Jade: "No. I don't care what your friend said. I am not leaving the hotel with you."

Allan: "Oh, come on Jade. It'll be fun. I never get to be away from the guys for very long. Phil would approve."

Jade: "Phil would approve? That doesn't exactly scream "safe" to me. We're talking about the man who thought it was awesome to steal a cop car."

Allan: "It was awesome to steal a cop car. We have a great story to tell now. I told him to get the tiger and the chicken."

Jade: "OK. I already know I'm going to regret this, but where the hell did a chicken come from in Vegas? We know you stole the tiger from Mike Tyson."

Allan: "We found him wandering around in a field. He got away from a near by chicken farm. Poor little guy."

Jade: "All righty then. A chicken farm in Vegas. You guys end up in some fucked up places."

Allan: "We weren't on the chicken farm. We were in the abandon field where the chicken was found. We were looking for Doug."

Jade: "That's right. I forgot Doug was missing when you guys were in Vegas last. Well, Doug is not missing now. He's upstairs with the girls and I am down here with you. We are not leaving this hotel tonight. I don't care what your friend said."

Allan: "Come on, Jade. Lesley is a cool guy. He's my best friend. He wants to meet up down at the Luxor for a few drinks and some gambling. We won't get into any kind of trouble. I promise."

Jade: "Lesley sounds like a beautiful woman and I would love to hook you two up, but I was told not to let you go off by yourself. I don't want you to get lost or arrested. I would never forgive myself if something happened to you."

Allan: "Awe, thanks Jade. That's really sweet of you to say."

She puts her arm around Allan and gives him a half hug. She realized that maybe she was treating him like he was a 5 year old kid and not a grow ass man with his own mind and own wits about him.

Jade: "I only am treating you like this because I care about you and your safety. Besides, Doug would kill me if something happened to his brother."

Allan: "I don't think Doug would notice if I disappeared. He's got the girls and the guys upstairs. He's having a good time and he won't remember anything in the morning."

He looks down at his hands like he's realizing for the first time that maybe the wolf pack doesn't need him around to have a good time.

Jade: "Doug knows your not there."

Meanwhile, upstairs in the room, Cynthia, Ruby and Melissa are taking shots with Stu, Phil and Doug. Phil is impressed with Melissa's ability to down just as many shots as a man and not get too sloppy. Melissa is holding her arms up in a victory stance after downing the 5th shot. The group of them is cheering her on and shouting words of encouragement.

Melissa: "What did I tell you? I can drink just as hard as you do and it doesn't get to me."

Phil: "I stand corrected. You sure can handle your liquor."

Cynthia: "I don't know where she puts it. She's so damn little."

Melissa: "I may be small, but I am mighty. I can kick your ass in no time flat."

Ruby: "That's apparent. We've seen you get rowdy before."

Stu: "I have a hard time seeing Phil's drinking partner, there getting rowdy."

The girls bust out laughing and exchange knowing looks. Melissa smiles and puts her arm around Stu.

Melissa: "Dude, I go to punk rock shows and hang in the mosh pits with the teenagers. I know all about getting rowdy."

Stu: "I bet you've never so much as flashed a tit in public."

Melissa: "I've flashed both my tits in public before. It wasn't by choice, but it's happened. My clothes have a way of coming undone at the wrong time and in the wrong place."

Doug: "How exactly does that work? A bra doesn't just pop open and your shirt goes up like a mini blind. You have to make some effort to undo the clasps."

Melissa: "Have you ever crowd surfed or stage dived, Doug?"

Doug: "Not since I was in high school."

Melissa: "Well, let me let you in on something. This is a little education for everyone who's never been in a mosh pit or surfed a crowd. They feel the women up. I was surfing the crowd and all my clothes were on. I got to my feet and my bra was undone and unbeknownst to me, the front of my shirt was up. So, everyone in the first four rows saw my naked tits. I was a popular topic all night long."

Phil: "Oh shit. I'm sure you were and not for the right reasons."

Melissa: "Bingo. I was "That crazy bitch flashing her tits" all night long. I never lived that one down. My friend who was with me laughed at me. I just adjusted my shirt and acted like I meant to do that."

Phil: "Good times."