. "BTW, I'm Catrina Nine tail" she added. "Got any cat surprise? Cos' I e'm getting' hungry!" he said, being weird. "Dogs!" "Cats!" What FLEABAGS! "Least I don't lick my Butt!" she said. "You are the most lizard breathed cat I've ever seen in my whole life!" he whimpered. "Laugh out loud funny!" "Loser!" she said, rolling her eyes. "Buh, bye!" she waked off to Captain Max. "Yeah, you run away, from the Earthquake!" he hissed after her. "Mmm…What ever" she flicked. "Hey! It's Ruby!" Earthquake shouted, looking at his old friend. "Hey guys! Ruby shouted. "What are you doing here?" "Oh you know, um, just, well, doing what we were doing!" he exclaimed, being sarcastic. "So, Earthquake, are you new? Because I am new, I was ported" "Wait, don't you remember? We went to dog school together, you know, I had a big crush on you." He slayed. "Aww… are so sweet. Was that a joke? Because I have heard it plenty of times from you" Ruby replied. "Soooooo, are you still into me? Because you know you were" he said. "Umm. Sort of" she replied. "Speaking of which, where's that weird furry cat who's been following on me, I tell ya, she's so annoying!" he asked. "What?" whispered the cat, she was spying on them from behind a corner. "Since when did you creep out of Captains' BOGGUS?" asked Earthquake." Never mind that!" she said quickly. Ruby walked away, but was still listening. "Ruby! Wait! Now look what you have done!" he said. "Oops!" she scampered away, leaving Earthquake alone.