Am I dreaming? No you're not. I decided to repost the story since there are never enough Dam Duk/Sujini stories to satisfy my craving.

Kiha looked at Sujini with wide eyes, her face twisting in disbelief. Her friend merely smirked at her and took a bite of her sandwich. "I don't believe you." The older of the two stated simply and sipped her coffee, the dark liquid producing a surge of energy through her veins.

"I don't care if you don't." Sujini responded while texting something on her phone. "I'm not asking you to believe me. I'm just telling you…"

"Telling me what?" Kina interrupted with an exasperated look on her face. "Sujini do you hear yourself? Can you honestly believe that you're going to meet a guy you dreamt about in real life?" The question got Sujini thinking so silence fell between the two friends. "What you need is a real boyfriend. And when I say real, I mean real and not some dream or made up fantasy." There Kiha stopped to take a breath. "Look, I know you believe in dreams and all that. But trust me dreams are just that, dreams. That prince of yours won't suddenly pop out of nowhere."

And just when Kiha thought she'd finally knocked some sense into the younger girl, Sujini started speaking. "Yes, he will. Tell me I'm crazy all you want, but I do believe that I'll meet him. Just wait and see. I bet he's just around the corner. That's it! He must me looking for me just like I'm searching for him."

Kiha snorted and grumbled something about romantic, idealistic fools, prompting Sujini to stick her tongue out at her which in turn caused a glaring content to ensue.

Before things could get further Ho Gae, Kiha's boyfriend, entered the café. He greeted both girls before sitting down next to Kiha. Gently the man touched his lips to Kiha's cheek.

Sujini pouted at the obvious display of affection. Why couldn't she have someone like that?

Ho Gae was always so sweet and kind and even if Kiha denied it Sujini knew that the older female loved him dearly. And what was not to love at him; Ho Gae was like this perfect guy that would make girls weak in their knees with just one look. 'Am I gushing over my best friend's boyfriend? That's…' Even the simple thought made Sujini want to slap herself.

Just then another person walked in.

Sujini's eyes automatically glued themselves to the person, her mouth opened in shock and her eyes widened becoming unnaturally large. "My god, that's him. That's the guy from my dream." She whispered. Kiha's head immediately whipped around in that direction.

True enough; a young man had just entered the building. And what a guy he was; unruly dark hair, well-built frame and a killer smile.

"Tell me about this dream of yours again. Every little detail, don't leave out anything." Kiha said once she turned back to Sujini and Ho Gae, who didn't look very enthusiastic, and once again drank some coffee.

Sujini was too busy to reply. 'Oh my god, he's looking this way.' She thought as alarms went off in her mind. Kiha was back to having a lovey-dovey moment with Ho Gae so they didn't take notice of Sujini who was practically ogling at the newcomer.

And indeed the man too had locked eyes with her. They seemed to be talking through their eyes and Sujini couldn't help it when her hand came up to fiddle with the necklace around her neck. The same necklace she's had ever since she was born; a bright red orb that would at times glow softly.

"Ya, Sujini!" Kiha called, snapping the younger girl from her trance. "What's up with that orb on a string that you insist to call a necklace?"

Normally Sujini would've said something biting to her friend but at that moment she was still dazed so she could do no more than stare downward. Her eyes widened when she saw that the small sphere was burning a bright shade of red. "I have no idea." She voiced softly, still in awe. "I've never seen it do something like this." The girl added while Kiha and Ho Gae stared helplessly at the shining globe.

A sharp pain pierced Sujini's skull making her whimper. "Ow! My head; it hurts. I think I'll step out for a minute." She got up and walked out without even waiting for a reply from the two.

Kiha made to follow her but Ho Gae clasped her hand and nudged his head in the opposite direction. Kiha peered that way only to see that Sujini's dream-prince was heading for the door. "Just give it a few minutes." Her boyfriend suggested and gently squeezed her hand.

"Ho Gae-ah, we don't even know the guy." She protested but nonetheless abided by his wish.

"Out of all the things to happen…" Sujini muttered while rubbing her head, "it had to be a headache." The pain wasn't showing signs of stopping anytime soon. 'And it just had to be on the day that I met Mr. Perfect.' The thoughts continued to swim in her head leaving her clueless to the fact that a person was approaching her. A shrill cry passed her lips when a hand suddenly grabbed her shoulder making her whirl around.

"Hey. Are you alright?" Sujini was completely stunned.

When she turned around she certainly didn't expect, never in a million years, to come face to face with the mysterious stranger from her dream. "No. Yes. No. I mean…" She found her mouth uttering without her consent; her cheeks reddened as frustration got a hold of her. "I'm okay. Really I'm…totally alright." The girl finally settled for an answer.

The guy looked amused but didn't press her any further; he just took her hand and put something in her palm. After that he gave her a dazzling smile and went on his way.

Still in a daze she walked back into the café. Kiha gave her a concerned look but Sujini brushed it off assuring her friend that she was fine. Unconsciously her hand was still holding on to whatever that stranger gave her. Curiosity finally took over and Sujini slowly looked down. 'A piece of paper…' Her mind recognized. On that piece of paper stood neatly scribbled a combination of numbers.

Realization hit Sujini like a brick on the head. 'It's his phone number!' Before she could do a victory dance Kiha snatched the paper from her. "Uhh, phone number!" The older girl teased as Ho Gae shook his head in amusement.

"Yah, give it back! Right now."

Sujini looked longingly at her phone and drummed her fingers against the table's polished top. Kiha rolled her eyes at her friend's antics and clutched the phone closer to her chest. At this action Sujini pouted and turned her face away. The older girl just smirked and decided to inspect her newly painted nails, admiring the way they shined in the light.

"I can't believe you!" The loudly spoken words made Kiha look up from her nails to a fuming Sujini.

"Sweetie I told you, the only way you'll get this phone is that you take it from me." Her friend replied in a soothing voice as if speaking to a petulant child.

Not being able to contain herself anymore Sujini stretched over the table in an attempt to take her phone back. 'How dare she? It's my phone and I'll do whatever I want.' The girls raged in her mind. Kiha was being, al last in Sujini's opinion, impossible. She simply refused to give the younger girl her phone back claiming that she'd only get herself in trouble.

Sujini had tried every method to put Kiha's mind at ease however that only resulted in a fiercer objection from the older one. Frankly Sujini was just about ready to strangle the life out off Kiha if she didn't her the device back soon.

"Kiha, seriously! Give it back." Another refusal was all she got. This time however, she was ready and in a flash of a movement snatched the phone back. "Told you I'd get it back." Taunted Sujini, in a very childlike manner, and she got up from the table with a look of victory.

Kiha grimaced at her friend's childishness but wisely kept her mouth shut, it would do no good to anybody if she started arguing for real. Sujini continued to tease the older female not stopping even when Ho Gae came inside the apartment and gave them a curious look.

"Okay, I won't even ask what's going on." Ho Gae said loudly in an attempt to get their attention.

Sujini stopped rambling and Kiha dropped the hurt charade in order to look at her boyfriend. Before anyone could say anything else Sujini threw her arms around Ho Gae's neck and pulled in a hug.

Quietly, she started whispering. "I would really appreciate it if you'd keep Kiha busy for some time. I have something to do…" The girl stopped when Kiha cleared her throat. In a fluid motion she detached from the man and smiled at Kiha. "Well, I'm going now. I'm sure you and Ho Gae can find something to do in my absence."

With that Sujini rushed out the door deliberately ignoring Kiha's scream of frustration. If anything it only made her run faster to the elevator. Her fingers coiled around the phone she had tried so hard to save. She turned the screen upwards and looked at it with a small smile.

With no effort she started browsing through the phone numbers listed in the device. She stopped at a number with no name; the only label was 'Prince charming'. Her fingers hovered over the 'call' sign; Sujini was hesitant. 'Should I call? Maybe he's busy or…what the hell; he gave me the number so I'll just cal himl.'

One hit of the button and the number was dialled.

Dam Duk stared at his phone in a daze.

Ever since he saw that girl in the café he couldn't stop thinking about her. She seemed familiar, so familiar that his heart started hammering in his chest and he almost called out to her. That had never happened before. Usually girls would flock around him and he'd talk to them a bit but never before had he wanted to know a girl like that time in the café.

The worst part was that he'd given the girl his number two days ago and she hadn't called. It was so frustrating.

He was so lost in his thoughts he barely noticed that his phone started buzzing. He looked down at the screen expecting to see a familiar name or number but to his surprise it was neither. Dare he hope? He answered, praying to the God above that it was her.

"Hello? Who is this?" The greeting came out hesitant because he was so curious to know who it was. His breath caught in his throat when the voice of a female greeted back. It was her. He couldn't believe his luck and thanked whoever was listening that she finally called.

"I think the question is who are you?" The words came through the speaker and made him stop momentarily. "It's considered rude to not introduce yourself." The girl continued unaware that on the other end of the line he was smiling like a fool. Not wanting to end the conversation too quickly he let her ramble, besides he liked the sound of her voice, it was soothing.

She was giving him a lesson on etiquette and he almost laughed out loud at her passionate and lively way of speaking; she was such a sight to see, all riled up. His only regret was that he wasn't with her at the moment.

"Okay, I get it. My name is Go Dam Duk." He said after a few minutes when the girl finally stopped to take a breath. "Since it's rude not to introduce yourself, how about you tell me what your name is. After all it's not fair that I don't know who you are."

She was rendered speechless. "So?" The question prompted her to murmur something in the receiver. Patiently Dam Duk waited for her to speak up.

"I'm Hae Sujini." She told him shyly.

"Sujini…" The name rolled off his tongue pleasantly. "that's a nice name." He commented after a second of silence. "Now what?"

"What do you mean what?" she asked, "Let's meet." She suggested in an uncharacteristic bold move for her; Sujini was comfortable around her close friends but she was very shy when it came to strangers, but of course Dam Duk had no way of knowing this.

"Okay." He agreed pausing slightly, "When?" He hoped she'd pick a close date because he really wanted to see her again.

"Umm…is now alright with you?" He nearly chocked in surprise at her answer.

"Of course." He went on; he was getting really excited at the prospect of talking to her face to face. She told him an address which he scribbled on a piece of paper.

After she hung up Dam Duk remained staring at the phone. A sense of happiness enveloped him. He was going to see her again and with a bit of luck get a second date.

Chance meeting! From strangers to lover…me gusta! Even though I know it's kind of weird for two people who don't know each other to suddenly start dating, but really it shouldn't matter if they are soul mates. And who can deny that Dam Duk and Sujini are soul mates.