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Chapter 22: Promises

Buffy moaned as Spike nibbled the side of her neck, and then sucked lightly on her jugular. He groaned at the feeling of her blood pulsing under his tongue. He kissed his way down her shoulder, her arm, and then placed ghostly kisses on her fingertips.

As he made his way to her stomach, Buffy arched, silently letting him know she enjoyed the attention.

Spike nibbled on her stomach, then peeked up and said, "Relax and enjoy. I'm guessing William never did anything like this to you, now did the git?"

Buffy was about to answer, but instead she gasped and shook her head frantically as Spike latched onto a nipple, swirling his tongue around the dark circle. He massaged the other breast as he feasted on one.

He released her nipple with a pop and smirked.

"So, did William touch you...nibble on you?" Buffy shook her head as she moaned. Spike stopped his motions as he gazed into her eyes, "What did he do? What parts did he touch so I can erase the spots?"

Buffy whispered softly as she used her hands to frame his face even though her body was screaming for his touch. "He only kissed me. The only touching he did was over my clothing, and it was nothing serious," she placed light kisses against his cheek. "It never escalated passed that. It felt wrong to do anything with him; he wasn't you," she smiled. "I'm yours. Not because you have to erase the marks or touches, but just because I am."

Spike's face lit up as he peppered kisses over all her face whispering between kisses, "You…are…mine…all…mine. You…chose….me."

Buffy closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of his erection brushing against her junction.

She moaned as she arched her back and lowered her hands to try to force him to enter her.

He whispered against her lips, "So soon, luv?" Spike laughed. "I wanted a bit more time to worship this body of yours." He almost looked like he was pouting, even though his eyes still shined with joy, thanks to her earlier declarations.

She giggled as she grabbed the globes of his ass, pushing him towards her, his cock nudging her entrance.

"Later. I need you inside of me now," she breathed.

Spike moaned at the hoarse sound of her voice. He lowered his hand down to rub her clit and slide his fingers down her labia. He brought the juice covered fingers to his mouth to suck on them, never loosing eye contact with Buffy.

"Mmm, Buffy," he growled.

She blushed, slightly embarrassed, but her blush soon faded as Spike started to drag his cock up and down her pussy. He teased her entrance, and then suddenly he plunged deeply inside of her. He stayed still, letting her adjust to his girth. She screamed in pleasure as he started moving, wiggling his hips as he thrust. She wrapped her legs tightly around his waist so his cock went deeper inside of her.

"This is where I belong." Buffy nodded and Spike pleaded, "Say it. Agree with me. Do more than nod, Buffy. Do anything more than just bloody well nodding."

Buffy paused for a moment, searching for the right words. Then she admitted, "You complete me. I can't live without you in my life."

Spike smirked but then pulled out of her suddenly only to plunge back in. Buffy mewed out in pleasure as he lifted a hand to toy with her breast as he started to set the pace of their lovemaking.

"Buffy you agreed to be public with me, right?" Buffy nodded, then at his eye roll, she spoke out loud, "Yes."

Spike smirked then nibbled down her neck, sucking on her jugular slightly as he continued to drive in and out of her. He was enjoying the way she felt so tight and warm. No matter how many times they shagged, she always felt as tight as though it were the first time.

Then she started to work her inner muscle, squeezing him tighter and he threw his head back with a loud groan before stating, "No human would satisfy you love. You're built too strong and perfect."

Buffy moaned, running her hands down his back as he started to swirl his hips driving into her at a slight angle to hit another part of her causing pleasure. She moaned out his name as she shuddered slightly.

Spike tweaked her nipple whispering, "Not yet. No cumming yet." Buffy shuddered again as Spike picked up speed and Buffy met him every stroke. No matter what Spike did, they were always in perfect sync with each other. He leaned down, kissing her breathless as she moaned out his name followed by, "Need you."

Spike felt her muscles squeeze him tight as he shuddered, feeling close to finding his release, as well.

She tightened her legs around his waist as she whispered again, "Need you, Spike."

Spike kissed her again as he whispered against her ear, nibbling on the lobe, "Ready, luv?"

Buffy looked at him, her eyes darkened with lust and he slammed into her one more time, holding himself flush against her body as she screamed in pleasure. He followed her with a roar of release.

Once their orgasms subsided, Spike rolled over to his side, pulling her with him. He looked at her tiredly as he could feel dawn peeking around the corner.

"Stay?" he timidly asked.

Buffy shook her head. "No." She got up, pulling on her pants and shirt. Spike looked shocked as he watched her get dressed, looking to leave him again. She glanced at him as she picked up his pants, tossing them at him, "You coming or what?" She had a smirk on her face as she glanced in his direction enjoying the look of shock on his face. He actually had thought she was going to leave him even after what she had promised.

Spike hurried to put on his pants and shirt, and then threw his duster around his shoulders. She slipped on her shoes, ignoring the way they looked silly since she was still wearing her pajamas, and then accepted his duster pulling it around her.

Spike fell in step beside her as they walked to her house. "Buffy, what is this?" Buffy couldn't think of the right words to answer Spike. She knew what she wanted which was him but she was still a bit nervous about the logistics. She couldn't let him see her plans yet. He would probably pressure her and make things even harder. She knew that he wanted the same things she did which was to be together publicly and for them to work out. Buffy just wasn't sure how to accomplish that. So for now, Buffy's mind was too lost in thought to bother answering Spike.

With her mind heavy on thoughts about how she could get what she wanted, Buffy didn't even look towards him as she kept on walking. She kept going over scenarios of what would happen again and again trying to find the perfect one in which she would be able to tell her friends about Spike and have the happily ever after she wanted most without losing anyone in the process.

Meanwhile Spike was clearly upset. He wanted to know what was going on and wanted to know now. He was tired of Buffy's avoidance of talking about things. Normally he was able to wait patiently but right at this moment when it involved him, he couldn't. Buffy was changing all the rules and while they seemed to be good changes, Spike was afraid to be optimistic. He had made that mistake too many times when it came to understanding Buffy. Sometimes she could be so unpredictable and this was definitely looking to be one of those times.

Annoyed, Spike repeated the question, "Buffy what the bloody hell are we doing, luv? What is this?"

Buffy still didn't answer. She heard his question but wasn't sure what to tell him. Should she just admit she was going to finally make this relationship a forever one? Should she admit her fears of telling her friends and family? Should she admit this was one of the hardest decisions she had ever made and she was afraid of the consequences being permanent and she losing her friends forever? Suddenly just when she was about to answer if he only asked another time, Spike didn't. Instead he fell silent and continued to walk next to her. When they finally reached her house he whirled her around outside her tree, "Buffy what are we doing? Am I staying the day? I'll be stuck here…"

Buffy shrugged unable to make any sense of the thoughts swirling around in her head. She didn't want to hear Spike telling her that nothing should matter to her including her friends' opinions. She had based every decision she had made mostly around what her friends would think. The only time she didn't is when it came to Angel and look how messed up that whole thing turned out. But this time was different. She was an adult. She had tried to be without Spike and it hurt and just about killed her. There was just no way to be happy without Spike in her life.

Unable to admit her thoughts, Buffy turned out of Spike's hold and started to climb up the tree. Spike grew annoyed and growled at her, turning her around once again so suddenly that Buffy landed on the ground only staying standing due to the arm he had holding her upright, "Buffy, bloody hell. Answer me!"

Buffy sighed as she quietly spoke wanting more time to think, "We are going to bed. I need to be here in case Dawn needs me in the morning. I can't let her down, so I'm compromising. You stay dressed for bed for once. I'll do the same and you stay. Then we will deal with the others tonight once everyone is in the Magic Box."

Spike stood shocked as Buffy turned around to climb up the tree. Spike thought about what she had said and suddenly he knew. She was going to finally make a real relationship out of what they had. She was really going to tell her friends and make it official. The joy he felt inside of himself just couldn't be held in anymore. He had a wide grin in place as he wrapped his arms around her waist, yanking her the rest of the way up the tree along with him. He kissed away her surprised squeal as he lifted her up and into her window.

She straightened out her shirt giving him a glare as he grinned. "Vampire, remember?"

Buffy nodded losing her annoyance as quickly as it had come as she gestured towards her bed. She quickly pulled down her shades and closed her curtains, not wishing to wake up with a pile of dust in the morning. She slipped his duster off her shoulders and laid it on a chair inside of her room. She then turned back to take a look at her bed again. It was a small twin bed but would have to do for now. If Tara and Willow never got back together then she would talk about reclaiming her mother's room.

Spike crawled into it not even complaining when his feet stuck out slightly. Buffy smiled as she curled up in front of him and he bent his legs slightly to spoon against her.

She closed her eyes as she whispered, "Night, Spike."

Spike kissed her ear whispering, "Night, Slayer."

Spike closed his eyes refusing to think too much on what the next day would bring. Would Buffy really tell her friends about them? Spike wasn't sure and was definitely nervous she wouldn't but part of him felt hope. Even as he told himself not to, he was hoping that this time things would work and all would be right. For now though he needed sleep.

Together they slept; knowing tomorrow would be a hard day.

Morning came too quickly for the duo. Dawn peeked into Buffy's room only to scream loudly at the sight in front of her. After her initial scream, she squealed happily then bounced on the bed.

"Oh my god! You guys are together. I mean like together-together. You guys are together, right? You knew he was cuddling with you right?"

Buffy opened her eyes, groaning at the bright lights from above that Dawn had switched on before entering.

Spike growled, "Bloody Hell, Nibblet. Go jump on your own bed."

Dawn giggled as she hugged them both, squishing their heads together. "You guys are together! I knew it. I knew it would happen. What does this mean? Was this planned? Are you going to tell everyone?"

Before Buffy could answer, Willow pushed open the door along with Tara by her side to see Dawn hugging Spike and Buffy who were still in bed together.

"Oh my God. What is going on?" the red-head shouted.

Buffy climbed out of bed to quickly approach the shocked Willow, "This isn't what it looks like. Well actually it is what it looks like. Spike and I are…." Buffy's thoughts spiraled realizing this was so not what she had planned. None of the scenarios in her head went like this. She watched as Willow covered her ears as she started mumbling to herself, "I knew something was wrong with you. I knew you didn't come back right. I did the spell perfectly but still something is wrong. I'll fix it. I'll figure out how to make you right again…"

Buffy grabbed a hold of her friend's shoulders, shaking them quickly. "Willow, take a deep breath…" Willow did as her friend suggested and Buffy nodded satisfied that Willow would now hear her, "Ok. Spike and I have been together since I was brought back. This isn't something new. We are together and I hope you can accept it."

Buffy heard Dawn clapping behind her as Willow just stood there in disbelief. Tara had a smile on her face as she gave Buffy a hug whispering in her ear, "You guys look so happy together finally. I'm glad it's working out."

The rest of Tara's words were drowned out by Willow who was still ranting. "It's because you were dead, right? The spell is wrong?"

Buffy heard a growl as she was shoved aside by a very angry Spike, "You don't do any bloody magic anymore. You hear me? There's nothing wrong with Buffy. There's nothing wrong with me. You keep your magical fingers off Buffy and Dawn while you are bloody well at it. Just keep all magical things away from us."

He wrapped an arm around Buffy and Dawn's waist protectively. Just then they heard the front door open and pounding coming up the stairs. Within seconds Xander appeared in the room. His mouth hung open in shock at the image.

"What? How? What?" he confusingly rambled.

Buffy sighed as she took a step towards them and away from her sister and the vampire, "I can explain."

Xander ran a hand through his hair as he stated loudly, "Explain what? Like how the evil dead vampire is in your BEDroom and why he had his arm around you? Did I accidentally walk into the twilight zone?"

Buffy sighed. "Forget that. How did you and Anya do?"

Xander smiled slightly. "We leave in a bit to Vegas. I just was going to take Dawn to school first since its Friday. We won't be around this weekend because I'm getting married!"

Dawn squealed as she gave Xander a hug. "That's wonderful. My heart hurt when you guys broke up. I just knew you would get back together!"

Xander chuckled softly as Willow and Tara gave him a hug followed by Buffy. He then turned towards Spike to witness the bleached vampire shaking his head.

Spike turned to Buffy. "Does that mean I have to be friends with him?"

Buffy shook her head. "No. You do need to be nicer, though."

Xander sighed. "I don't like it." Buffy nodded and Xander continued, "If he breaks your heart don't come running to me. If he kills you guys in your sleep, again don't come running to me." Buffy bit her lower lip and gave a curt nod.

Willow and Tara left the room together and less than a minute later, Xander left the room after gesturing to Dawn to follow.

Dawn grinned as she waved following Xander out the door. "I have to go to school but I'm so excited!"

Alone with her vampire once again, Buffy walked over to the bed and collapsed on it. "That was…interesting."

Spike sat down next to her and, without thinking, she placed her head against his shoulder. Something she often did when they were alone.

"So you did it, pet. You still alright with your decision?"

Buffy looked up at him and hesitated for a moment before admitting, "Yeah, I am." Part of her was relieved. She hadn't lost anyone after all and best of all, no one seemed as dead set against it as she had imagined they would be. It had actually worked out better than she had planned. It seemed she would get her happily ever after ending after all.

Spike smiled. "So what next?" Spike found himself looking forward to their future. It didn't seem so unpredictable anymore. Nothing was set in stone but that was part of the joy of living, getting little surprises along the way. This surprise had been the best of them all.

Buffy grinned. "We make our lives the best we can, knowing it will never be normal."

Spike nodded as he wrapped his arms around her waist, placing a kiss on her forehead. "No worries pet. A vampire and a slayer will never result in anything remotely normal."

"I know. And for some reason I think I'm ok with that."

After living without him for a while and watching William die, she was ready for supernatural, and was ready to make the most out of her life with Spike in it.

The End