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Miko could feel his optics on her back, seeping into her soul. She could feel sharp fingertips ghosting over her skin. She was dead to him, but she couldn't escape. He was alive, inside of her, feeling her from within. She could be told to run, but she wouldn't move.

She groaned as Jack grabbed her shoulder, forcing her to stop running further into the subway tunnel. Irritated, she looked to him. How long was he going to hold her back?

"I had the opportunity to kill Megatron, but I didn't…"

"Miko, let's think this through."

She didn't want to be told what to do. She needed praise, she needed attention, she needed to know what she was doing was right since Megatron made her feel so wrong. It had been Jack's idea; but she had helped save Manhattan, to stop the Nemesis. She didn't want to come down from her impervious high.

Blood red optics.

That was why Miko had volunteered to go to New York in order to make sure Arcee and Bumblebee could retrieve one of the four relics without being seen. She would run interference if she had to, but she wasn't ready to sit down and watch from the sidelines. Participating in missions made her feel better, it made her feel alive.

"Why, 'cause you don't think I know what I'm doing?" she quipped, throwing his hand off her shoulder. "I'm Jack," she spat, "Optimus picked me to go to Cybertron while Megatron fucked Miko. I must know everything."

Metal hands everywhere: in her hair, under her clothes, fingering her, caressing her, slicing her open. She is dead to him, but she can't escape. Blood red optics…blood. Dripping, oozing, coagulating. Flaring, burning, blood red optics.


"Okay, Miko, seriously, if that's what's bothering you then why didn't you say something before?" Jack asked.

She turned away from him. "I've been holding it in," she said, sounding defeated.

"Since when do you hold anything in? Look, it's not like you don't contribute. Just a few hours ago you helped take down a psychotic Decepticon warship. This isn't a competition…"

This wasn't what she wanted to hear.

"I don't want to be dead to you."

Laughter exploded inside of her head. She let things blur around her; Vogel, Knockout, the speeding subway car, her near brush with death. The relic, somehow Bumblebee had gotten it. But that didn't matter. Nothing mattered when Megatron was inside of her head. She had to be fake; she had to lie about how she felt. This thing called normalcy…she had to pretend she had it.

"I ache for you."

Miko laughed as she got inside Bumblebee, the relic in the driver's seat beside her. "Cough up another one for the good guys!" she exclaimed as she fooled around with Bumblebee's radio until she came across a station she liked. She listened to it in silence, watching the scenery pass by through the window as they waited for a groundbridge back to the base.

/Are you sure Knockout didn't see you?/

"You betcha," Miko said as she began rocking out to the song, "We got the base guitar and we messed up Knockout's face!"

Bumblebee grumbled as he entered the groundbridge, not a fan of Miko's music choice. He turned off the radio.


/I'm driving; I decide what we listen to./

"Let me guess, you and Raf spend all your time listening to chip-tunes."

/What? No, I'm cooler than that. I'm also more fun./

Miko rolled her eyes as they came into the base. "Well, it was fun, but I'm ready to get back to my regularly scheduled partner, Bulk—

A scream escaped from her throat as she looked out of the windshield only to see Bulkhead lying lifeless on the floor of the silo, Ratchet trying to revive him with a defibrillator. Immediately she jumped out of Bumblebee, a broken expression on her face.

"Bulkhead, respond!" Ratchet shouted.

"I hate you, Megatron."

"No you don't."

"Bulkhead?" she exclaimed quietly before charging forward, "Bulkhead!" However, Agent Fowler grabbed her before she could make it much farther. "What happened?" she demanded.

"Tox-En exposure among other things," Ratchet responded, "Bulkhead has suffered a complete systems failure."

"Hold on," Arcee remarked as she transformed, "Tox-En?"

"Help me get him to the medical bay, now!"

"No!" Miko shouted as she watched Bulkhead be dragged away. She broke out of Agent Fowler's grasp before stating, "If I hadn't gone to New York…"

"There's nothing you could have done," Agent Fowler replied.

"Nothing you could have done…"

"Hardshell sucker punched the big lug while he was down."

Miko looked to him, "Who?"

"Some Insecticon, it doesn't matter. Point is, it's not your fault. You got that?"

"Point is, you are mine, Miko. Got it?"

She glared as she looked away, "Got it."

It was his thoughts of her that kept her alive, that made her real to him. She had been dead for weeks, but the more that time passed, the more he wanted her. He was bitterly angry that she was weak enough to be killed by smoke inhalation.

"I've always been curious…"

He cursed her name, he blessed it. He closed his optics as he imagined the naked folds of her soft skin. He had scarred her and he longed to trace his fingertips over the scars he had made. It wasn't fair she was human, that she was fragile, that for a disgusting organic, she was dangerously beautiful. Bulkhead should have done more to protect her; Optimus should have done more to realize her worth.

"obsessed with getting you to notice me."

Megatron opened his optics only to glare down the line of his troops, his circuits boiling. "How is this possible?" he roared, "Four relics, each within our grasp and yet only Soundwave has returned with something other than an excuse. Tell me, Hardshell, what is yours?"

"I have none, my lord," the Insecticon replied, "We failed to retrieve the Tox-En, but the green Autobot has been terminated."

"You said if I ever double-crossed you and the rest of the Autobots that your face would be the one I never forgot."

"Then perhaps this day is not lost after all."

"Don't tell Bulkhead."

Megatron smiled.

"No need for tears now, my dear."

Miko tried everything in her power not to cry. She sat on the platform, knees hugged tightly to her chest. She couldn't look at Bulkhead, it hurt too much. He was her guardian, her partner, her best friend…

She loved him.

"Your affections belong to me and no one else."

Miko bit her lip. "Shut up," she growled at the evil voice in her head. She tried not to think, she tried to rid all the pain out of her heart, out of her soul. Sure Megatron had hurt her, but the pain never hurt as bad as this. She could take a thousand punishments inflicted by Megatron, but to have Bulkhead ripped away from her—

"Wheeljack's on his way," Arcee stated.

Fury ran hot through Miko's veins. She immediately climbed to her feet and glared down at the blue femme. "I can't believe you're giving up on Bulkhead already!" she spat.

"All I meant was Wheeljack and Bulkhead are close," Arcee remarked, "I thought he'd want to be here."

"I know what you meant," she grumbled before turning and heading for the elevator.

"Miko, where are you going?" Optimus asked.

"Out!" she barked before stepping inside the elevator and letting the doors close.

Arcee stepped forward to retrieve her, but Optimus held her back. "She needs time," he said.

"Think she'll be alright outside the base?"

"She should be, for now," Optimus replied as he turned his attention back to Bulkhead.

Miko leaned into his kiss, letting him pull her closer against his metal chassis, letting him hold her. She wedged her fingers between silver and purple armor platelets, stroking her fingertips along muscle cables and sensors. She felt him shiver. She sighed as he broke the kiss, his mouth hovering over hers. He nuzzled his face against hers as he gazed down at her.

"Miko, you're wasting your tears."

Miko wiped her tears away, in vain. They had come all at once as she crawled to the darkest place she could find on top of the silo. She didn't want to be seen, she didn't want to anyone to find her.

"You can't hide from me."

She gasped loudly between sobs, trying to breathe, but it felt like the very oxygen she needed to sustain her was suffocating her. "Not Bulkhead," she wailed, "Not Bulkhead, this isn't happening…"

"Miko, how's my girl?"

Her heart, it was breaking. "I said I'd never leave you," she yelled, "So you can't leave me. I'll hate you if you do, I'll hate you!"

But she hadn't gone with him on the mission. She had left him alone and now he was dying. Her heart shattered, the shattered pieces shattered. Everything was falling apart. Megatron was in her head and Bulkhead was breaking her heart.

The sound of engines whining snapped her out of her suffering. From where she was sitting, Miko looked out only to see the Jackhammer landing. She watched as Wheeljack got out, the look on his face screaming revenge. She kept watching until he disappeared inside the elevator, descending into the Autobot base.

Miko's tears ceased. There was something comforting about the thought of revenge.

Wheeljack wasn't surprised that Optimus hadn't told him who had injured Bulkhead. As he prepared the Jackhammer for departure, he decided that he would figure out who had nearly killed Bulkhead on his own. Once he found out who it was, the 'Con was history. He took off from the base with revenge heavy on his mind. However, as he switched the flier into autopilot, he caught a movement out of the corner of his optic. Guns drawn, he whipped around only to see Miko standing there, not an ounce of fear in her eyes. Wheeljack relaxed but narrowed his gaze at her. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

"Going after the 'Con who hurt Bulkhead, you in?"

"I'm taking you back."

"No, wait!" Miko remarked as she ran forward, climbing into the empty chair beside Wheeljack.

"Kid, I get it," Wheeljack remarked as he adjusted the controls, "You want payback, you and me both."

"Bulkhead's my partner too!"

"Trust me, when I find out which one of Megatron's goons jumped our boy, I'll take care of him, my way," he said as he gestured to his grenade.

"I know who did it."

Wheeljack looked to her surprised. "Who?" he asked.

"Take me and I'll tell you."

The Wrecker stared at her. If she was half of who Bulkhead said she was, he knew that he would never dissuade her. He didn't say anything as he adjusted the controls once again and took off into the night.

"Have I disappointed you?"


"A pity, I had hoped I might have."


"For a chance to see the extent of your fearlessness and maybe a chance to never forget your face."

Miko had to admit she was surprised when Wheeljack took her to a Decepticon energon mine. However, she didn't question him as she followed him out of the Jackhammer so that they could get a better look at the mine. From their hiding place, Miko asked, "You know where to find Decepticon mines?"

"You don't think I've just been sitting on my can since I've been on this rock."

"But shouldn't we be at an Insecticon hive?"

"You should still be here…with me."

Wheeljack shook his head, "The bugs are bound by a single mind—

"Bind to me, Miko."

—Trying to draw just one of them out is nearly impossible, so we're going to make some noise."

"And get the 'Cons to hand over Hardshell."

"Hand yourself over to me."

"Leave me alone. You're not real."

"Now you can sneak in there and scope things out a lot easier than I can…let me see your phone."

Miko handed him her phone and watched as he patched it to live feed video to the Jackhammer. He gave her a few reassuring words and then she was on her own. Swallowing, Miko went forward, sneaking into the mine. As she passed through the entrance, she ran in darkness, following a trail of pale blue light from the energon.

That dark room…

"This isn't real."

Something ghosted through her hair causing the girl to immediately tense. It was like a stale breath sending cold shivers through her spine as something played with her hair. Clawed fingers gently combed through the length of her hair, pulling the rubber bands out in the process. And then, the ghost hands were gone—


Miko nearly screamed when she heard Megatron's voice echo through her mind. She entered the cavern, ducking behind a rock. "Don't think right now," she pleaded with herself, "Megatron isn't here. This is for Bulkhead. You would do anything for Bulkhead."

Inhaling deeply, Miko peeked out from behind the rock, aiming her phone into the mine. "We've got five…maybe six troopers in the main cavern," she whispered, "And two more keeping an eye on things from the second floor."

"Good job, kid. Keep going."

She gasped suddenly, ducking to the other side of the rock, "There's another chamber. Looks like they're just using it for storage." Miko listened as the feed suddenly died. Panic surged through her veins, "Wheeljack, you there?"

"I'm right here."

Miko screamed as an explosion suddenly rocked the mine. She managed to dart out of the way of an Eradicon as it came crashing down, obviously wounded. In the midst of the panic, Miko ran, looking for a place that was safe as Wheeljack took control of the mine. She reached the storage chamber just as Wheeljack destroyed the last Eradicon.

Panting, she looked up at him, "Now what?"

He smiled back down at her, "We give Megatron a shout."

"Yes, Miko. Call me. Tell me you're alive."

Miko felt like dying as she heard laughter explode inside of her head. She winced and covered her ears as Wheeljack looked to her confused. "You okay?" he asked as he picked her up in his hand.

"You can't let Megatron know I'm with you."

"Don't worry, the less Megatron knows—

"No, I mean it. If he says anything about me, I am dead. Understand? I am dead."

"Lord Megatron, we're receiving an emergency transmission from mine TVC-15."

"You want a piece of me? Well, do you?"

Annoyed, Megatron looked to the Eradicon. Could anything else possibly go wrong? He sighed as he tried to keep his temper back. "What seems to be the problem?" he asked, not really caring.

"Unclear my liege," the trooper replied as Megatron made his way over to the console, "The caller will only speak to you."

"How did you get my number?"

Megatron pressed a button to receive the call before saying, "What is it?"

"Nice operation you got here, Megatron," said a voice. The computer quickly analyzed it to be Wheeljack's, "Although, technically, you might say it's under new management."

"Wheeljack," the Decepticon leader mused, surprised, "The one who enjoys explosive devices."

"What can I say, chief? I'm uncouth. And right now I'm sitting on top of one of your big, juicy mine ops."

"I presume you are acting on Bulkhead's behalf? The loss of one asset is hardly a blow to the Decepticon cause. At least when Bulkhead attempted to avenge his human partner he brought down my whole ship."

"I don't know what you're talking about, but don't challenge me. I'm going to keep hitting your mines one by one until you give me what I want."

"And what, pray tell, would that be?"

"The Insecticon scum who tried to frag Bulkhead."

"Tried?" Megatron repeated before looking to Hardshell, obviously angry, "Are you saying the Autobot lives?"

"He's bluffing!" Hardshell remarked.

"Wouldn't bet on it," Wheeljack remarked, "So here's the deal, I'm going to transmit the coordinates of my next target. If Hardshell cares to meet me there, maybe he can save you from another loss. And Megatron, just in case you ever wondered what three tons of exploding energon sounds like…"

The call was suddenly filled with the sound of an explosion before it went dead. Scowling, Megatron approached Hardshell. "You allowed the Autobot to live?" he exclaimed, voice venomous.

Knockout grinned, "Bugs, not all they're cracked up to be."

"Lord Megatron," Hardshell pleaded, "I swear upon the Allspark the Autobot could not have survived his wounds."

"Then you owe me a spark," Megatron stated, "And if it's not the one belonging to Bulkhead, it had better be Wheeljack's."

"Just what was that about?"

Miko looked up to the Wrecker only to see a scowl on his face. "Why are you angry?" she asked.

"Did Megatron hurt you?"

She immediately averted her gaze from his. She hugged her knees to her chest as it felt like the air was sucked out of her lungs. "Do you and Bulkhead talk much?" she questioned.

"Not often, but when we do talk he usually only talks about you."

"What's he told you?"

"Nothing specific," Wheeljack answered, "He's only said you've been having a rough time and he's trying to help you the best he can. Whatever it is, I know it's bothering him a lot. It's taken quite a toll on him."

"I'm surprised he hasn't told you."

He looked to her, suspicious. "I don't have time for games, kid. What's going on? You and Megatron seem to be on a first name basis, except he thinks you're dead. And, from the way you were acting before I called, you want to keep it that way. Did he do something?"

Miko felt like crawling inside of herself. Her eyes filled with tears and she furiously tried to blink them away. How many times did she have to expose herself? How many times did she have to relive every thrust, every laugh, every kiss, every whisper from Megatron?

"Yes," she said, voice shaky. She cleared her throat, "He did something."

"Megatron threaten you?"

She swallowed, "You ever hear of a…shape modifying device?"

"It's vaguely familiar."

"Megatron found it…I was there when he did."

Wheeljack didn't like where this was going. "What happened?" he asked, voice lower than usual.

Miko let the tears burn in her eyes. "Who'd of ever thought he'd have a thing for human females…" she confessed.

Rage burned through Wheeljack's circuits, "He raped you?"

"Not…not the first time. There's been a few…incidents. But he thinks I'm dead and it needs to stay that way."

If there had been a brake, Wheeljack would've slammed on it. His CPU reeled, his chassis shook with anger. "I'm calling Megatron back," he seethed.

"No!" she shrieked.

He glared back down at her, "Do you think you can keep hiding from him? It'll only be a matter of time until the fragger finds out you're still alive. You know what'll happen then, kid? From the sounds of it, Megatron's got a thing for you, and let me tell you, it's not going to be roses and heart-shaped boxes. When he wants something, he takes it and he keeps it. If—when Megatron finds out you're still alive, he will not let you go next time around—

"Shut up!" she yelled, tears streaming down her face.

"It's the truth, kid. You mean everything to Bulkhead and I'm not going to let the sick bucket head take you away from him. I'm going to kill him."

"I want Bulkhead to kill him."

Wheeljack vented a sigh, giving into Miko. "Then let me know when Bulkhead goes to do it," he said, "I want a piece of the fragger."

"Just as long as you save a piece for me," she replied, her voice quiet as she turned away from him.

"You bet," he replied, allowing silence to pass between them. After a bit, he looked over to see if Miko was alright, but she had fallen asleep.


She wanted him to rip her apart, to take her bones and flesh and blood and turn them into something else. She wanted to be someone else, someone stronger, a transformer.

"My fragile pet…"

"I don't want to be fragile anymore," she said as she sat on his lap, allowing him to encircle an arm around her waist. Miko leaned against his metal chassis, listening to his sick and twisted spark beat from beneath his armor. He was surprisingly warm.

Megatron kissed the tears that slipped out of the corners of her eyes. He ran his fingertips through her hair. Miko wished more than anything that he would hurt her, that he would lash out, that he would just make her bleed.


"Do you think I'm beautiful?"

"Dangerously so."

She moved closer to him, letting her eyes close. She wrapped her arms around his waist, holding him close. She hated him for making her feel like this. She hated herself for ever wanting his attention…for still wanting his attention. She feared she always would want some part of him.

"Tell me you love me, Miko."

She opened her eyes, her golden eyes catching his bloody ones. Lust burned in his optics as she pulled him into a kiss.

Megatron broke the kiss, his mouth hovering over hers as he breathed, "Miko."

"I love you."

Miko woke with a start as the Jackhammer landed. "I'm up!" she exclaimed as she watched Wheeljack man the controls. "What's the plan?" she asked as she jumped to her feet, trying to forget her dream.

"I ache for you."

"Kid, if anything happens to me, press this," he said as he gestured to a button on the control panel, "I've preset the autopilot to get you back to Prime's base."

"What? No way! We had a deal, you said I could help!"

"And you did," Wheeljack replied as he got to his feet, "But it ends here."

"This is my fight too!"

"Sorry kid, but Bulkhead's going to wake up. He'll file off my rivets if you're not there when he does," he said as he walked off the ship.

"Wheeljack!" Miko exclaimed as she ran after him, however, the door closed before she could reach him. Quickly, she doubled back and climbed to the front where she could see what was going on. She watched as Wheeljack lured Hardshell out and immediately began to fight him. However, it wasn't long before Hardshell gained the upper hand and knocked the Wrecker to the ground.

"Go for the grenade!" she shouted and watched as Wheeljack crawled towards it only to have Hardshell knock it away. The Insecticon was relentless as he lifted Wheeljack and slammed him around mercilessly. "Wheeljack!" Miko screamed.

Hardshell didn't stop. He punched Wheeljack over and over again before slamming him into the ground. Miko watched helplessly, Wheeljack wasn't getting up. "No," she whimpered as Hardshell came in for the kill.

Miko wiped a tear from her eye as she turned away from the window. She crawled up into the chair Wheeljack had been sitting in only minutes before. Slowly, she reached out to the autopilot button, but stopped. When he blew up the Decepticon mine, Wheeljack had pressed the button next to it in order to launch the missiles.

"I'm not going to runaway, Wheeljack," she stated as she hit the button to launch the missiles, "I told you this is my fight, too."

Instantly, the ship lifted into the air. Miko watched as the missiles suddenly rocketed forward before hitting Hardshell directly, blowing him apart and killing him instantly. She pulled her hand away from the button, letting the ship land as Wheeljack stood up. It was then the entire Insecticon hive appeared on the edge of the cliff and saw her.

"Wheeljack!" she shouted as she saw the Insecticons advance, "Run!"

Wheeljack scrambled to his feet, hobbling his way back aboard the Jackhammer. Miko jumped back in her seat as Wheeljack started the ship up. "I thought I told you to hit autopilot," he said.

Miko simply sat down, crossing her arms over her knees, "Bad things happen to 'Bots when I leave their side."

Wheeljack took off as the Insecticons took off after them. "There's too many to pick off," he said, "We'll need something with a wider blast radius." He put the ship on autopilot as he moved to the back, Miko watching him as he opened a crate full of grenades.

"But I thought you—

"I only carry one at a time," he said as he opened a hatch and climbed part way out onto the roof. He proceeded to throw the whole crate of grenades at the Insecticon hive before blasting at it, causing as series of explosions. With a grin, he climbed back inside of the Jackhammer and looked to Miko, "Welcome to the Wreckers, kid. You did Bulkhead proud."

Miko sat back down, hugging her knees to her chest, "Then why don't I feel any different?"

Megatron's laughter exploded inside her head.

Miko was so exhausted and stiff by the time they arrived back at the base that she couldn't help but limp inside, Wheeljack dragging himself along. Arcee immediately went to her, placing a hand on her shoulder before asking, "Miko, you okay?"

"She's fine," Wheeljack answered for her, "Kid's a pro."

"I wasn't talking to you," Arcee snapped as she looked to him.

However, Miko ignored both of them as she instead looked to the others and asked, "How is he?"

"Bulkhead will survive; he may never be fully functional again."

Miko felt her heart break. Her face crumpled before she ran forward past Ratchet.

"Miko," the medic stated, "I don't think it's wise for you—

But Optimus stopped him, a sad look on his face. Wheeljack observed Miko for a moment before turning to Optimus and saying, "I'm not sure I want to see Bulk right now. Not like this." And without another word, he turned before transforming into his vehicle form and leaving the base.

It was the sound of Miko's sobs that filled the base after the roar of Wheeljack's engine faded away. "I'm never leaving you again," she stated before whimpering and breaking down into tears.

It was not what Megatron had expected.

Though he was aware before the mission that Hardshell may not survive, he hadn't expected the Insecticon's body to be desecrated to this degree. He stared at the body as the other Insecticons laid it before him. He snarled before asking, "The Autobot did this?" He clenched his fist in rage.

"No, my lord," an Insecticon answered.

Megatron looked to him confused.

"It was a human girl."

Shock pierced through Megatron, his optics dilating in surprise. There was only one human girl he knew of that would dare to threaten the Decepticons like this.

"If you double cross anyone, mine is the face you'll never forget. NEVER!"

"Miko," he growled loudly.

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Chapter Six Teaser:

Both she and Jack whirled around only to see none other than the leader of the Decepticons approaching them, a wicked smirk on his face. His optics were fixed on Miko, the predator having finally found its prey.

"Miko…" he breathed again, lust dripping from his voice. His spark pulsed with thrill, excitement; oh it was so good to see her again.

"Megatron…" she breathed.

"Say my name again," he commanded, "I've ached for you."

Jack seized Miko by the hand, "Let's get out of here."

Megatron growled venomously, aiming his fusion cannon directly at Jack's head.