Prologue: Leaving England

Harry Potter was standing framed by his bedroom window looking out across the suburban hell known as Privite Drive, when he heard the tale tell pop of a wizard apparating. Tuning to head down stairs, he reached into his back pocket removing his wand from his rear pocket. 'Well here goes.'

He reached the bottom of the stairs and opened the door to find the very person he'd hoped for.

"Hello Moony, you get everything?"

In the doorway stood one of Harry's favorite teachers, Remus Lupin, AKA Moony of the Marauders with a sour look on his face, "Yes, it's all here. Money, Passport and the charmed Drivers License that you wanted."

Remus gave him a worried look, "Please think about this Harry, you're going to put yourself in a lot of danger just disappearing like this."

"Moony," Harry looked down at his hands. "I just can't stay here anymore. I need to get away and the fewer people who know where I'm going the safer it'll be. Trust me; I'll be back by the end of August. You have my word as a Marauder."

Remus smiled at that, reaching into his cloak he removed a manila envelope handing it to Harry, "Ok then pup. I'm taking you on your word. The bikes parked over at Figgie's. Until your return Mr. Bolt, Mischief managed!"

And with a spin on his heel he was gone with a pop.

Harry looked at the envelope in his hand as he made his way up the stairs, he was unwilling to open it till he was in the safe confines of his room even if the Durslys were gone. Once he closed the door he looked inside the envelope to find 25,000 in American cash and around a thousand British pounds, along with his passport and an international driver's license that put him at 18, plenty old enough to get around without too much hassle.

Harry sighed as he looked around his room, 'Well, might as well get started.'

Harry began to sort through his books and school things packing what he wasn't taking with him in his trunk and the rest he set off to the side to put in his rucksack that he'd asked Mr. Weasly to put and undetectable expansion charm on. As soon as he was sorted into taking and leaving Harry started off across the street and down a side ally to take him to Magnolia Crescent.

As he neared Mrs. Figg's he looked around checking for followers. Finding none he walked up to the house and stashed his trunk under the raised porch, turned to the 64 flathead Harley and smiled. 'Moony I love you mate.'

Harry straddled the bike, turned the key and kicked it to life. He feathered the throttle for a moment and looked back across suburbia, 'See you next year.'

An hour or so later harry found himself in a department store in downtown London looking through the racks of clothes when a very young, very pretty, sales attendant came over. "Sir, may I help you find anything?"

Harry turned to look at the blond girl, "Yes, you see my aunt and uncle had a massive fire while I was away at school and most of my things where destroyed. I need an entirely new wardrobe."

Harry could almost literally see the dollar signs in the young blond's eyes.

"Oh, you poor dear," she said in a distressed voice. "Let's get you taken care of. Now, don't you worry. I'll take extra special care of you."

He smiled as the attendant took his hand and led him back to the dressing rooms.

Several hours latter harry stepped out onto the street wearing a black button up shirt and jeans, he'd also bought a pair of black leather motorcycle boots, the rest of his purchases where folded up and stuffed into his saddle bags. The sales clerk had been very helpful, even helpful enough to join him in the dressing room for an hour or so. He'd made sure afterward to leave her a large tip.

He had one more stop to make before he left for the airport, Ollivanders. The raven haired teen quickly made his way to the Leakey Cauldron and through to Diagon Ally stopping in front of the wand shop.

Upon entering the shop Harry wasn't too surprised when he didn't see the wand maker.

"Mr. Ollivander?" Harry called into the depth of the shop, "Are you here?"

"Ah, Mr. Potter, what can I help you with?"

Harry spun to see the old man that had appeared next to him, "Umm, yeah. I was wondering what it would take to have the tracking charm on my wand removed. You see.."

"Say no more," Ollivander cut him off. "it would be my pleasure. You see the Ministry requires that every wand that I sell is sold with the Trace. The law doesn't say that the Trace cannot be removed after it is purchased. It's a minor loophole left in place for certain pureblood family's to exploit when they want to."

The aged wand maker without further a due waved his own wand over Harry's causing it to emit a soft violate glow. "There you are Mr. Potter was there anything else?"

Harry replied that there wasn't making his way out of the Ally and to the airport.

As he settled into his seat in first class he thought, 'I hope the weathers nice in Los Angeles.'