The Simplest of Dreams Can Come True

Written for cougars_catnip's prompt of "The Losers ~ Cougar/ Jensen ~ It's a simple dream, maybe too simple." on the occasion of her birthday. Hope it's a good one, hun.

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The Simplest of Dreams Can Come True

Jensen is a simple man, or so he likes to think. A simple man with simple pleasures – that kind of simple. His sister and friends don't always agree with him. Roque even dared to use the words 'high' and 'maintenance' together in reference to Jensen, a fact Jensen took much umbrage to.

So as for Jensen's simple man pleasures, it's easy. Enough power to run his laptop indefinitely. Enough signal strength to hack a satellite. New episodes of Grimm, because seriously isn't that just complete kooky and Jensen totally loves it. If it's not a Grimm night, a new episode of Hawai'i 5-0 will do, because that cast is seriously hot and Jensen wouldn't kick any of them out of bed if he found them there waiting for him.

Actually that's not true, he'd kick them all out if he could have his one simple little dream come true.

Jensen's fingers stop their flight across his keyboard as he looks up and across to the other side of the room where the rest of the team are playing a quiet game of cards. His eyes settle on Cougar, his lithe form with its easy grace, the fall of each lock of hair, caught in the tie that holds it back, the almost feral half smirk when the last of the others has laid down their cards and he's about to trounce them all – again.

For Cougar, Jensen would give up all his other dreams, all his other pleasures if it made Cougar happy. For Cougar, Jensen would do anything. Just for the chance of something more.

All of a sudden, Cougar looks up from the cards he's holding and his eyes meet Jensen's. His mouth twitches, not into his feral smirk, but into something softer and a world more affectionate, something he saves just for Jensen. His eyes are kindly, filled with an understanding that Jensen hasn't seen from many people before.

He winks, just once, before turning his attention back to the game. Jensen smiles to himself, safe in the knowledge that though he would give up his other dreams and his pleasures for Cougar, he doesn't have to, because Cougar is content to be the central part of the simplest, most honest and important of all his dreams without ever expecting him to give up all the other fantasies.