"The message you have, it could be seen as offensive"

"To be honest Paul the only group that it's offending is whites and they deserve to be offended"

"Brad would you like to ela..."

"Sure Paul, as a community we need to come together and save ourselves. Whites aren't right and the ethnic community have got to sort this. I refuse to use the word black, because that's the phrase whites use to label our people as bad. It makes them feel better. Well I've got news for the honkey tonk idiots and the race traitors who have their kids. It make take years but the coloured and Ethnic community will rise up, we will take over and beat white racism. White's are so good at discrimination because it's all whites have ever done, it just passed on from gener..."

"Danny you OK?" Derek asked as he walked in to see his brother staring at the television. "I will be, when I stop watching this fucking...fucktard" Danny said as he shook his head. "You looking forward to tomorrow?" Danny asked. "Nah, but I wanna fuck with his head" Danny answered. Derek and Danny were going on some local panel show tomorrow to trash talk with this controversial guy Bradley Hapson. He was this Malcom X wannabe, that dressed like he was still in the eighties.

Derek had been doing a little research and police were scared rigid of taking this guy into custody. This guy played the race card like a gym rat had bowel movements. Derek thought he could talk some sense into this guy, and there was no better place than live TV.

Mom Ally and Davina were banned, even though Derek knew Davina would have chopped off her right arm to be there, but Derek couldn't risk the girls taking any heat if it all got nasty. Danny was going as support, but got a little nervous when he realised that he'd be on the panel too. "Just for support" Derek had told him, but as soon as they got there Brad made it clear he didn't want to have anything to do with Derek.

The presenter was introducing the panalists to the audience. Brad took offence when he heard that Derek was a former skinhead. "So Brad, people of all races are struggling in this day and age, why not try to help people as whole?" The presenter asked. "Minorites need to come first, we've been ignored for too long" Brad said. "There's nothing wrong with wanting to help people, it's just the hate that's coming out of your self righteous mouth isn't helping anyone but yourself" Derek said. "I refuse to be lectured on hate by a current Ethnic hater" Brad announced.

"You can fake it and lie to the dumb white public, but every ethnic man woman and child knows that white turds like you don't change" "Brad..." Derek said, but Brad igonred him as he spoke to another man next to him. "Fine, talk to my brother, he's done nothing" Derek said as he gave Danny a prod of encouragement. Danny had no idea what to do, he didn't think he was as smart as Derek, he couldn't use long words not in the right sentences and make them mean anything.

"So Teenage Anglo Dirtbag" Brad said sneering. "What have you got to add?" "Der...My brother's not a hater, he grew up man, he changed, so can you" Brad shook his head. "Look...,boy It's not my community that has to change, you people aren't gonna, so you should just stop bitching about us, and get the first plane out of America, there's plenty of "White-shite" places that would have your skinny ass" Derek put a hand on his brother's shoulder.

"My name's Danny...boy, second of all, Me and Derek aren't going anywhere we were born here" "Ladies and gentleman you heard him call me boy right, and he hasn't been reprimanded by the presenter, typical white favouritism right there" Some people started clapping in the audience and Danny spoke back. "You called me it first, but my point is, we should stay here and so should you" The audience died down a little and the presenter looked at Brad's reaction. Brad leaned forward looking like he was trying to read Danny's mind.

"Sooner or later you're gonna realise you're talking a lot of shit. Not black shit not even white shit or Asian shit, or, Latino shit or Italian shit, or European shit. We need fucked up losers like you so normal people can stay the fuck away from you" Danny argued. "That's cute Danny, White people can drop off the earth, but every ethnic person, every White-hater knows that I'm right and I believe in my cause because I believe in justice for my community. Where was the justice for those two men your brother killed huh? Brad asked, with the presenter opened mouthed.

"Audience, do your research on Delicious Derek Vinyard, all his Aryan brothers are still sending him thank you cards because he did what the white community wanted and is now known as the nigger killer" Brad said with sick happiness. "Fuck you" Danny stood up and yelled as the presented quickly called for a break. Danny got up of the chair and ran off while Derek was calling his name.

That was so fucking embarassing for Danny. They'd spent months trying to rebuild all the shit they'd got into and then that Brad-dick had to go and ruin it. He ran out of the building but halted when he smelt the waft of ciggarette smoke. Derek had banned him from smoking but he was so stressed out right now. He followed the smoke to see one of Brad's ethnic friends smoking a cigarette. "I don't have a spare" The young man said as he took one last puff and threw it on the ground.

"I wasn't gonna fucking ask" Danny said, then looked at the guys surprised face. "Your dude Brad...he's fucking me up" Danny admitted as way of explaination. "Same here" The guy said as Danny leaned against the wall. "I'm Calvin, Brad's brother" Danny nodded. "So you wanna pay for my ticket to a white country?" Danny asked.

"God...I'm not like Brad...we've got the same parents but that's where the similarites end" "Why the fuck is he like that?" Danny asked surprising himself by really wanting to know. "He wasn't always like that, at first it was just injustice in the system, equal ops, Rehab programmes, positive community events, but then Brad just got really narrow" Calvin explained. "One day he was all about minorities, then it was Black power all the way and I couldn't understand" "You still went along with that shit though" Danny added knowing the feeling.

"Well yeah, the good programmes my brother was running got him a lot of sponsership money. Money that got me through college. But as soon as Brad went all Malcom X, the sponsor money went down. Brad found out he was getting sponsored by you guys and cancelled his programmes. His message was so over the top, that he didn't include other minorites and he scared them off"

"Duh. he needs to get a clue" Danny said. "Yeah, but then other "Ethnic supremisists" Got in on Brad's action. They feed off each other. I really wanted to go into politics, but no-one's going to go near me now" Calvin admitted. "I would" Danny said a little too quickly. "You need to show dudes that not all "Ethnics" are fucking crazy" "Yeah well, easier said than done" Calvin said as they were interrupted, by a some surfer dude with red beads around his neck. "Calvin come on..." The guy said, and Calvin began to follow him with a nod. "I'm coming" Calvin moaned as Danny looked at them in shock. "Errr...Cal, your bro know you're friends with a white guy?" Danny asked.

"First of all he's not just white, he's half Native American. My brother doesn't know, he never meets who I date"

"Date?" Danny asked. "Aren't you worried that I might kick your ass?" Danny asked, but they both knew he wouldn't.

"No straight guys who like themselves don't give a crap" Calvin told him. "I'll see you around" Danny watching Calvin and his surfer slut walk away before joining Derek back at the panel. It looked like Brad had be told to talk to Derek, or been paid on the side. "Danny, progress. Where the fuck have you been?" Derek asked quietly. "With Brad's little bro" Danny replied. "Brad needs to play nice Der, I'm ready to dish out some shit" Danny said rubbing his hands together.