Author's note READ IT! YES! I MEAN YOUY!: Hi everyone! So this fic is an "eight year" fic where Harry and the gang go back to Hogwarts to retake their seventh year… And this is also some strange alternative universe where no one is dead. YAY! WARNING: May contain som OOC:ness… TEHEEE ^.^



CHAPTER 1: Hair soft as silk and eyes like melted chocolate…

Harry Potter was in rage. You could practically see the steam pouring out of his ears as he walked down the halls of Hogwarts. Frightened first years ran away in panic, while the older students just kept themselves out of his path. His best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, walked closely behind him trying to keep up with his furious pace. Ron looked like a tomato with his face almost as read as his hair and Hermione wore a slightly worried and nervous expression.

The trio arrived to the portrait of the Fat Lady and Harry barked the password. The somewhat overweight woman looked offended at his rude manners, but kept quiet. She knew better than to mess with an enraged Gryffindor.

When let in, Harry, Ron and Hermione sated themselves on one of the many red couches in front of the crackling fireplace. After looking at both his friends and making sure they were listening, Harry began his rant.

"I can't believe he did it! Again!" The common room emptied rapidly.

"Seriously! The Slytherins are going to laugh at me for weeks! It's all HIS fault! That stupid FERRET!" Hermione and Ron looked at each other, eyes wide. Sure, Harry could be mad sometimes, but he usually wasn't one to start calling his enemies names. Usually that was Rons task.

"I mean, really, he should be grateful we saved his stupid ass last year! YEAH! He should thank us, not prank us!"

The reason of Harrys fury had indeed been a prank, preformed by non other than Draco Malfoy. After their potions lesson with the Slytherins, Draco had sneaked up behind Harry, dressed in a black robe that made him look pretty much like a dementor. Harry had turned around, and thinking there was a real dementor behind him, he had impulsively cast a patronus. The Slytherins had howled with laughter.

To make things worse, Snape had seen the entire deal and he took 50 points from Gryffindor for "purposely hexing another student". Sometimes Harry cursed the invention of Honey Badger Anti-Venom.

"And what really annoys me; he has been doing these things ever since we came to Hogwarts again! Remember the spider in your clothes, Ron?" The red haired boy shuddered at the memory.

"And he has called Hermione the m-word countless times!"

Hermione eyed Harry carefully and then spoke up.

"Harry, there's nothing we can do about his childishness. Just remember… You're above all that. Just ignore him. He will grow up soon enough."

Ron looked at the brown-eyed girl with a frown.

"But 'Mione, we can't just let him walk all over us! We have to show him his place!"

Harry nodded in agreement.

"I know Ron, but we have to come up with something to fight him with! Like a weakness or something. It's not fair that he knows all of our worst fears while we know nothing about him! If we only knew…" Harry trailed of and looked intensely at the wall above the fireplace. There was a twinkle in his eyes and a mischievous grin suddenly started to appear on his face. Hermione looked at Ron. She knew that look far too well. "Oh, no" she whispered "I think he has an idea…"

A few hours later, after curfew, Harry and Ron walked down to the dungeons hidden under Harrys always dependable invisibility cloak. The idea had been quite simple, found the Slytherin common room and spy on Malfoy until he reveals something embarrassing they could use against him. Hermione had bluntly refused to come.

"But 'Mione…" Ron had tried.

"No Ronald. Absolutely not. What if we get caught? I'm Head Girl! I must follow the rules!"


"You can count yourself lucky I didn't tell a teacher! I mean, I should try to stop you at least! I cannot come with you! And by the way, I still not support the idea!"

Regardless, the boys were now standing at the wall where they knew the entrance to the Slytherin common room was. Waiting for a student to walk in and tell the password, they began regretting their decision to come this late. What if everyone was inside already?

They waited for about ten minutes, and just when Harry was about to suggest for them to come back another night they heard someone approach. Someone that sounded like a pig and weighed like an elephant…


He was carrying so much food you could barely see his head. He had most certainly been down to the kitchens.

He stood in front of the wall for a while with his brows furrowed like he was thinking very intensely.

'Oh, God! He can't remember the password!' Harry felt like face palming.

Suddenly Goyles face brightened and he said the password


Harry had to admire Goyles stupidity.

They entered the green and silver room, the window facing the black lake gave everything a green glow.

Goyle didn't stop there but led them to a staircase, and then to something that seemed to be the boys dormitories. He opened a door a stepped in leaving the door open for Harry and Ron to sneak in.

"Close the door you idiot!" Ah, the sweet voice of Draco Malfoy.

"Dude, chill! No one is going to hear anything we say anyway! Bet they're all asleep…"

Malfoy just gave his friend, Blaise Zabini, a "you never know" look.

Harry looked around the room. Five Slytherins on the whole; Crabbe, Goyle, Zabini, some guy Harry thought was named Theodore Nott and of course, Malfoy. Bingo. He gave Ron a thumbs up.

"Uh so… At 'ere u guys alking 'bout?

"Please Goyle" The boy who Harry thought was Nott said without looking up from his quidditch magazine. "Swallow before you speak."

Malfoy sighed. "And to answer your question, nothing. We're just bored."

"Yeah" Zabini said. "Can't we talk about giiiiiiiirls?" He wriggled his eyebrows. Nott put his magazine down.

"Yeah Draco, seen anyone hot?" Zabini rolled his eyes.

"Please Theo, there's only one girl in school our 'ickle Drakie likes."

"Oh yeah, I forgot, stupid me… Soooo… how's it going with her?" Malfoy frowned.

"What do you think?"

Before Nott could answer, Crabbe interrupted.

"Uh… who are we talking about?"

Harry could hardly believe his luck. Malfoy had a weak spot. A girl. Now the only thing he needed was her name…

Malfoy glared at Crabbe.

"Who do you think?" The blonde sighed dreamily "The most beautiful witch in school…"


"With a heart as a lion…"

Zabini and Nott snickered. Draco looked like Loony Lovegood.


"Hair soft as silk and eyes like melted chocolate…" Malfoy sighed again.

"Ehm who?"

"The only girl that's able to resist my charm…That hit me in our third year" He looked at the ceiling obviously thinking of the girl.


" Don't be so stupid Crabbe! " Blaise had had enough of dreamy-Draco."The girl he's always talking about! The one that he he's had a crush on since third year!" He took a pause to see if Crabbe got it. When he just looked confused Nott decided to say it.

"Hermione Granger!"

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