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CONFESSION BOOTH: Arcobaleno Confessions


I can get rather temperamental sometimes, despite the fact that I'm known to be the most peaceful, calm, and level-headed among the Arcobaleno. In reality, my anger issues are far worse than any of the Storm Guardians combined. Of course, being mature, I try to refrain from going into…extremes, if you will. Especially in public places.

Fon turned his head towards the door where he heard someone knocking against it from the other side. "Fon…" He couldn't be mistaken that the voice belonged to Verde's. "I am unfortunate to let you know that I broke your fine China after testing out the prototype for my newest laser."

Upon hearing the news, Fon threw the door open, face fuming red and with a look in his eyes that thirsted for murder. "VERDE. WHERE ARE YOU?"

By this time, the green-haired Arcobaleno had already left the floor.

CONFESSION #32: Reborn

In the trivia section of my page our very own Wiki page, on the third bullet, they forgot to put 1 next to the 4.

"You're so sly, Reborn, hey!"

Reborn gave a mischievous glance towards Colonnello as he exited the booth.

And then it occurred to him, wasn't the Confession Booth supposed to be soundproof? Oh, well.


Our inspiration for the 'Box Weapons' were those wind up box toys kids played with. Isn't it interesting how playtime can lead to ingenuous ideas? Not that I actually had playtime…

I did not have playtime.

Somewhere outside the booth, someone had cleared their throat and mumbled, "Lies."


I've conducted 'Thoughtography' on at least each of the Arcobaleno's personal belonging. Mostly at on Reborn's stuff 'cause that guy really pisses me off.

Somewhere outside the booth, someone's face twisted in disgust, "Gross."


I never do my own stunts! That's dangerous! I always have stunt doubles!

Don't ignore me!

Somewhere outside the booth, someone had scoffed, "Cheat."

CONFESSION #36: Colonelo & Lal Mirch

Colonnello cleared his throat as he nervously shifted from one foot to the other.

"Tell them!" Lal Mirch prompted, elbowing the other Arcobelono on the sides.

"We're engaged!"

"See?" She said in satisfaction and turned away from him. "But nobody knows yet."

Somewhere outside the booth, someone had trailed off, "Or do we?"

"Hey, you! Would you stop eavesdropping on us?" Reborn pointed gun-turned-Leon towards a suspicious looking person hiding behind the shadows. He was threatening to shoot, but before he could pull the trigger, the mysterious person disappeared. Reborn clicked his tongue. "No good."


I believe that love has no measure, but sometimes I wished I was older.

"Stay strong. Love conquers all," Lal said, tapping Yuni's shoulder in encouragement.

"Thank you." Yuni replied a smile of sincerity.


#32: I didn't wanna break the fourth-wall on this, but, guh. I had no choice. So, on the wiki page it actually pertains to the number of Reborn's girlfriends. "He had at least 4 girlfriends."

#34: If you guys know how Thoughtography works, then you'd get the joke.

#36: Did this really happen in the manga? (Or did I just get it mixed it up with ch: 51, June Bride?) I forget.

#37: Implied Yuni x Gamma? You decide :3

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I want to acknowledge CRMLDNSN for pointing out that the Fake Funeral Wreathes do have a Cloud Guardian. I guess I never really noticed or paid attention if they ever happened to mention it.

I actually made a mistake on the previous chapter. I put Spanner's name on #26 when it was supposed to be Gamma's. Changes were already made.

I apologize for the errors.

Now, who is this mysterious person? Even I don't know! (*o*)