A quick idea for a Klaroline fic, hopefully one that would last a while . This is just a prologue, but hopefully chapter one will be up soon. This is really AU, and set before the series (at least this chapter is) but we will later travel to Mystic Falls :)

Anyways, I hope you enjoy.

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I remember the day I first met Klaus. It was the year 1550, and I was just a girl in London, barely old enough to be considered a woman. I wasn't just any normal girl though, I was one of the few who knew of the existence of vampires.

My family had long since been in the service of vampires, or, more specifically, the Originals. We were their lackeys, for lack of a better word; we took care of all their worldly affairs. Bank accounts, estates, anything and everything really.

Serving the Originals was not so bad, Papa always used to say. They gave us more than enough money, and as long as you turned a blind eye, you wouldn't get hurt. Never draw too much attention to yourself, Papa told my older brother Robb and I, catch the eyes of any one of them and you'll be sure not to live for long. Papa told us that 'working' for them did not mean we were anywhere near their equals, we were always to shift our eyes, and address them as Lord or Lady.

And lesson number one of Papa's many lectures was to never, ever refuse them.

After all, refusal meant an almost certain death.

We were to begin working for them the day we turned 16, Robb, had begun four years before I. Although we were technically serving the entire Original family, Papa told us that each of us would primarily work for only one of the vampires.

It was almost like we were sold off to be their playthings, come to think of it.

But that's just how the cycle went, for every child carrying the Forbes name, at least ten years of servitude was required, however, for the most part, serving was for life.

And if you refused, well, I already mentioned what happened to those who would disobey.

Of course, for each generation, one child was exempt from serving at all, to keep our bloodline going. In essence to ensure there would be more lackeys at the Originals' disposal.

This would be my younger sister, Laura. She was too fine, too fragile for such hard work, Papa said. Even Mother thought so, though I knew that she was chosen because of her fine dark curls, her small stature, and innocent face; she would attract many suitors. I, on the other hand was tall, and my hair may be blond but it always looked unkept.

My father may have preached all he wanted about our situation, making it seem like a good one, but, in truth, we were just glorified slaves.

Alas, like I said, no one refuses the Originals.

Not even Caroline Forbes.

I hope you enjoyed it! It's short I know, but, there will be more up soon.

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