LAST CHAPIE! I'm going to miss writing about Effie's wig *sigh*

Since Peeta, Katniss and Haymitch all have their respective theories, let me tell you about mine: I think that the reason that Effie was so upset about mahogany is because her scalp is actually made of the same material and she's trying to hide it, hence the wig. XD

Anyways, let's find out if I'm correct

Effie walked into the drawing room and looked at the two men before her. There was fear in Peeta's eyes as he trembled and he clutched a mirror in front of him and Haymitch was staring at her dreamily. The two boys were there but where's Katniss?

Effie then felt a slight stabbing in her neck it made her gasp and turn around. It was a fishing line. She looked up and saw Katniss sitting on a ledge with a fishing rod in her hand. She smiled innocently at Effie.

"Heya Effie!"

"Young lady, get down from there this instant!" she scolded.

Katniss' smile turned into a smirk. "Not until you admit the truth." she said.

"Fine, stay up there then." Effie smirked back at her. Katniss just glared.

"Alright, can somebody please explain to me what's going on?" she demanded.

"You shall not make me talk vile wench!" Peeta exclaims.

"Oh my princess, my darling, my love, we wish to see thou's hair; the pathway to the heavens above. Show us the silken strands of sunlight that would fall upon the magnificent figure of thee. Oh love, I beg of you, let us see." Haymitch says dreamily.

"Will you two please kindly talk normal." she says.

" *sigh* Fine, I'll explain it!" says Katniss.

"I'm glad you've come to your senses. You can get down now." she smiles.

"Umm maybe later..." she replies. The hint of worry was in her voice.

"Anyways, we made this bet on what the heck is under that wig of yours and we're trying to get you to take it off. So take it off already so I can show this two that you're bald and you have tattoos on your scalp!" She exclaims.

Effie raised an eyebrow "My scalp is tattooed and bald... Really now? Are you sure about that Katniss?"

"See I told you she had snakes under there and their food... is our flesh!" Peeta exclaims.

"But Peeta, I'm afraid of snakes. I despise those horrendous slithering creatures and I have no intention of feeding them with anyone's remains." Effie shudders.

"So I be correct then. Thou is the princess of a long lost kingdom with magical flowing golden hair..." Haymitch says.

"Haymitch, I was born in the Capitol and my parents aren't royalty. I'm sure about that." she replies.

The three of them started arguing. They formed more illogical theories behind Effie's wig. Effie was getting irritated by the three of them Every single theory was wrong so she did what she had to do. She removed the wig from her head.

Three gasps were heard from the room.

"There, are you three happy now?" she questions.

"E-effie you you have hair!" Katniss exclaims.

"A-and their not snakes..." Peeta added.

"They don't touch the ground either." says Haymitch.

"And it's plain, normal, mid-length, slightly wavy and honey blonde." says Effie.

"Well, I'm going back to my room..." says Peeta as he walks away.

"Can somebody please help me get down from here?" says Katniss but she was ignored.

"Hey, ummm Effie... The stuff I said yesterday-"

"It's alright Haymitch. I know you were just making that up." she said with sadness in her voice.

"But I was serious... Maybe we can... you know... have a few drinks and just talks and such..."

"It's a date!" Effie exclaims with glee as she kisses Haymitch on the cheek.

They both turn red and start to kiss.

"EWWW!" Katniss exclaims.

"Oh, where are my manners... PDA is very improper..." she was embarassed.

"A little privacy please..." Haymitch says with annoyance in his tone.

"I'm sorry, it's not like I'm stuck here!" Katniss replies sarcastically but she was ignored once again.

"I'll see you later then princess" he says flirtatiously.

"See you until then..." she replies.

The two of them walks away, leaving Katniss trapped on the ledge.

"Man, my life sucks..." Katniss says.

later that midnight...

"Hello? Anybody out there?" I'm still stuck in here! Anyone? Haymitch, Effie, Peeta, anybody?"

"It's not funny guys... I need to pee!"

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I really don't know if I'll write more crackfics and comedy. People seem to like them better than my more serious works. I guess I'm better in comedy...