First chapter in my Sasunaru drabbles! I hope you all will have a good time reading these!

And I love reviews! =)

"Sasuke look! I found some fun test from facebook."


"I want you to do it"

"And why would I want to do some stupid test?"

"How do know it's stupid? Just hear my answer: I went out... Wait 'till you hear, it's so stupid! Hahaha With a goat because I love my family! Aaah hah hah haa!"

"... Am I supposed to find that amusing?"

"What? I thought that was hilarious! Now you do it!"

"I told you, I'm not going to do it"

"But Sasuukeee pleeease?"

"Okay okay! I will do it! Just stop with the puppy eyes! "


"Huoh... Soo mine would go like: I shot a doctor because I'm hot and I do what I want."





"That's so you that there is nothing funny about it..."

"I told you I shouldn't do it"