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Dover, England 1560

Caroline awoke with a stretch, her eyes fluttering as she shook off her drowsiness. She tried to stand and prepare herself for the day but an arm across her waist held her down on the mattress, trapping her there. Rolling over to her side, she looked at Klaus, finding him staring back at her.

"Good morning." She whispered smiling at him, folding her arms beneath her head. Klaus didn't say anything, just kept staring at her for another moment, before groaning and burying his face into the pillow, closing his eyes. He pulled her closer to him and sighed in a happy way; ready to fall back asleep when she was at his side.

Caroline giggled at Klaus' antics. He often did this when Caroline tried to wake up and start her day and Klaus was not ready to, he simply trapped her with his superior strength. She would, most times, comply and lay with him for a while longer, but today was her day, and she had to get up.

"Klaus." She said, poking him in the ribcage, the only thing she could do with her limited movement. "I must get up, you know what day it is." She said with an exasperated sigh, though the happy smile was still on her face. Though it did annoy her at times, and she would never admit it out loud, part of her liked Klaus' possessiveness. It just reaffirmed that she was his and he was hers.

"No." Klaus commanded, his voice deep and rough with sleep.

"No?" Caroline questioned with a playful roll of her eyes, Klaus' response was simply to pull her impossibly tighter to him. "My, my, m'lord, you are quite the selfish one, are you not?" She teased, placing a sweet kiss to where she was crushed against his chest, right above his heart.

"True." Klaus said, voice still gruff with sleep. "Which is why, you, darling must stay here and go back to sleep… for me."

"I must get up; there things to be done, preparations to be made…" Despite Caroline's protestations, she felt herself slowly snuggling deep into Klaus' embrace.

"You are lady of this estate, Caroline, there is not need of you to involve yourself in these matters, that is what the staff is for." Klaus replied smartly, looking at her with blue eyes sparkling in mirth. Much as she was loath to admit it, he did have a point.

They were no longer in the London estate, having left a few months after Mikael's attack for fear of another. In fact, now that the father of the Mikealson clan had found out that particular estate's location, his children had seen fit to sell it. They could never return to it now that it had been compromised for fear of his wrath. After a lord with a big pocket bought the estate for a pretty penny, the three siblings that had been staying there had each gone their separate ways, going to their own properties around the country. Kol and his then-manservant, Robb, had gone south, Rebekah and Richard, the latter of who had chosen to remain a loyal servant to the only female Original, had gone to her manor in not too far from the London estate.

And Caroline had followed Klaus to his property in Dover. It had been hard to leave the estate that had become her home. There had been so many memories there, good and bad, and it almost carried more weight than her childhood home. It had been the place where her life really began and, well, ended, so to leave it? It had been more difficult than she thought it would be, and the fact that she was to be separated from both her brother and uncle just added salt to the wound.

Of course, Caroline understood now why it had to be done. A man does not chase after his children for more than five centuries and then just stop. They were all in danger and splitting up was the obvious solution.

For the past nine years Caroline had been living quite happily with Klaus. She was, indeed, the lady of this estate. It was quite odd, to be frank. She had been so used to call others lord or lady that when she was on the receiving end it was hard to accept it. She had not aged a day in these years, and nor would she ever again, she knew.

Caroline was interrupted from her candid thoughts by a kiss to her shoulder, Klaus seeming to wake up more as she had been thinking. She smiled at him in return, rolling over so she could sit up. This time Klaus let her out of her arms and her smile brightened somewhat.

"Do I now have your permission to get prepared?" She questioned with the raise of a brow.

"When have you ever needed my permission for anything, love?" He returned, pushing himself into a sitting position, before smirking and cutting her reply with a sound kiss to her lips. Immediately Caroline felt herself melt, though she cursed herself, and Klaus, for him knowing all her weaknesses. "Happy birthday, darling." He stated and suddenly there was something placed in her hand. Caroline beamed and looked down at the object in her hand curiously.

It was a small wooden box, beautifully crafted and inlaid with gold.

"Open it." Klaus encouraged with his trademark smirk. Caroline did so and found a rolled up bit of parchment and something small and glimmering. Ignoring the parchment, she reached for the shining thing. It was a ring; similar to the lapis lazuli one she already wore. The band was delicate and twisted artfully, and there were three precious stones set upon it.

Caroline looked at Klaus with a bewildered excitement, her eyes shining with happiness and hope.

"W-What is this?" She questioned, stumbling over her words, watching as Klaus straightened himself in front of her, taking a delicate hand in hers.

"Well, sweetheart, I had thought it to be clear…" Seeing her continued bewildered look, he chuckled fondly. "Caroline Forbes, would you do me the honor of truly becoming Lady Mikaelson?" He asked, in his roundabout way. "I know it is not what you dreamt of when you were younger. We will never grow old together, nor will we have children… But, the world is at our feet, ours to travel and explore… and, I want you at my side, love-"

Klaus was interrupted mid-speech by Caroline's sudden tackle of him and he abruptly had his arms full of bubbly blonde vampire. He met her halfway, pressing his lips to hers, the supposed-to-be chaste kiss turning swiftly more impassioned. His hands ran down her shoulders, marveling at the soft skin, to her waist, gripping her tightly to him, his other hand found its way to her thigh whilst her fingers winded in his hair.

"It took you long enough." Caroline gasped, pulling away from his mouth for a moment to look at him with that look that was both a mixture of disapproval and love that was so utterly Caroline. Klaus smirked against her neck as he pressed a feather-light kiss to her collarbone causing the expected shiver of pleasure to run through the other vampire.

"I take it that is a yes?" Caroline pulled his head up with almost excessive force, rolling her eyes in exasperation as he continued to smirk at her.

"Oh, be silent and kiss me, you big fool." She demanded.

Klaus, of course, could not refuse the birthday girl and complied with a smug grin.

After some… unexpected activities, Caroline had finally managed to leave her bed and look at the scroll that had been trapped in the box with the ring she now wore proudly. It was a map leading her to her 'other present'. Even after their years together, Klaus still loved to play his little games. Apparently, she was 'expected' to be at the location circled out on the map at noon. Caroline shook her head, before looking out the window, noticing immediately that the day was already nearing noon.

"Caroline!" Came a feminine voice from behind her and she immediately turned with a smile to face her friend. Anna had been one of the few servants to travel with them to the new estate and it was something that had lightened Caroline's time here. "It is very nearly noon, you must be going, miss. Lord Niklaus had already gone ahead."

"I'm headed there right now. Are you to come with me?" She asked.

"No, I'm afraid. This surprise is for you." The brunette commented, her sweet disposition never failing her, holding out Caroline's cloak to her.

"Very well, then." She wrapped the warm fabric around her shoulders. "Thank you. I will see you later, I have so much to tell you." She embraced her friend quickly and headed out.

"Woah, girl." Caroline pulled back on Myra's reins, slowing down from her canter as the house came into view. It looked almost eerily familiar, so very similar to the London estate, only on a much smaller scale. Immediately, a pair of grooms ran up to help her from her horse. As soon as Myra was pulled from her, Caroline went to the front door and stood before it for a moment, wondering why she was here.

Suddenly the door opened and she was pulled into a tight embrace. A very familiar embrace and with a happy laugh she wrapped her arms around her one and only brother. She held on for a long minute, before pulling back and examining Robb, whom she hadn't seen since his ten-year had ended four years ago. He had just turned thirty but was as handsome as ever, brown curls still in a messy mop on top of his head as he smiled widely at her.

"Happy birthday, Care. Still as young as ever, I see." He announced holding her by the shoulders in front of him.

"Look at you, Robb! I feel as if I am speaking with Father…" Caroline teased in return, her smirk eerily similar to Lord Klaus'. It felt good that she was finally able to mention her father without pain striking her heart; ever since his death a few years ago, it had been hard to think of him.

"What is this I hear you talking of your father?" The blonde vampire's smirk fell off her face into a look of astonishment as she looked behind Robb to find Lucile Forbes staring back at her with her own blue eyes.

"Mother!" She exclaimed running into the older woman's open arms. Caroline felt the happiness rising in her chest; she had not seen her mother since before the death of her father.

"My darling girl, still so beautiful." She replied with a smile pulling back to examine her daughter. "Robb tells me you have been doing well, according to your letters, that is."

"Yes, Mother, everything is perfect." The younger Forbes woman grinned sweetly, her mind in a haze of joy.

"It seems so." Lucile said, with a pointed look to Caroline's ring, causing her daughter's cheeks to warm slightly.

"What are you doing here? How-?" She questioned, subtly moving the topic away from herself.

"The Lord Niklaus can be most generous." Mother simply stated, with sparkling eyes. Klaus. Caroline shook her head. Always with the surprises… Not that she minded, of course. She did not have much time to ponder it, however, when Lucile began pulling her through the foyer into what looked to be the parlor. It was again similarly styled to the London estate, and Caroline was shocked to see even more familiar faces.

"Laura." She gaped; her sister was now physically older than herself, being eighteen years of age. It was odd, to say the least, to see that cute little girl become such a beauty. It had been so many years… Laura looked at her cautiously for a moment, and her elder sister realized this must be odd for her as well, after all, the last time she had seen Caroline she had looked exactly the same.

An encouraging look from their brother was all it took for Laura to come rushing to her.

"I never thought I would see the day where I would have to compete against your beauty, Laura-bear." Caroline teased, trying to lighten the emotional mood as her younger sister linked an arm with her.

"I am not a child anymore, sister." Laura replied, a small smile on her elfen-like face. "That nickname is a bit too childish, is it not?"

"Never." Caroline chuckled, before she turned away to greet the others.

"Uncle Richard." She smiled, making way for him. Caroline almost felt like crying in joy upon seeing his kind, brown eyes and she soon found herself wrapped in yet another embrace. Richard was still unmarried and still served Lady Rebekah, who was currently standing beside him. She knew not of what happened with his love of her, but, it seemed to Caroline that her uncle was happy, and that was good enough for her.

"Sunshine." He replied in that quiet voice of his. Caroline smiled once more at him, before turning and curtsying to Lady Rebekah.

"M'lady." She said, practicing the move she now only did in mockery of a certain vampire. As soon as she stood, Rebekah looked at her with a calculating look, before she gripped one of Caroline's hands in between her perfect fingers.

"It looks as if you will not be calling me that for much longer." She pointed out, with a smug half-smile directed at her future sister-in-law. Caroline simply nodded, still used to Rebekah's somewhat abrupt behavior.

The afternoon went splendidly and Caroline soon found out that this particular estate was one of Lady Rebekah's and that she, and indeed Richard, would be moving back here once more, already tired of London. Caroline had no idea the Mikealsons had properties that practically bordered each other until it was explained to her that it used to be one piece of land. Their family had owned it for many generations until they decided to do something with it near a century ago. However, due to disagreements and such, the land had been split amongst the siblings.

Rebekah explained to her that is was very rare for more than one sibling to be in this area at a time. Finn had not been alive, or awake should she say, for it and Kol cared not for the area. Elijah, no one had heard from in a long while. Still, Caroline was fascinated by these little tidbits of information Lady Rebekah provided to her. Though she and Klaus were close as partners could be, he still refused to speak of his past unless pushed.

Speaking of Klaus, he seemed to be the only one missing from this gathering. She had been here for more than an hour now. Her mother had told of how her and her sister were moving away from the city, as well. Apparently there were too many reminders of her father there. They now lived in close proximity to Robb, whom had found a home in the rural areas around London. She had also heard tell of Robb's wife, Elizabeth, who, due to her very pregnant state, had stayed at their home.

Yet, Klaus had yet to show his face. Apparently, he had been there before she arrived, to greet his sister and he had abruptly left when Caroline herself arrived. Caroline felt herself get angry about it; why did he not want to be seen with her? A few years ago, she might've given Klaus a good scolding session, but now she knew better than to blow off her top over things that could be a misunderstanding. She would simply have to be patient and find out what his excuse was.

As the evening came to a close, Caroline knew it would be time for her to return to her home, the sun already setting in the sky. Her family would stay here a night, Uncle Richard had arranged it with the Lady Rebekah, and would return to their homes at sunrise and so Caroline gave them many heartfelt goodbyes with the promise to write and visit.

It was only an hour later that Caroline had managed to saddle up Myra and take her leave, the happiness and sadness still in her heart.

Caroline walked with a renewed purpose into her shared chambers, her heart intent on ripping him a new one. All her logic had gone out of the window when she had found out from the servants that he had only returned a few minutes before she. Did he think that because they were now betrothed that he could simply go missing for a day?

"I assume you liked the first part of your surprise, love?" Klaus asked upon seeing her enter as he untied the top of his doublet, pulling off his over jacket.

"I did in fact, I loved it but, of course, you were not there to see it now were you? And- hold on a moment, did you say first part?" Klaus chuckled at her, before moving to stand in front of her and dropping a kiss to her forehead.

"I am glad you liked your surprise, sweetheart, I know how much you wished to see your family. I apologize for not being there with you, I had thought you would prefer to have some time alone with your kin." Klaus stated, as if he held all the logic in the world. It infuriated Caroline and she glared at him.

"You had better have another reason for disappearing, Niklaus." She rose an eyebrow, crossing her arms over her chest. "Now, what is this about another surprise, you mentioned?" Klaus' smirk turned into a full smile, dimples and all and he handed her another piece of parchment. Caroline looked at him questioningly before unrolling it and quickly reading.

"It's a deed… to a house in Paris…" Caroline looked up at her former-lord slack-jawed. "Is this for us?"

"I went to finalize it today after you said yes, I thought it might be a good place to start travelling the world…"

"Would…" Caroline creased her brows for a second, thinking. "Would we have to leave right away, Klaus? I do not know if I am ready to leave the country."

"Of course not, love." Klaus stated, pulling the scroll from her hands with a gentle sort of look. "We are immortal, do you not remember?" He question was mocking as he looked down at her with mirth-filled blue eyes.

"I remember." Caroline looked at him, considering. "I suppose this is quite a good reason for leaving me today… though I am still considering scolding you for it."

"Please, go for it, sweetheart, nothing can break my mood today." Klaus replied nuzzling her cheek before kissing his way down to her throat. Caroline let out an unbidden sound of pleasure before she gently gripped the side of his face and pulled him back up.

"Thank you." She whispered. "For everything… for today." She placed a sweet kiss to his lips before pulling back once more. "I am wondering though, why did you bring my family in on this birthday. Yester-year you stated it was too dangerous, that Mikael and Katerina were still out there…"

"And they still are." Klaus said, suddenly serious. "But, this year is different, Caroline… This is the year you would have completed your ten-year had you still been human." She stopped in her place… Klaus was right of course; it had been ten years already, how could she forget? If she had never fallen in love with her lord she would have been headed home right this moment and a new Forbes would have taken her place, had one been available, naturally.

"And when one completes their ten-year, they return to the family…" Caroline said realizing.

"Well, I was not going to let that happen so I brought your family to you… and, I know how much you have missed them, love." Instantly, Caroline jumped on him, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck, hands in his hair, kissing him reverently.

"Klaus." She said in between kisses. "I love you."

"Silence, sweetheart." He stated, making his frustration known to her.

Only a few moments, however; "I love you as well."

Happy birthday indeed, she thought, insides soaring. Happy birthday Caroline.

It had been near a month since Caroline's ten-year would have ended. Plans for a wedding were well under-way and she and Klaus had decided to stay in the country at least until their union was solidified. However, her plans came to a halt when she received Robb's latest letter saying that she was now an aunt to a beautiful baby girl.

Upon hearing the wonderful news, Caroline had flat out told Klaus she was going to visit, even if it was dangerous. It seemed Klaus knew it was sometimes better to let her have her way and he conceded without too much resistance. His only insistence was, however, that Anna should go with her, as she was an older vampire than Caroline.

And so both girls currently sat in a carriage, staring at the gloomy rain outside the window. Caroline felt a strange feeling settling in her stomach, as if she was bracing for a storm - no pun intended. Yet, she could not seem to rid herself of this odd sense of foreboding and it was shaking more than she thought it would.

Anna and her had tried vainly at conversation, yet it seemed the petite vampire was also feeling the same thing and they could not get a word out. Caroline had been simply staring out the window since. The gloom of the outside certainly did not help to calm her nerves.

She could scarce believe her brother was a father and she was an aunt. She knew Robb would be a wonderful father to his baby girl; he was made for fatherhood. But her? She only hoped she could be half as great an aunt to the baby as Richard was an uncle to her. Caroline would try her hardest, that was for sure.

A part of her, however, did not want to meet this child, it was a reminder of what she could never have… and it was a reminder that her family would eventually leave her alone in this world. Well, not alone.

She had Klaus.

So, she turned her thoughts away from that, knowing she had a while left with her family, in any case.

When the carriage pulled up to a cozy looking cottage, Caroline knew it was her mother's and sister's home. Robb had said to meet him there and then he would take her to his own home later on; this way she got to see most of her family in one visit. And Robb wanted to show off his daughter to his entire family, she knew.

"We are here, miss. I will wait for you here." Anna said as the carriage rolled to a stop.

"Don't be silly, Anna. The weather is horrible and I will not have you cramped up in box, you will come with me." Caroline said, shaking her head. She convinced herself that the only reason she wanted Anna with her was out of courtesy, not that awful feeling in her stomach. She stepped carefully into the drizzle, pulling her dress up a bit to avoid mud stains.

Caroline immediately noticed something. There was not a single flicker of light from inside of the cottage, not a candle lit.

Something was wrong. Something was terribly wrong.

She found herself moving fast to the door, seeing it hanging off his hinges, deep cracks in the wood. She moved passed it, going into the unfamiliar rooms when the scent hit her. That deep, tangy scent that could make any vampire's mouth water.

Blood. Lots of blood.

"No…" She whispered, bursting into the next room.

Had she known what she would see there beforehand, she would never have done so. She would have run the other way.

The first thing she saw was the blood. The room was stained in red. It was all over the floor, on the walls. Then all she could see were the broken bodies that littered the filthy ground. Not realizing what she was doing, she turned the nearest body over. Cloudy, dead eyes met her own.

Her mother. Dead. She was dead.

Quick as lightening, she moved to the other body. Laura. Little Laura… Dead.

Caroline let out a pained sound, her heart shattering, aching so much she wanted to tear it out. "Ah!" She cried, disbelieving. "No… N-no!" Her hands fluttered over her little sister's face, her breaths coming faster and faster. "This cannot be. This cannot be." She whispered again and again before she began shaking Laura's shoulder trying to awaken her. Through her haze of pain and grief, Caroline dully realized that there should be others in the house and she stood, barely aware of what she was doing until she ran to the next room.

More blood. So much blood. Only, Caroline was not thirty for; she barely even noticed it.

It was what lay waiting for her that caught her attention. Two more bodies. Two more goddamn bodies. One was a woman she did not know – she must have been Elizabeth, her new sister-in-law.

And there was… there was…

"Robb." Caroline whispered falling to her knees as she looked upon her brother. Her wonderful brother. Her brave, foolish brother.

Her dead brother.

He was so pale, so very pale, his looking all the more dark in comparison. His lips were chapped and open in what could have been a scream… The only color was the red that was dripping from the gaping wound in his throat.

"R-Robb." Caroline whispered again, crawling closer, her hand reaching out to his. When she clasped his fingers, they were ice cold. It was that feeling, that feeling of holding his dead head that made Caroline collapse into sobs. "No!" She screamed, her agony trying to rip her apart. She did not even consider that his murderer might be close by. She did not think of anything but the fact that she sat by what used to be her brother.

She fell forward into him, her head falling to his chest as she clutched his blood-soaked doublet, shaking in desperation. The black hole that had opened when she saw her mother and sister was now a thousand times bigger.

She did not move. She would not move. She could not move. She had to stay; she had to stay with Robb. He needed her. She had to stay.

She did not even move when she heard Anna's voice calling to her desperately. She did not move when Anna tried pulling at her. She did not move when she heard a new cry, small and infantile. She did not move when Anna whispered to her that the baby was alive. She did not move when Anna eventually left, said baby safe in her arms, saying something of help.

She sat frozen and alone in a pit of darkness and blood.

Caroline was unsure of how long she sat there, unmoving, uncrying, but when she felt a pair of familiar hands, so blessedly familiar, pulling her away from the darkness, she found herself moving.

And then she was tucked into a pair of strong arms and she was faced with Klaus' blue eyes and she cried all over again.

Katherine curtsied, her mind wary as she faced Mikael for the first time in years.

"Is it done? Did you get them all?" Mikeal questioned, his voice conveying anticipation.

"Indeed, the Forbes' are all dead, apart from those in current service to your children. It took me a while to find them, your children knew to hide them well, but I did…" If this did not finally get rid of the girl from Klaus' life, I do not know what would…

Katherine knew she should feel triumphant. She had finally gotten sweet revenge. Klaus took her family from her and so she tore his love apart by killing her family. So, why did she feel so… odd? And why would she leave the baby alive? She had had enough time to quickly snap its neck when she heard the footsteps, but she didn't.

All Katherine had been able to think about was that night where she heard the cries of her own daughter, all those years before.

She shook herself angrily from her thoughts and walked off. She needed to celebrate, she deserved it. She had avenged her family. She had won.

Hadn't she?

Klaus held Caroline tightly to his chest, his heart heavy as he stared down at her tear-stained face. When Anna had sent word of what had happened… When she had sent word, Klaus had left right away. He went by horse for the first leg of the journey, but when his mare tired, he ran. He ran faster than he ever had before.

And then he reached Caroline. She must have been sitting by her by her brother for more than a day.

She was broken. She was so utterly broken. He couldn't protect her. He had failed. Again.

And Klaus knew it was not over. It would never be over. He was such a fool. Such a fool. Caroline was broken because he was selfish. He couldn't let her be in danger anymore. It had gone one far too long. He loved her, but his love was breaking her.

He needed to protect, needed to fix her. Take her pain away. She would never be able to get over this, not with the killer still out there.

He needed to help her. And so he would. Even if it broke his own heart in the process.

"Love." He whispered, voice strained, tilting her chin to make her look at him.

"Why?" She asked, croaking, her eyes puffy as she leaned on him limply on him. "Why would they do this? They were innocent…" She looked away for a moment. "They're all dead… dead…. Gone. Just like Papa."

"The child survived. Your uncle is alive." Klaus replied, trying to give her some measure of reassurance, some ray of hope in her dark world. Her only response was to clutch tighter at his shirt and take a shuddering breath.

"She will grow up with no father, no mother. Orphaned." She whispered. Her eyes were dull. No more light in them.

Caroline lost her heart and, in that moment, Klaus knew what he had to do. He had to give her back her light. He had to protect her.

"Caroline, please look at me, love." Her eyes met his and he forced her to meet his gaze.

This was his last chance to turn back… it was his last chance.

Taking a deep breath, he plunged into her mind as all the while his own screamed at him.

Caroline did not know what was happening. All she saw was blue as comforting haze cocooned her in its warm embrace. She heard whispers of words. You will be happy - you will not remember - you do not know me – you will find your way. And then the memories flashed by and were locked away, deep in her mind.

The black hole of pain turned smaller and smaller as the memories wiped away, but even as they were all locked up, nice and tight and the comforting haze took away her grief, the hole remained, smaller and less noticeable. But it was still there.

It would always be there until she saw those blue eyes again.

For now, however, she closed her own eyes.

Pearl nodded to Lord Niklaus' request, her daughter holding tightly to her hand. Anna glanced to the sleeping blonde girl that the lord had brought with him.

Yes, she would care for the girl, just as she cared for her own daughter.

Years later, a little girl with brown curls and bright blue eyes ran into Richard's arms, calling out to her 'papa'. When Robb and the others had passed, they had taken away everything from her, including her name.

But Richard had tried his best to give her back everything she had lost. He had become a father to her, her caretaker; their neighbors became her family.

And he had given her a new name, one that held meaning to him, reminding him of another thing that had disappeared that day.

"Papa!" The little girl called out, smiling as she wrapped her tiny arm's around Richard's neck.

"There's my little Caroline." He said, kissing her cheek as what was left of the Forbes family entered their home.

I know, I suck… But it will all be solved in the sequel! Regarding the whole ring thing, I don't know if they used a thing like that in the 1550s, they probably didn't; but I couldn't help but put it in. I'll use the time-old excuse of this is fanfiction and I am a major fangirl who needed to write that scene:)

I just want to say, I literally spent hours, days even, thinking on how I should end this installment of the story and, what I came up with, is the best solution I could find for more than a few reasons.

I don't want to stray to far from the canon once I reach Mystic Falls – and for that I will need Caroline without Klaus (even if she is a little less human)

The separation was going to happen at some point, but I didn't to already hate or resent Klaus with a real emotional connection, which would likely happen after a long separation and she, well, knew about it.

I want to develop Caroline's character on who she is without Klaus, much as it pains me to.

There are many more, but I won't bore you with them, I just want to assure you, I have put a lot of thought into it and I will continue to do so once I start the sequel.

IMPORTANT: Anyways, as you can see Richard and Robb will no longer really part of this little universe I created, but I want to pitch an idea to you all. As you well know, the sequel is coming but, what I can do for those who liked the 1550 era of the story, is write a series of one-shots set in the nine-year period between the last chapter and the epilogue. It is something I would love to do, simply because I could delve further in what was the Richard/Rebekah relationship. Also, I can give a last hurrah to Robb and we would find out more about Caroline's other family and their reaction to become a vampire. If it happens, it will be called The Stories of Old.

Now, because the epilogue was so traumatic and you readers are so wonderful, I have a little bit of a preview of the sequel for you. They are flashes of what will happen in the story entitled The Scars Not Seen, sequel to The Lines That Lie Between.

Preview Shorts – The Scars Not Seen

Caroline stayed close to Anna, her friend, her only friend in a world she did not know nor recognize. She needed to learn control from her, she needed to learn what life was for she herself could not remember walking this earth. She was a vampire but Caroline knew with her entire heart that she would not allow herself to become a monster. That much, she could control.

Try as she might, Caroline could not stop trying to find her lost memories and as she looked in her black void, she realized that her heart was missing something as well. Something important, like a part of her was just gone.

For some reason, she liked to imagine that that part had the most spectacular blue eyes.

Who was she? Who was the woman with the curled brown hair and the cruel smile? And why did Caroline feel an unsuspecting amount of fright?

"W-Why did you do this to me?" The blonde girl asked, looking confused and heartbroken.

"You were dying… I could not just let you die so I saved you, gave you new life." Caroline replied meeting the woman's blue-eyed gaze.

"You would save me? But, you do not even know me..." The other returned.

"You remind me of someone… someone in my dreams…"

Caroline dreamt of a boy. She dreamt of a sweet, gentle boy with a temper who cared for his younger sisters. She had dreamt of him for many years.

He called himself Robb.

The bracelet glittered around her wrist, the infinity links shining.

He took her by the hand, the jazz music surrounding them as they swayed this way and that. He watched her with an intensity she felt she knew, even though logic dictated she didn't. Her hair had pinned up expertly into curls, but Caroline could feel them starting to muss up with the energy of their dance and she was pretty sure she didn't care.

"Hello… are you Sheriff Forbes?" Caroline asked the tough-looking woman who answered the door, wringing her hands together nervously.

"Yes…" The woman replied, examining the blonde vampire with interest until a dull recognition lit in her eyes. "You must be Caroline, the Forbes family's greatest secret."

Caroline looked at the girl that looked so much like Katerina but, yet, was human and kind. She approached slowly, a confident smile on her face.

"Hi. I'm Caroline, new here in Mystic Falls… I was wondering if you could help me find my way to history? I'm kind of lost…" The brunette nodded at her understandingly, brown eyes filled with sympathy.

"Of course!" She replied. "It's nice to meet you, Caroline. I'm Elena."

Elena and Bonnie were originally just friends to Caroline. But, in that moment, Caroline realized they were her sisters.

And, in that moment, Caroline realized she would not allow herself to lose another family. Never again.

"Stefan!" Caroline cried happily as she ran forward to envelop the younger vampire in a crushing hug.

"Ah, well how about that, it looks like Vampire Barbie just couldn't stay away." Damon smirked.

'Who are you to me?' She asked the shadow man in her dreams. The one that gazed upon in her with eyes that were a shade of blue that she had never seen. 'Why do I know you?'

She recognized him now… she knew who he was… she knew him. Klaus.

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