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I screamed and dodged out of the way of a swipe from the large ogre, landing hard on the ground. I heard Inuyasha growl. "Bastard! Let her go!" he snapped and I internally huffed. Of course he wasn't worried about me being swiped at, but then I couldn't blame him. His mother was in danger after all.

I pushed myself up and stared at the ogre, my eyes traveling up to stare at the demon who was Inuyasha's brother. Well, half-brother. Inuyasha would kill me if he heard me call him his brother; if we came out of this alive anyway. I stared at him, scared and slightly awed. He was….beautiful and terrifying at the same time. His silver hair was the same shade as Inuyasha's, but it was less ragged and straighter, spilling freely down his back. His markings were majestic and his eyes a stunning gold. But it was the bored expression, the cold look in his eyes, and the dominating posture that scared me. Well, that and the fact that he was using an ogre to try to kill us and was threatening to harm an innocent woman who'd done nothing to him.

He slashed the ogre with that weird whip thing of his again and it staggered forward, dropping Inuyasha's mother in the process. He managed to catch her, but not before the ogre managed to slash me and I blacked out on the ground. When I came too, the taiyoukai and ogre were gone and I could see Inuyasha talking to his mother. Except, something was wrong. Multiple things were wrong. I couldn't move or speak at all. I glanced up and my eye's widened. Looking straight at Inuyasha's mother, she looked normal. But her reflection…..It didn't have a face! That fact bothered me extremely and I tried to call to Inuyasha, but of course I couldn't speak a word.

"Hold on, Sesshomaru was using a gollum?" Sango asked and I blinked.

"A gollum?" I asked, confused.

"Yeah, a gollum. They're faceless demons that are created in the form of a specific person or creature to weaken a person who was close to whatever it was impersonating," she explained and I nodded.

"Oh, ok. Then yeah, he was."


I bit my lip, thinking. "Well, I think it was because he needed to know where Tetsusaiga was and he thought Inuyasha knew," I explained. "Which was true, Inuyasha did know unconsciously."

Sango raised an eyebrow. "You don't know why?" she asked and I shrugged.

"It's not something we talk about a lot," I said simply.

"Tell her about Papa turning into a dog!" Rin told me and I laughed.

"I will, I'm getting there," I said, setting the girl in my lap. Rin huffed quietly and Sango laughed.

"Alright, sorry. Continue, Kagome," she said and I nodded.

"Well, the gollum worked and Sesshomaru took the black pearl, you know that part, right?" I asked and she nodded.

"I remember us talking about it back when we were looking for Hoshinki."

I nodded. "Ok, then I can skip that part," I said and bit my lip, thinking back. "Ok, so after we got into the tomb….."

I screamed as bones flew around me from the fight, staggering around and out of the way. "Lord Inuyasha! You must retrieve the Tetsusaiga!" Myoga shouted from my shoulder.

"Shaddup!" the hanyou snapped, dodging a blow from Sesshomaru's poisonous claws. He jumped and dodged his way over to the rusty blade and grabbed it.

"What!?" I heard Sesshomaru's imp yell. "How can he touch the sword when my esteemed lord could not!?"

Inuyasha yanked on the sword, but it didn't budge and he was thrown back. "Damn it!"

I watched Sesshomaru as Inuyasha staggered to his feet. He scared me, the way he just stood there with that bored look. I almost preferred him to be yelling and screaming like Inuyasha was. I squeaked as he lunged forward at Inuyasha. "Watch out!" I shouted as Inuyasha dodged.

"Stay out of it, wench!"

"My name is Kagome—AH!" I screamed as more bones flew at me as the demons fought. I staggered and fell backwards, tripping over the skulls littering the ground. My foot caught on the pedestal and I fell towards the ground. I reached out instinctively to catch myself. My hand locked around something, but it gave way and I landed on my rear. I groaned and used the thing in my hand to stand up, rubbing my butt. I paused when it was silent and looked up to see every demon staring at me. Ok, Sesshomaru stared, everyone else gaped. "What?" I asked and glanced at my hand. I squeaked at the sight of the sword. "Oh…hehehe," I laughed nervously.

Suddenly Sesshomaru was in front of me and I squeaked, taking a step back. "How did a mere human remove the sword forged from the fang of a demon?" he asked and I blinked. That was the most I'd heard him say.

"Oi! I loosened it bastard!" Inuyasha snapped and I glared at him.

"Shut up, Inuyasha!" I snapped, pointing the rusty sword at him. "You did nothing but get thrown back by it!"

"Humans are such emotional creatures," Sesshomaru said and I blinked, looking up at him. "And naive. You both fail to realize what has happened," he stated, eyes closed. He looked up at Inuyasha. "It came out for her because you fight for her. Protect her. Love her."

Inuyasha gaped. "WHAT!?" he snapped. "I do not love her!"

Sango busted out laughing and I stared at her. "What?"

She held her sides and looked up. "I-I'm sorry!" she laughed. "But i-it's just funny that h-he picked up on h-how In-Inuyasha acts!"

I smiled. "He's observant," I said. I waited for her to calm down some. "Can I finish now?"

"Yeah, sorry."

"It's ok," I said. "Ok, so….well, after that Sesshomaru….Well, he almost killed me."

Sango gaped at me. "What!?"

"He wanted the sword," I explained. "At the time that was all he wanted, he didn't care about anything else. So he melted the bones and rocks above me and made them collapse on me."

Sango opened and closed her mouth, looking like a fish. "How are you still alive? And how are you telling me this so calmly?" she asked, clearly stunned.

I shrugged. "Tetsusaiga protected me," I said simply. "And I'm calm about it because it's in the past. Sesshomaru's changed," I defended. I'd defend him any day.

"I know, but Kagome, that's still-"

"Sango, drop it," I ordered sternly. I took a deep breath and sighed, my eyes closing.

"Sorry," Sango mumbled and I could feel Rin's worried gaze on me.

I sighed and opened my eyes again. "It's fine," I said with a smile. I suddenly felt a pull inside me, a feeling I style wasn't used to after three months. The pull that let me know Sesshomaru was near and wanted to be alone for a while. I glanced at Rin and smiled a little as the girl yawned and her eyes drooped.

"Sango?" I asked and she looked up at me. "Can you take Rin back so she can get to bed?" I asked and she nodded with a smile.

"Of course Kagome," she said and stood from the water.

Rin pouted. "But Mama!" she whined and I shook my head.

"Rin, you know how important sleep is. Go with Sango, I'll be back in a little bit. I just want some time to think and meditate." Ok, not really, but they went along with it since I did that a lot and meditation helped me to control my miko powers.

Rin swam over and hugged me tightly before swimming back to Sango. The demon slayer helped her out of the spring before getting out herself and drying them. She helped Rin tie her obi before they waved and walked back towards camp.

I smiled and sighed, closing my eyes and relaxing in the warm water. It was quiet for a while, just the chirping of crickets to keep me company. I didn't even jump at the feeling of warm, familiar hands on my shoulders or soft lips on my neck. I knew them well already and he never made noise when he moved. And my mark told me that it was him, that he was next to me. I sighed softly and leaned back against his chest.

"Alone at last," he whispered softly.

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