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Prologue: A Fresh Start

'Ravenclaw!' The shouted word echoed around the vast, torch lit hall. The blue clad students erupted with approval as their newest addition lifted the frayed hat off of his dark curls, revealing his startling icy blue eyes. He placed the Sorting Hat neatly upon the three-legged stool. He passed around his nervous peers to the table of Ravenclaws who greeted him with applause and cheers, settling himself down a little way away from a group of grinning second year boys. He allowed his eye to wander over to the Slytherin table, where his older brother sat between two friends in small conversation.
'Hufflepuff!' The Sorting Hat called to the Hall as Molly Hooper took it off and crossed the Great Hall to the table with the students who bore the symbol of the Badger. Ernie McMillan shortly followed Molly.
'Longbottom, Neville.' The professor in green robes read from the list.
'Gryffindor.' The young Ravenclaw's murmur was proved correct minutes later as the students laughed at Neville; he'd almost gone the whole way to the Gryffindor table with the hat upon his head. Then the sorting proceeded.
'MacDougal, Isobel.'
'Now she's obviously a Ravenclaw.'
'MacDougal, Morag.'
'Again, Ravenclaw.'
The young Ravenclaw watched as "Malfoy, Draco" swaggered gracefully towards the stool.
'Slytherin.' The young Ravenclaw muttered to himself; only to be echoed by the frayed hat two seconds later. Applause from the Slytherin table greeted Draco Malfoy as the boy with lustrous blonde hair and a pale, pointed face joined their numbers.
'Midgen, Eloise.' The witch continued.
'Hufflepuff.' The Ravenclaw sighed with boredom, he could've sorted the whole school a lot faster than this damned hat could sort one year group.
'Moon, Lily.'
'Moriarty, James.' Professor McGonagall called and a boy with dark, glossy hair who the young Ravenclaw had met on the Hogwarts Express mere hours ago approached the Sorting Hat.
'Slytherin.' The Ravenclaw's prediction was proven correct again. As were his predictions for Theodore Nott, Pansy Parkinson, Padma Patil, Parvati Patil and Sally-Ann Perks.
'Potter, Harry.' The attention of every student and staff member intensified and the young Ravenclaw knew why. Every witch and wizard in this room who had grown up in the wizarding world would have heard the extraordinary story of Harry Potter. No doubt their friends would've filled those with muggle parents in. The tear near the brim of the Sorting Hat opened and called 'Gryffindor!' The table next to the Ravenclaws screeched louder than before. Two boys; both ginger, both identical, both very loud stood up and faced the Slytherin table with triumph upon their faces yelling 'We've got Potter!'
The Ravenclaw boy, like so many others in the hall, craned his neck to get a glance at Harry Potter as he nervously approached the rowdy Gryffindor table and sat down opposite a girl with brown, bushy hair.
Harry was skinny; clearly underfed. There was happiness, surprise and excitement in his eyes; he has only recently learnt about the magical world, clearly he had been living with muggles and possibly neglected… foster parents? No, they would've loved him beyond anything, as though he were one of their own… Grandparents? No, they would've cherished him… Aunt and Uncle? Definitely.
The witch at the front with the list waited until the Gryffindors had calmed down; giving them a stern look over the top of her spectacles and continued reading the list while the Ravenclaw correctly predicted the houses Dean Thomas and Lisa Turpin were to be sorted into.
'Watson, John.'
'Urgh Gryffindor.'
'Gryffindor!' The Ravenclaw smirked as the hat proved him accurate once more. He rolled his eyes and thought "Great, another moron to run head first into danger." He glimpsed at the Gryffindor table; particularly at the twin redheads. "Or a brick wall, there's not really much of a difference."
'Er… excuse me?' The raven-haired boy gazed around at the girl who spoke to him. 'Sorry to bother you, my name is Padma Patil. I was wondering how you do that?'
'Do what?' The Ravenclaw asked Padma.
'Well, since I've joined you at this table you've been able to predict the house each student is going to be sorting into before they even put that hat on.' The girl next to Padma chipped in. The Ravenclaw boy recognised her to be Lily Moon. He leaned closer to the girls and apprehension dawned on their faces.
'There's a reason why I'm in Ravenclaw. Gryffindor.' He turned away from the girls to watch Ronald Weasley being sorted into Gryffindor, as he expected Ronald to be.

'Do you mind if I sit here?' A boy with sandy blonde hair dressed in Gryffindor robes nodded towards the seat next to the Ravenclaw boy.
'It's a free country.' The Ravenclaw moved his books closer to himself to give his new partner space to settle down.
'Thanks.' The Gryffindor gave the Ravenclaw an appreciated smile. 'I'm John Watson.'
'Sherlock Holmes.'
'Good morning class!' The little professor squeaked. 'My name is Professor Flitwick and today we shall be learning the theory of the levi-'
'Clearly part goblin.' Sherlock muttered to himself.
'Sorry?' John looked quizzically at him.
'He's part goblin. I thought that was quite obvious really.' Sherlock shrugged. 'Look at his facial features; he's eyes are a big give away. Notice how they're quite dark and slightly slanted? He's size is the biggest give away, definitely shorter than a human; it doesn't take a genius to work that out, but he's definitely taller than a house-elf; that leaves goblin. Then there are his hands; his fingers are slightly longer than those on human hands. Why else would that be?'
'It… could be genetic?'
'Genetically inherited from a goblin.' Sherlock dismissed the conversation by turning his attention to taking notes on the levitation charm, leaving John feeling bewildered.
'That… was brilliant!' John stared at Sherlock in amazement.
'Really.' John smiled.
'That's not what people usually say.'
'Well, what do people usually say?'
"Piss off."'