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"Bulkhead!" she yelled, desperately looking for any signs of the oversized green wrecker.

After Ratchet managed to find a hit on another ancient Autobot relic that had been hidden on Earth, Miko had been dying to follow Optimus, Arcee, Bumblebee, and Bulkhead on one of their adventures. She had waited impatiently for Ratchet to leave the room to retrieve one of his medical tools and for Jack and Raf to become engrossed in a video game before she made a break for it. Miko ran down the steps, quickly typing in the command for the ground bridge to reopen at its last coordinates. A victorious cry escaped her throat as she leaped through the bridge, landing in a mountainous region. But, since she had waited so long for the right moment to leave without being noticed, the Autobots had moved on and she had no idea which way they went or where to begin looking for them. There were two directions for her to go, right or left. She had chosen left.

"Bulkhead!" she shouted again, wandering forward aimlessly.

As she walked, she imagined Bulkhead fighting against the Vehicons, against Breakdown. She could almost hear their metal bodies clashing, pounding, slamming against one another as they fought for possession of the ancient artifact. "I'm going to miss all the action!" she growled, frustrated, before stopping and glancing behind her.

She wondered if the Autobots had split up, maybe Arcee and Bulkhead had gone right and Optimus and Bumblebee had gone left. Maybe they hadn't. Maybe they had all gone the opposite direction of which she had came.

Miko growled and was just about to let out another cry for Bulkhead when she heard heavy footsteps approaching her. Overjoyed, she ran forward. "Bulkhead!" she hollered excitedly as she listened to her voice echo through the mountains. She rounded a rock face and yelled, "I've been looking all over for—

She gasped loudly and nearly fell over as she skidded to a stop. Her mouth dropped in horror as she stared up at the figure in disbelief. He looked down at her, his crimson optics catching her startled gaze. The owner of the optics seemed just as surprised to see her as she was to see him; however, he overcame his initial surprise much quicker than she did as he smirked, a dark shadow crossing his face. "What an unexpected treat," he said, almost amused, "You and me…alone."

Her survival instincts kicked in as she grabbed the nearest possible weapon her hands could find. "You want a piece of me?" she yelled, ready to throw the fist-sized rock that would do nothing to harm the metal being in front of her, "Well, do you?"

He laughed at her. "So you are fearless," he mused, "That or foolish."

Miko took a slight step back, not daring to let her guard down. "If you do anything to me, Bulkhead will rip you to shreds," she warned.

"Bulkhead is powerless against me," he replied, "It's not like the Autobots to let their pets wander around freely, pray tell, what are you doing out here by yourself?"

"I'm not out here by myself," she responded, hoping that he would believe her. She wished that she could believe herself.

"Oh? And is that why you were incessantly calling for your guardian?"

"We just got separated is all; Bulkhead will be coming for me any second—

"Does he even know you're here?"

Miko swallowed hard, not wanting to admit that she had followed the Autobots through the ground bridge without them knowing. However, her silence provided the answer he was looking for. He grinned as he stood back up. Miko tried not to cringe when he suddenly pulled something out of his subspace that seemed to look like a watch, but the girl had a feeling that whatever the device was, it did anything but tell time. He seemed to read the curious expression on her face before saying, "This relic that the Autobots are currently looking for is a shape modifier. I discovered it just as you discovered me. Perhaps now is an opportune time to see the extent of its abilities." And he smirked before pressing something on the device.

Miko had to shield her eyes as a bright white light suddenly engulfed the metal being. The light was brief, but when it faded, she looked out only to feel her heart suddenly go to her throat. A clawed hand reached out, seizing her by the wrist in a vice grip. He pulled her warm, soft body against his cold, metal one.


"I've heard a lot about you, Miko," his voice rumbled, taunting her.

"Y-You know my name?"

"You are surprised by that? Your reckless behavior has caused many problems for me. Before he left my ranks, Starscream mentioned that you had been there in the stripped energon mine when it caved in; Knockout mentioned you were the reason that he and Breakdown were unable to retrieve the knowledge from Bulkhead's mind. And it was you that had the audacity to threaten me the moment I stepped foot into the Autobot base. You've built yourself quite a reputation, Miko. The reckless human girl that likes to follow the Autobots into battle," he snickered, pulling her closer.

"Let me go!" she shrieked, reaching for the device that was fastened to his wrist. If it had caused him to shrink down so that he was nearly her size, then maybe if she managed to press the right button she could make him shrink down so that he was smaller than her, kick him in the face, and runaway.

"I don't think so," he said as he secured her other wrist with his free hand before slamming her against a rock face.

Miko cried out as she felt the flesh on her back tear mercilessly against rocks that seemed like they were sharper than knives. She felt blood slowly trickle down her back as the Decepticon leader pinned her there, ruthlessly. She winced before glaring at him and saying, "You're not going to get away with this!"

"I already am," he said as he used one hand to pin her wrists above her head. He traced a sharp, clawed finger along her jaw, easily slicing her soft flesh open. "For one so strong willed, you bleed so easily," he mused.

Miko tried to use her legs to somehow push him off her, but as she kicked and flailed, he didn't budge, he just laughed at her futile efforts. Finally, panting, she gave up before asking, "What do you want?"

"You said if I ever double-crossed you and the rest of the Autobots that your face would be the one I never forgot. But indulge me Miko…"

"About what?"

"Have I disappointed you?" he asked, grinning maliciously.


"A pity, I had hoped that I might have."


"For a chance to see the extent of your fearlessness," he chuckled darkly, suddenly leaning closer to her, "And maybe for a chance to never forget your face."

He was breathing down on her like a raging beast; she could feel the hot air hitting the top of her head. She groaned, knowing that if she struggled the rocks would only cut her deeper. She could only submit, but the idea of submission ignited a flurry of excitement in her belly. While she was terrified of the consequences, part of her hoped that the Decepticon leader wouldn't let her go. The Autobots had always worked so hard to keep her away from the Decepticons, away from danger, but their efforts only fueled the burning desire she had to actually capture the attention of the enemy.

On the fateful day she had learned Megatron was coming to the Autobot base, Ratchet had to shove her out of the way. But when Megatron did arrive, that didn't keep her from remaining hidden. She had made herself known to the Decepticon leader by screaming at him, threatening him until Agent Fowler finally dragged her away. All she had ever wanted was for him to know that she existed, to be aware of who she was. And now, she had his undivided attention.

"Don't tell Bulkhead," she said.

He looked at her, his red optics flaring with amusement. "Is that all?" he asked, snaking a hand over her hip, knowing he could crush the bone if he so pleased.

"Don't tell him," she said again, this time with venom.

He smirked as he leaned deadly close to her. "Don't worry," he breathed caustically, "It will be you that will go running back to him forced to explain in every little explicit detail how I disgraced you." And he crushed his mouth against hers, kissing her violently, heatedly, daring to show her what it meant to be fearless.

Miko groaned unwillingly, unable to match the strength of the Decepticon leader's deadly caress. Her lips sloppily scraped against sharp teeth, against a rough metal maw that she guessed compromised Megatron's lips. He pulled back suddenly, chuckling coldly, "How long have you wanted me, Miko?"

She was surprised by the question, dazed by what had just happened between them. "Wanted you?" she repeated breathlessly.

"You would not have responded to my actions like you did if you had not wanted me," he replied.

"Ever since the Autobots said I couldn't go with them on their missions I've always been curious—

"Curious?" he repeated, releasing her wrists, wanting to use both hands. "Only curious?" he questioned, nipping the soft flesh on her neck with his dangerously sharp teeth. He grinned at the noise she made.

"Obsessed…ennh!" she groaned as he nipped her neck again.

"Obsessed…" his voice rumbled possessively, "With what?"

"With…getting you to notice me. The Autobots warned me about you, but all the rules they made and all the times I was told I was forbidden from accompanying them made me want to see you all the more."

"Nothing is forbidden from me, Miko, not even you. Especially not you."

She felt like melting as he kissed her again, just as overpoweringly as he had the first time. This time though, she dared to touch him, feel him, caress him knowing that many had probably died for this opportunity. She still wasn't quite sure she would live.

A cold, sharp hand cupped her face, titling her head for a better angle. Megatron parted her lips and Miko couldn't protest as he forced his glossa into her mouth. She gagged at his flavor, causing a deep chuckle to rumble from his throat. Miko had to will herself not to throw up at the burning, toxic, chemical flavor Megatron had as his glossa roamed her mouth. It clanged against her teeth, was deceptively smooth against her tongue, and prodded the back of her throat, as if wanting entrance. A metal hand clasped her hip, tightly.

Miko cried out in sheer agony when Megatron suddenly thrust his pelvis into hers with inhuman might, his sharp armor stabbing through her soft flesh. She prayed the puncture wounds were not deep, and as pain suddenly exploded from her pelvis, Miko was sure a bone was broken somewhere. He wanted entrance not just to her mouth, but sexual gratification. He would not be denied the pleasures of his metal slipping back and forth between the soft folds of her warm, moist flesh.

"Miko?" a concerned voice suddenly shouted from the distance.

Scowling, Megatron broke the kiss. He peered off in the direction that the voice came from before turning back to Miko and saying, "It appears Bulkhead has discovered you're here."

She looked to him desperately, agony heavy in her eyes. She longed to return to her Autobot friend, but at the same time, she didn't want to leave the Decepticon leader's violent embrace.

"Miko!" the wrecker shouted again.

Megatron growled before releasing her. He used the ancient relic to return to his full size just as Bulkhead, Optimus, Bumblebee, and Arcee arrived on scene. Megatron grinned as he watched the Autobots immediately take defensive stances.

"You're rather slow getting here," he taunted, "The relic and your pet are both in my possession." And he pointed down at a bloody Miko.

"Get away from her!" Bulkhead snarled venomously, aiming his gun at the Decepticon leader.

"Megatron, leave before we are forced to remove you," Optimus said, threateningly.

"As you wish, Prime," Megatron said, knowing a fight between them was pointless. However, before he left, he stole one last glance at Miko, who was staring back at him. He read the pained expression on her face before smirking wickedly. "You haven't seen the last of me, Miko Nakadai," he exclaimed before transforming and taking to the skies.

She collapsed down to her knees, sending pain erupting through her body. She could still taste Megatron's glossa in her mouth. Her stomach lurched suddenly, her eyes clouding over with tears. She didn't notice Bulkhead running to her aid as she threw up, her body trying desperately to get rid of that horrible flavor.

"Miko…" Bulkhead remarked softly as he reached her.

"Bulk," she managed to choke out, tears sliding down her face as she tried to get to her feet but couldn't, "I'm so sorry."

He caught her in his hand as she blacked out.

She dreamed Megatron had come for her. She dreamed he had come to the Autobot base and pinned her against the floor. He took her in front of everyone, in front of Optimus, in front of Bumblebee and Arcee, in front of Jack and Raf, in front of Nurse Darby and Agent Fowler, in front of Bulkhead.

Her bloody fingers dug into his armor, trying to get him to stop, trying to get him off her. She screamed at him, she yelled, she cried for him to stop and let her go. She could feel her bones snapping, breaking under his weight, her insides being stabbed and ripped open by his powerful thrusts. He told her he was going to keep her forever. He told her that she was never going to see Bulkhead again.

"No!" she shrieked as she woke up. She sat bolt upright, only to scream again as pain ripped through her belly and she was forced to lie back down, trembling.

"Miko," Jack's mom said as she immediately ran over, "You can't be sitting up like that."

The girl looked at her before noticing that everyone was gathered around her, minus Agent Fowler. Bulkhead had a devastated look in his optics; Optimus seemed to share the same one.

"Can I have a glass of water or some gum?" Miko asked as she looked back to Ms. Darby.

"I can't give you water, you're still on anesthesia from the hospital," she replied, "It'll make you sick."

"I'm going to be sick whether or not you give me water. I can still taste Megatron in my mouth," she remarked, watching as the Autobots exchanged surprised, perhaps even horrified, glances.

Raf finally stepped forward and gave her some gum. The spearmint flavor quickly worked to take away the awful taste and ease Miko's stomach. "Why was I in the hospital?" she asked.

"You have a broken hip, your back has been severely lacerated and had to be stitched back up, you have bruises on your wrists, not to mention puncture wounds on your abdomen and the cut on your face," Nurse Darby said as she gave Miko a small mirror so she could look herself over.

However, Miko couldn't get past her face. Her lips were bruised, raw; it almost looked like someone had punched her square in the mouth with brass knuckles on. "Miko," Optimus said, causing her to look away from the mirror, "I know this may be difficult to explain, but how did Megatron injure you?"

Miko supposed her injuries didn't make sense. Megatron was much larger than she was, it would be physically impossible for him to punch her in the mouth without hitting the rest of her body with his fist. The injuries to her hip and back probably didn't make sense either. The cuts were horizontal across her back, but if Megatron had caused them, she guessed they would have been vertical since it wouldn't have made sense for him to slash her back at such an odd angle. But he never hit her, and Miko wondered if the Autobot leader suspected that.

Her eyes flashed between Bulkhead and Optimus. She didn't want to say, not in front of everyone. She didn't want to hurt Bulkhead with the truth, it would be a lie to say that she hadn't enjoyed every moment spent with Megatron, pinned against that rock face. However, she knew something like this could never stay a secret. Megatron was right; she would tell them every explicit detail of what happened between them.

"You can tell me, can't you Miko?" Bulkhead asked. If there was anyone she trusted, it would be him.

She looked at him before saying quietly, "While everyone was distracted I sneaked through the ground bridge, I couldn't find you guys after I went through, so I went looking and I found Megatron instead. He had that relic you were looking for." She looked down.

"Did he use the relic to injure you?" Optimus asked.

"I guess you could say that."

"Did he happen to mention what the relic was?" Ratchet asked, getting impatient.

Miko heard the impatience in his voice and it irritated her. "Yes," she said before reluctantly admitting, "It was a shape modifier."

She watched as Ratchet walked up to the main computer and proceeded to do a search on the ancient artifact. After a few moments, he said, "The shape modifier has the ability to make objects shrink and grow according the users preference. It was hidden on Earth in order to prevent the Decepticons from getting their hands on it."

"That still doesn't explain how Miko got her injuries," Arcee said as she observed the young female.

"I don't want to talk about it," Miko said, growing frustrated, growing terrified as the reality of what she had done finally began to sink in. Would the Autobots think of her as a traitor? She didn't have to tell them how she felt about what happened.

"Miko," Arcee said angrily, though her anger was caused by fear for the young girl's safety, "Megatron indicated that he wasn't finished with you—

"Don't yell at me!" Miko cried as tears brimmed in her eyes, "Do you think it's easy to explain how he shrank down to my size and hurt me?"

Shock went through the two-wheelers optics, "He shrank down to your size?"

She nodded, trying desperately not to cry as she avoided Bulkhead's gaze. "Miko," Optimus said, trying to comfort the teen, "Did Megatron give a reason as to why he beat you?"

Miko was silent for a moment before confessing quietly, "He didn't beat me, Optimus." She watched as a very confused look went across his face, across Bulkhead's, across Arcee's, Bumblebee's, and Ratchet's.

It was Bulkhead that had an expression of dread, of fear on his face. "If he…if he didn't beat you, then what did he do?" the concerned green wrecker asked, but part of him didn't want to know.

Miko knew she couldn't lie to him. She knew she couldn't let the question hang in the air either. But, she couldn't look at him as she let the truth slip past her lips. "My mouth was injured by his," she confessed, "My broken hip and the puncture wounds were from him thrusting his sharp waist against mine. The lacerations on my back are from the rocks he had me pinned against. The bruises on my wrists are from his hands and the cut on my face was from his finger."

Nobody said anything, nobody moved. However, Bulkhead couldn't keep his anger in as he smashed his fist against a wall, creating a loud crash of metal. "I'll rip him to shreds!" he seethed.

"Bulkhead," Optimus spoke suddenly, "It is understandable to be angry, but please try to control yourself. Our top priority is Miko's safety; we will have to worry about Megatron at another time."

"Well, while you figure out just what Megatron's intentions are, I'll be smashing things," Bulkhead said before walking away. He didn't want to know why Megatron had done what he did; he didn't even want to begin to think about how the Decepticon leader had disgraced Miko. It filled him with so much anger.

Optimus watched with heavy optics as Bulkhead disappeared down the hall before he looked to Miko. "Extra precautions will have to be put in place to protect you, Miko," he said, "Especially since Megatron indicated that he was not finished."

"Just why would Megatron do that to a human?" Arcee asked, unable to understand, "Why would he do that to Miko? Why didn't he just…" But she didn't finish.

"Kill me?" Miko asked, finishing Arcee's sentence with a glare.

"Perhaps Megatron likes things considered taboo," Ratchet suggested, "But I wouldn't necessarily call relationships between transformers and humans taboo, we're both very capable of feeling, but Megatron less so than others."

"I doubt Megatron is in love with Miko," Arcee quipped.

"No," Ratchet remarked angrily, "Infatuation."

"I doubt it's even that," Optimus said, "I don't believe there was reason or emotion behind Megatron's actions. He may have only been trying to prove something; he may have only been acting on the spur of the moment."

"He said that nothing was forbidden from him," Miko admitted, quietly.

"Justification for his madness," Ratchet said.

"I want to see Bulkhead," Miko said, carefully sitting up. She then tried to get off the bed she was lying on, but Nurse Darby stopped her.

"Slow down Miko," she said, "You had to have surgery and your hip had to be pinned back together. Don't over exert yourself. The doctor doesn't want you to start walking until tomorrow, but only a little ways."

Miko groaned, "How long is it going to take my hip to get better?"

"About 12 weeks."

"That's three months!" she exclaimed.

"You can go to Bulkhead, but you've got to use crutches or a wheelchair."

Miko groaned at her options before she said glumly, "I'll take the crutches."

Bulkhead shot target after target, imagining each one was the Decepticon leader's smirking face. He was so consumed by his rage he didn't notice as the door opened and a small figure entered. He obliterated another target and was just about to set up another one when a small voice caught his attention.


The green wrecker looked in the direction the voice came. When his optics met Miko's soft gaze, all the anger melted away. He went over to her before kneeling and extending his hand towards her, which she hugged tightly. "Don't be mad," she said desperately, trying not to cry, "You've still got the best of me."

"Miko," he sighed, his spark going out to her, "Look at what he did to you. I know it's not very Autobot of me, but all I can think about is how I want to waste Megatron."

"You're letting him win by your allowing your anger to get the best of you," she said, "It's my fault anyway, I shouldn't have gone through the ground bridge."

"He could've killed you after he did Primus knows what to you."

"I won't go running off anymore."

"That's for sure," Bulkhead said, finally relaxing, "I'm not letting you out of my sight again."

She smiled, "We'll have to put our Sunday morning dune bashings on hiatus until my hip is better, but I have metal parts in me now, just like you."

He smiled gently before saying, "Don't ever forget you're my girl, Miko."

She hugged his hand tighter, "Love you, Bulk."

"Love you too, Miko," he replied gently, "So much more than you know…"

A month and a half later, Miko sat on the steps to her school, waiting for Bulkhead to pick her up. She wanted to say she was fully recovered. She could walk with a slight limp, but she hadn't tried running yet; her face was healed as was her back, and the puncture wounds were gone from her waist. She had some scarring, but luckily none was on her face. She called them her battle scars, but she wasn't as eager to show them off as Bulkhead was to show his off to her.

While she waited, she contented herself by scribbling out a picture of Bulkhead pounding Megatron. She knew she wasn't much of an artist, but the drawing made her feel better. She was angry at herself for enjoying Megatron's forbidden touch, his forbidden caress. She had gotten his attention though, but now that she had it, she didn't want it anymore. She didn't have nightmares, but every once and awhile Megatron's unpleasant taste would resurface on her tongue. She tried her best to forget him.

Her phone rang.

Groaning, Miko picked up her phone, half expecting it to be her host parents. However, it was coming up as a private number. Curious, she half debated answering in Japanese. "Hello?" she nonchalantly asked into the phone as she continued drawing.

"Hello Miko…"

She jumped, gasping simultaneously as she snapped her phone shut, abruptly ending the call. There was no way, that couldn't have been…she was imagining it.

Her phone rang again.

Nervously, Miko looked at her phone. It was the private number. She swallowed hard as she answered the call before demanding, "How did you get my number?"

"Soundwave has a knack for those things."

"What do you want?"

"Are you alone?"

"Bulkhead is on his way."

"Where are you, Miko?" he was getting agitated.

"Wouldn't you like to know," she said as she hung up. She glared down at the drawing she was doing before closing the sketchbook and putting it in her backpack.

"Hey Miko," said a voice coming up from behind her, "Who was that on the phone?"

Miko glanced over her shoulder as Jack came and sat on the steps beside her. She sighed heavily before saying, "Guess."

"Your host parents?" he asked.

"I wish," she replied, "If I told you it was Megatron, what would you do?"

"I'd be on the phone with Arcee or Bulkhead immediately and tell them to get their metal butts here," Jack answered, "Was it Megatron?"

"Uh…maybe," she said, but Jack could tell by her guilty tone that it was.

"Come on Miko," he said, "This isn't a joke. When I heard what he did to you, it made me wish that I had finished him off with that drill while I had the chance."

Miko checked the time on her phone, "Well, our rides will be here in about ten minutes, we'll be alright. I didn't tell Megatron I was here."

"What did he want?"

"He wanted to know where I was and if I was alone. I didn't tell him anything and hung up. He used Soundwave to get my number."

Jack was hesitant, "I think I'm going to call Arcee just in case. You should probably call Bulkhead. What happens if Megatron does show up here at the school?"

"Maybe he'd waste it!" Miko exclaimed excitedly, "You know how many times I've asked Bulkhead to do that?" And she jumped to her feet as Raf approached them.

"Hey guys," he said as he stood on the other side of Jack, "What's going on?"

"Megatron called me," Miko replied as she moved so she was sitting on the concrete railing of the steps, "If he shows up, I want Bulkhead to waste him."

"Uh…have you called Bulkhead?" Raf asked.

She shook her head, "If he, Arcee, and Bumblebee are going to be here soon there's no point. Anybody care for some Slash Monkey?"

Jack groaned, "Please don't play it. Nobody cares for your Bulgarian shriek metal."

"Bulkhead likes it," she argued.

"Uh…guys…" Raf said, but Jack and Miko continued arguing.

"I'm not Bulkhead," Jack persisted, "And I'm not the only one who thinks you have a bad taste in music."

"Says the guy who sometimes fools around on the harmonica!" Miko yelled angrily.

"Guys!" Raf shouted.

"What?" Miko exclaimed.

"Well if it isn't all three of the Autobots pets," said a voice.

Miko and Jack looked over only to see the leader of the Decepticons standing there. "And this is why we should've called someone," Jack remarked looking to Miko angrily, "I thought you said you didn't tell him where you were!"

"Um, can we talk about this later?" Miko asked.

Jack growled before grabbing Miko's arm. "Let's get out of here!" he said as he ran from the steps, Raf following. However, they only made it around the corner and part way down an alley before Miko forced Jack to stop.

"Jack!" she said, "Jack stop! I can't run, it hurts."

"Raf, call Bee, tell him what's going on and to warn the others," Jack said before looking to Miko, "If you can't run, then we've got to find a place to hide."

"You can't hide from me," Megatron said as he appeared in the alley. He was too large to fit inside, but that didn't stop him from aiming his fusion cannon at them, powering it up, ready to fire if they tried to run any further.

"This is not good," Raf remarked, taking a step back.

"Come here, Miko," the Decepticon leader commanded.

If she could just stall for another few minutes, Bulkhead, Arcee, and Bumblebee would arrive. They would get her, Jack, and Raf out of this mess. "How did you find me?" she demanded, "I didn't tell you where I was."

"Soundwave was able to trace the call," Megatron replied, annoyed, "My patience is wearing thin. Come now or else none of you will be walking away from here."

The hum of his cannon grew louder, Miko knew if she didn't do something now Megatron would live up to his word. Raf would die. Jack would die. She would die. But if she went with him, she knew she wouldn't be walking away. She wasn't guaranteed her life. She wasn't guaranteed anything. And she knew Megatron would get his way this time. He would get everything he wanted from her.

"Aren't you fearless Miko? Are you so willing to let your friends die?"

She balled her fists in anger. Bulkhead wouldn't be coming in time. She couldn't let Raf and Jack be killed; they benefited the Autobots more than she did. If anything, she had caused the Autobots more harm than good. She looked up at him warily, his crimson optics burning back down upon her.

"Don't tell Bulkhead," she said.

Megatron smirked wickedly, "It will be you that tells him everything." Keeping his cannon aimed on them in case they tried to run, he knelt down and extended his left hand towards the girl. "Come to your master, Miko, I want to play," he taunted wickedly.

She stepped forward, and without looking back, gave herself away to darkness.

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