A/N: At last, the one that started it all! Do you remember when in the movie of GoF Filch is dancing at the Yule Ball, holding Mrs Norris? He had that happy look upon his face. Ever wondered what he was thinking about? Read and find out!

Chapter 5. Filch


Some dance to remember, some dance to forget.


Argus Filch let his eyes scan the crowd of partying teenagers. Petty little wizards and witches, he said to himself. All think they're better than me. He was a squib, a non-magical being from a wizarding family and he was often reminded by that fact. He caressed his pet, Mrs. Norris, a little to harshly and she mewed complainingly in reaction.

"I'm sorry, dear, it's not your fault," he told the cat.

The band started playing a song he remembered from his youth. There were happy memories attached to the song, something of which he had very few. His parents, being the very demanding wizards that they were, had stopped caring for him the moment they found out he was a squib. He had written Dumbledore numerous letters, pleading to be accepted into Hogwarts so that perhaps his magic could develop, but he ended up at a normal high school, much to the disgrace of his parents, a thing they often reminded him of.

But then there was Angela. Sweet Angela with her brown hair and her enthusiasm, taking him along at their prom. Him, the mousey wallflower, the one without any real friends, the odd one out. But Angela had not cared. No, Angela had pulled him onto the dance floor and slowly, reluctantly, he gave in to the dance. Her enthusiasm worked like a charm and he even managed a smile.

As he reminisced about that other ball, he slowly moved around, holding Mrs. Norris as if he was holding Angela again.

When the music stopped, the moment was gone, as were the happy memories. They had been on a few dates together, but Angela had been totally freaked out by his parents performing magic. Even though he had tried to assure her he wasn't like that, she ran away, leaving him alone.

After that, he got a huge disliking to wizards. He only took the job at Hogwarts because he had needed the money and because the prospect of being able to punish all them petty little magical kids meant he could in some way found revenge for how his parents had treated him.

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