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Sujini arranged the straps of her dress as Kiha curled her long hair in loose ringlets. "I can't believe you've been dating this guy for over a year now and you're still giddy whenever you meet him." The older girl let slip in bewilderment.

"Me neither." Sujini agreed and twirled a lock of hair around her finger. "I don't know what's wrong with me. I may be shy towards strangers but I've known Dam Duk for a year and I still can't look him straight in the eyes."

Kiha smiled and leaned over Sujini's shoulder, "I know the reason. You love him!" she said in a serious voice. Despite that her smile didn't fade one bit. "Want me to tell you a secret?" She felt the younger girl nod her head and drum her fingers against her knee in anticipation. "When I started dating Ho Gae I was exactly like this too; especially when he kissed me."

"Kiha!" Sujini squealed in protest. "That's definitely too much information. Now I'll keep having nightmares about you and Ho Gae being all lovey-dovey. Gross." In spite of her words Sujini was very happy for her friends. Those two fit together perfectly and she could totally believe that what Kiha was saying was true.

"Yah! You don't know the meaning of your words. What's really disturbing is seeing you moon over that boyfriend of your all day long." Kiha retaliated and slapped Sujini's hand away from her freshly curled hair. "Stop touching your hair. You'll ruin all my hard work."

"Fine." Sujini begrudgingly consented. "And I'm not mooning over him. I just like being with him. I mean you're with Ho Gae all the time. The two of you are glued together, I swear it!"

"Well of course I'm with him all the time. We're engaged." The knowledge wasn't even that new. Kiha and Ho Gae had gotten engaged some months ago and they were even planning to move in together. Secretly Sujini hoped she wasn't in the way, although she certainly felt that Kiha was holding back just for her sake. "But are you going to be fine on your own?" The eldest couldn't help but ask.

"What do you mean?" The confusion shined through. "Of course I'll be fine. The two of you have waited enough to move in together. Besides I won't be alone. I have Dam Duk, remember?" Sujini teased in her typical manner, unaware that Kiha's face scrunched in unease.

"Aren't you moving a bit fast?" Kiha's concern was touching but unneeded; Sujini thought about telling her that but refrained. Instead she smiled mysteriously at her friend and waited for her to continue. "Have you even kissed him yet?"

"Ye." Sujini responded meekly, a touch of bashfulness creeping in her voice. "Not that it is any of your business but we have." There was no use in lying to her best friend. Kiha knew her too well for it to work. Besides she and Dam Duk had been dating long enough for kisses not to be involved. For heaven's sake, she had even met his father. 'I might as well tell her while we're ahead.'

If Kiha was moving away Sujini might just move in with Dam Duk. They were close enough for that to happen. And Kiha had even encouraged Sujini, albeit in her own guarded way, to take the relationship to the next stage.

Dam Duk sat on the couch in his house; he was caught between ecstasy and panic, and painfully aware of the time that was crawling by.

The past year had been like a dream to him. From the moment Dam Duk met Sujini his life was turned upside down. The more he saw of her the more he wanted her to stay forever. To live with her was what Dam Duk wanted the most. After the many month spent with her he couldn't possibly see himself without Sujini. Her presence next to him was as natural as breathing.

Sometimes he felt like he had been born just to love her; in turn Sujini fit perfectly alongside him. Her head felt right on his shoulder, her hand fit in his perfectly and her body appeared to have been fashioned to lie against him.

Dam Duk smiled. It was hard to believe that just one year ago he had been perfectly fine on his own. Nowadays it wasn't so simple anymore.

A few months ago he had introduced Sujini to his father. He could still recall the look on his parent's face when he saw his son's girlfriend. Despite the surprise on his face the older man had kindly taken the girl's hand in his and the two just hit it off. Dam Duk had been relieved; he was glad they got along so well. In fact his father had recently told him that Sujini resembled his mother a lot; they had the same love for life and bright demeanour.

Dam Duk looked at the clock and silently urged Sujini to appear before him. He missed her terribly even though they had seen each other the day before and the one before that and so on. He guessed he was really in love with her.

The cool evening breeze blew through the bustling streets of Seoul. People walked left and right seemingly aimless. One person however had a clear purpose. Sujini walked along the cemented path towards her boyfriend's residence. Briefly she congratulated herself on leaving Kiha with no other choice than to go to Ho Gae's place.

Bothered by the chilly weather Sujini quickened her pace. Her speedy movements were rewarded when the building Dam Duk lived in came into view. The girl stepped in front of the door and grabbed her handbag with one hand while the other searched for the keys. Since the relationship between Dam Duk and her was a serious, steady one she had of course been given keys to his lodging.

With a triumphant grin, one she hoped didn't make her look like a psycho, Sujini pulled the keys out and opened the front door. She slid in through the entrance and closed the door with a soft thud. Warmth enveloped her and she smiled at the feeling. Slowly she started pulling her coat off when she felt Dam Duk's stare on her. With an elegant turn of her neck they made eye contact and she blew him a kiss before reassuming her activity.

Dam Duk smiled at her antics and stepped closer to her. He helped her divest of her coat and hung it on a hook. He waited patiently for her to take her shoes off, simply enjoying the view, and then led her to the designated room. Her hand felt warm in his despite the fact that she had just entered. It was a nice feeling.

A shiver ran up Sujini's spine, and it had nothing to do with the cold. She followed silently. Anticipation burned in her veins, making her heart beat a frantic pace and her stomach swarm with butterflies. It was something new and exhilarating, frightening and not so much.

Weakly shining tendrils of sun slithered in through half opened curtains. The semi-darkness is oddly comforting, cool and clear. Dam Duk opened his eyes. Waking up at ungodly hours in the morning was a habit of his. In moments such as these everything was silent and he could think.

After a few moments of silent contemplation he realised that his hand was numb. Through muddled thoughts he tried to find a reason for it when the memories of the previous day flashed before his eyes. Craning his neck he stared at the woman sleeping next to him. Sujini had curled into his side and her head rested on his arm. He smiled at the picture she was offering him. With a soft flick of his fingers he brushed a lock of hair behind her ear.

Sujini's eyelids fluttered and she woke up with a yawn. Confusion gripped her as she rubbed her eyes. She looked at Dam Duk before she realised what had happened and graced him with an elfin smile. A blush coloured her cheeks but she still held his gaze and twined her fingers with his. "Why are we up?" She asked, her voice husky with sleep.

"No reason, love." Dam Duk replied and pulled her back down. Sujini settled in a comfortable position. "Go back to sleep." He whispered in the hollow of her neck before pressing a soft peck there.

With a nod of agreement Sujini closed her eyes and draped an arm around Dam Duk. In turn he kissed her forehead and pulled her against him in a tender show of affection. Her breathing became rhythmical in a matter of minutes. That left Dam Duk to look at her sleeping form.

"I love you." Dam Duk told the sleeping woman. Even though she didn't hear him, it was out there. He finally told her his feelings. Now if he could just say them to her face.

Sujini woke up alone, the sheets tangled around her. She looked around disoriented. Her thoughts were in a jumble and Dam Duk was nowhere to be seen.

Groggily she muttered something under her breath and slid out of bed. With expert movements she pulled a shirt on, one of Dam Duk's black shirts that had been previously on the floor. The soft material felt nice against her skin and his scent filled her. Sujini couldn't help but smile. Even the throb of her tired body didn't bother that much. In fact the little pain made her feel oddly satisfied.

With measured paces Sujini made her way to the kitchen. And to her surprise, Dam Duk was sitting at the table reading something. Two cups rested on the counter, steam rising out of them. The scent of jasmine filled the air.

Sujini sat down opposite of him and waited for the man to acknowledge her. He suddenly looked at her, a smile touched his face and Sujini smiled back. "Morning." She sweetly greeted, taking a sip of her tea.

"Good morning to you too." Dam Duk replied. He lowered the paper and put his elbows on the table. He leaned over and continued to stare at Sujini. The girl calmly sipped her hot drink despite the rosy colour her cheeks had been tinged with. "How are you?"

"Fine. Even better than fine. Excellent." Sujini voiced without so much as a blink. "You might say I'm perfect even." She playfully added when Dam Duk grinned mischievously in her direction. His eyes shined with something she could place. Sujini considered herself lucky to be sitting down otherwise she would've been picking herself up off the floor. Those smiles and stares made her weak in the knees.

"I'm glad to her that." He let her know. Dam Duk returned to his paper. He kept reading for a few short moments. However he turned to her again and opened his mouth to say something.

Sujini watched him carefully, silently wondering what had gotten into him. Normally he would just say whatever bothered him. She leaned back in her chair suddenly uncomfortable with the silence. "Just say it. Whatever it is." Her voice was strained with concern.

"I don't mean to jump the gun here, but-" he paused to wet his dry lips." I love you." The confession had been unexpected. He looked like he was about to say more when Sujini interrupted him.

"I love you too." The sincerity in her voice was as clear as day light. Of course she had known he loved her. Even if he didn't say it. Sujini was very aware that men were not so inclined to wear their hearts on their sleeves. But hearing him saying that he loved her was another story altogether. "In fact I love you very, very much."

"Do you now?" Dam Duk asked lightly as she leaned towards him once again. "I seem to remember you saying something similar last night. So you must be telling the truth."

Sujini blushed furiously at the mention of last night. "Did you have to bring that up?" She was after all new to this level of intimacy so like the novice she was, the girl was a bit unsure still. "I swear you are the most-"

"My shirt looks good on you." Dam Duk said effectively changing the subject. "I think it looks better on you than it ever did on me."

The compliment made Sujini smile. She was at a loss. Having nothing to say she simply beamed at him. The playfulness displayed by her lover was a sight to see and she wouldn't mind enjoying it all day.

"The one thing we can never get enough of is love. And the one thing we can never give enough of is love." – Henry Miller

Sujini stared at Dam Duk's neat writing. She was somewhere between crying from joy and screaming in happiness. Instead she opted to fold the paper and put it in her bag.

Swiftly she picked a pen from the table and looked around for a piece of paper. When she found it she immediately put it on the solid glass and started scribbling on the white sheet.

"The more I give to thee, the more I have.'' - William Shakespeare

Satisfied she put the piece of paper on the glass table and walked out her boyfriend's house.

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