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"Welcome to Jeopardy, I'm Shawn U. Maddik. First of all, to address the end of yesterday's show: we already have the hole in the ceiling patched up with some of Goku's help. So, y'know, crisis averted."

Justin paused for applause (hey that kinda rhymes). None happened.

Now, next order of business: we don't have very many episodes left, so I just want to savor this little moment. After all, it'll be one of our last together."

Three seconds later, "savoring done! Let's move on. First we have Piroshki back for some more trivia and antics, which is my child friendly word for bullshit, and the fact that I just said 'bullshit' rendered the 'antics' thing completely purposeless. So, yeah, Piroshki's here."

Piroshki flexed, showing his gigantic arm muscles… or at least, gigantically hidden beneath several layers of fat.

"Second contestant: that asshole tutor from the first episode of the Trunks saga."

The tutor gasped. "How rude! Never have I been called an asshole so quickly."

Justin's brows rose. "Somehow I doubt that."

"Why you insolent! You'd be getting a lot of punishment if the people working backstage didn't take my whip away from me!"

"Wait, the people backstage took your whip, but not the guy's machine gun from a couple days ago? Well, whatever. Why do you even carry that thing around with you? Are you some kind of freelance dominatrix?"

"Not anymore! I mean, uh, no."

"Very nice save. Third and finally, we have Guru's big fat ass taking up the rest of the room!"

Guru said nothing in response.

"Well, alright. Man of wisdom, ladies and gentlemen. Let's see today's categories."







"Piroshki, you know the drill," Justin said.

Piroshki looked confused. "Uh… what is drill?"

"Okay, maybe not. Pick a category."

"I take… Oooh! What does this button do?"

"…For how much?"

"What do you mean?"

"You just picked the button category, how much are you going to play for?"

"Oh, no, I just wonder what button does," Piroshki said, scratching his head as he looks at the buzzer clenched in his other hand.

Justin looked at Piroshki with utter confoundedness. "Piroshki, I've been doing this job for over a month and I've never come so close to just banging my head over and over against my own podium. That button is for when you want to buzz in and answer a prompt. You've been using it for fucking days. How you managed to forget its function is so far beyond me I'm going to have many, many sleepless nights contemplating it the way one might contemplate the origins of the universe. Now, please, pick a category."

"The button one, $100."

"Okay, then. I should mention that you don't have to answer in the form of a question for this particular category."

(A picture of the controller used to paralyze the androids appears on the screen.)

…BZZT! "The answer was that it shuts down the androids. Piroshki, pick another."

"I'll take dumbass mistakes for $100."

Because of Vegeta, this villain was able to evolve to its final form.

…BZZT! "That was Cell. Piroshki, again."


Justin did a forehead slap. On himself. "Pick a category again."

"Oh. Uh, same one for $200."

Goku gave a bit of his energy, which was immediately used against him, to this villain.

BZZ! "Guru!"

"Who is Frieza?"

Piroshki: $0
Asshole: $0
Guru: $200

"Nicely done, Guru. How did you know that?"


"Are you telling me to guess or are you saying it was a guess?"


"Okay. Pick a category now."

"I would like the same one for $300, please."

Gohan, despite having super speed, was unable to catch this small object during the Buu saga.

BZZ! "Asshole tutor guy!"

"What is a proper respect for higher education?"

Piroshki: $0
Asshole: -$300
Guru: $200

"You just came on this show to air your grievances about Gohan, didn't you?"

"You invited me here, you fool!"

Justin thought for a minute. "Oh, yeah, I guess I did. Look, man, I'll be blunt, we're really digging at the bottom of the barrel for the most obscure one-shot characters we can find at this point."

"What does that make me, then?" Guru asked. "I was the whole reason everyone went to Namek in the first place. No me, no Namekian dragonballs."

"Guru, honestly, I haven't had you on the show up to this point because you've always looked like the kind of person who would smell really, really bad and give everyone old mothball-smelling rock candy they don't want. Also, you're like 4,000 pounds and you take up half the damn room-"

"Well, let's see you birth hundreds of children and keep your figure!" Guru snapped, hurt evident in his voice.

"Fair point. I can see I touched a nerve, so I apologize. Now let's move on with the game. The answer to the last question was 'an earring.' Guru, pick again."

"Mistakes for $400."

Trunks lost his fight against this opponent because he kept pumping up his body and became too slow.

…BZZT! "Oh, no one buzzed in? How stunning. Well, the answer was 'Cell.'

DING DONG! "And that sound means the end of round one. Since Guru's the only person with any money, he wins by default. Piroshki, we have to let you go. I'd like to say we have some lovely parting gifts for you but, well…"

"Is okay," Piroshki said with a good-natured hand wave. "I understand. Bye bye."

"Bye, Piroshki. Asshole tutor guy, we have to let you go too. I'm not even going to bring up the possibility of you getting parting gifts."

"Hmph! Like I'd want something from you, you punk! And for your information, my name is-"