Chapter One

Severus Snape woke one morning feeling like he had eaten a whole cotton plant. Then, he remembered last night; Hermione Granger, who was 17 by this time, had come to his room to ask him he had anything against her, since he gave her an F on one of her best papers. He said he didn't, and turned her away, but not before he noticed how much she had grown.

Her hair no longer frizzed (except when she was angry or stressed out), she was almost as tall as him(she was now looking at his nose, instead of his midsection), her teeth were now perfectly shaped and white, she had curves, and her chest was definitely noticeable to any male. Snape had to admit; Hermione was hot. The problem was, she was his student. Besides, the know-it-all made his blood boil, always contradicting him in class. He had disliked her from the moment she entered his classroom, though not as much as her stupid friends, Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley.

So, Hermione had come to him last night, basically demanding the reason why he had given her an F. He had said that the paper just simply wasn't that good, and that was it. Then, that little Gryffindor whom he disliked so much, walked right up to him and told him that was bullshit. He instantly angered, and in his anger, had kissed her. A nice, long kiss, hot with anger and partly passion.

When he had pulled away, she was smiling. He instantly wiped that smile off of her face by telling her she had detention tomorrow(today) with him at 8:00 in the dungeons. She had then run off, her face red with anger. And afterwards, he had drowned himself with firewhiskey. So much firewhiskey. He finally stumbled to his rooms and passed out. And now, here he was, dehydrated and dreading Hermione's detention after last night.

One hour later, Snape had showered and dressed, ignored his hangover, and went upstairs for the Saturday morning breakfast. Few people were in the Great Hall, and this surprised him; there were usually people up at this time. Then, he remembered that most of the students had woken up early to go on the Hogsmeade trip for the day. He inwardly smiled, and made his way to his place at the teachers' table.

Finishing his breakfast, Snape made his way back down to his precious dungeons, where he found some files for Hermione to organize. Then, he went to his desk, sat down in his chair, and promptly fell asleep. He was awoken much later by the opening of the classroom door. He sat bolt upright when he realized it was Hermione, come for her detention.

Hermione opened the Potions door, and walked inside the classroom. Snape had been sleeping in the chair behind his desk, but now he was fully awake, sitting bolt upright in his seat as if she had electrocuted him. She closed the door, saw the files on a table, and started to file them. While she did so, she had the sinking suspicion she was being watched. She lifted her head, and met Snape's black eyes.

He had been staring intently at her for at least ten minutes before she lifted her head, and something about the way he was looking at her told her that he was thinking about something. She quickly went back to filing, blushing furiously. The hours seemed to pass so quick, she had no idea how late it was till Snape had started snoring.

She snuck a glance at him, and was fascinated by his appearance. His shoulder-length, greasy black hair now looked. . . almost soft, somehow. His hooked nose didn't look so sinister, but kind of cute. His shoulders were broad, and she noticed that he was slightly muscled. His lips were thin, but looked oh so soft. She quickly shook herself out of her reverie. He's about two decades older than you! Stop staring at him as if he were a hot guy your age! She reprimanded herself, stacking the files into a nice, organized pile.

Standing up, she looked at the clock. It was almost 11:00 PM; she had been filing for almost three hours. She was about to leave the classroom, when she caught sight of the sleeping Snape again. He looked so peaceful, but his chin was touching his chest, and that had to be uncomfortable. So, Hermione decided to go wake him up before she left.

Hermione went over and stood in front of his desk, and said loudly, "Professor?" Snape didn't awake, so Hermione said it a bit louder. Still no response from the sleeping man. Frustrated, she went around the desk, grabbed him by his broad shoulders, and gave him a forceful kiss.

Snape's eyes opened instantly, and, while he was stunned, his arms had flailed a bit. His left arm caught Hermione in the middle of her back, sending her flying into him. Together, they went tumbling to the cold, stone floor, still lip-locked.

Snape, who had gotten over his surprise, and who was now under Hermione, noticed how soft Hermione's lips were, and kissed her back. This made Hermione sigh in content, while Snape wrapped his arms around her waist, making her straddle him. Snape groaned slightly, and Hermione's eyes shot open, filled with surprise. Snape, sensing her surprise, opened his eyes and stopped the kiss.

Knowing how intimate a position they were in, the two instantly stood up and backed away from each other, both looking in different places; Snape on his black shoes, and Hermione on the neat stack of files. The silence in the air was enough to make anyone uncomfortable, but this was just. . . Dead silence.

Snape finally got his moods under control (he was warring with himself, one side of him wanting her, the other telling the first side to think like a teacher, not an idiot), and cleared his throat. Hermione instantly looked up, and stared into his eyes.

"That was. . .Very uncalled for, what I did. Then again, why did you wake me up by kissing me, instead of just shaking me awake like a normal person. Or is this how an idiot wakes someone up? Force a kiss on them while they're unconscious?" Snape said, his old nature (his cold nature) coming out, despite what had happened moments earlier. Hermione, sensing this, instantly flushed with anger.

"Oh, so I'm the bad guy? Who's the one who gave whom detention after someone had smiled at an innocent kiss? Maybe, someone knew that said kiss wasn't so innocent after all, and hated that, so someone gave the other someone a detention. Is this correct, professor? And for the record, I do not wake everyone up that way; I either shake them half to death, pour a bucket of cold water on their head, or slap them across the face. Did you want me to do that, professor? Hermione steamed, her sassy side coming out.

Snape, not used to being sassed by a girl her age, angrily stormed over to her and pinned her against a nearby wall.

"Don't, EVER, imply that there is something between us. There is not, and there never will be. Now, go back to your common room," Snape growled, releasing her. She instantly stuck out her tongue at him, then fled before he did something. Snape turned around and went to his desk, and sat down, heart hammering. Why. . . No, more like how, was this possible?