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Welcome to Olympus Online! The No #1 Social-Networking Site on Olympus!

- Click here to enter the Olympic Chatroom -

(SonOfPoseidon has entered)

(WiseGirl2000 has entered)

SonOfPoseidon: Hey, Annabeth :)

WiseGirl2000: Hi there, Seaweed Brain.

(ThaliaStruckByLightning has entered)

ThaliaStruckByLightning: wassup, percy? annabeth?

WiseGirl2000: What's up* Percy* Annabeth*

ThaliaStruckByLightning: -_- Seriously?

WiseGirl2000: I ain't the daughter of Athena for nothing.

SonOfPoseidon: xD lmao. Thalia got PWNED.

ThaliaStruckByLightning: -_-

WiseGirl2000: -_-

SonOfPoseidon: What? What did I do?

ThaliaStruckByLightning: Whatevs. TTYL.

(ThaliaStruckByLightning has left)

SonOfPoseidon: So…

WiseGirl2000: So…

(EatTinCansDon'tThrowThem has entered)

(NotYetDeadDiAngelo has entered)

EatTinCansDon'tThrowThem: heyyyyy, Percy! Waasup man?

SonOfPoseidon: GROVER! My man, been like forever!

WiseGirl2000: Wow Nico, depressing much?

NotYetDeadDiAngelo: Yo, don't judge me. Dad finally got WiFi here.

SonOfPoseidon: Wifi in the Underworld? Dude, you, me. Nachos. X-Box. In an hour.

NotYetDeadDiAngelo: you're on.

WiseGirl2000: sounds romantic, Percy.

SonOfPoseidon: -_-

NotYetDeadDiAngelo: -_-

EatTinCansDon'tThrowThem: HOLY $H!# !

WiseGirl2000: what?

SonOfPoseidon: what happened?

NotYetDeadDiAngelo: huh?


WiseGirl2000: I doubt she'll kill you

(SweetLittleJuniper has entered)

SweetLittleJuniper: GROVER! D:

EatTinCansDon'tThrowThem: AHHHHHH!

(EatTinCansDon'tThrowThem has left)

(SweetLittleJuniper has left)

NotYetDeadDiAngelo: well, that was fascinating.

SonOfPoseidon: tell me bout it.

WiseGirl2000: Glad my boyfriend doesn't forget dates. Right, PERCY?

SonOfPoseidon:… of course Annabeth, dear.

NotYetDeadDiAngelo: sigh Forever alone…

(HadesTheAwesomeOne has entered)

(TheUltimateFisherman has entered)

(ZeusIsTheBest has entered)

SonOfPoseidon: Whaaaaaa….? O_O

(ApolloIzHot has entered)

(BoysAreIdiots has entered)

(TheWiseOne has entered)

(LoveIz4Evah has entered)

(AresCoolAwesomeWarGod has entered)

(GodofFire has entered)

(HeraIsPerfect has entered)

(CerealRules has entered)

(NotTheWineDude has entered)

NotYetDeadDiAngelo: This is not happening…

ZeusIsTheBest: Hello everyone!

SonOfPoseidon: Holy [bleep]

TheUltimateFisherman: Language, Percy!

WiseGirl2000: …MOM?

TheWiseOne: Why, good evening, Annabeth.

HadesTheAwesomeOne: Nico! How are you, son?

NotYetDeadDiAngelo: O_O

(NotYetDeadDiAngelo has left)

HadesTheAwesomeOne: Was it something I said?

BoysAreIdiots: Wow brother, quite big-headed aren't we?

ApolloIzHot: Wow sister, pretty straight-forward aren't we?

AresCoolAwesomeWarGod: ooooh, BURN! xD

LoveIz4Evah: calm down, babe. :S

GodOfFire: …and I'm married to you. SMH

(GodOfFire has left)

SonOfPoseidon: What the hell?

HadesTheAwesomeOne: What the Hades*

CerealRocks: yawn, buh-bye. Going to have more cereal.

(CerealRocks has left)

NotTheWineDude: I'll go join her. This is borrrrring.

HeraIsPerfect: much like Zeus's bedroom skills.

ZeusIsTheBest: HEYYY!

(NotTheWineDude has left)

HeraIsPerfect: Whatever. I'm sleepy. I don't want a pair of twins when I wake up, k Zeus?

(HeraIsPerfect has left)

SonOfPoseidon: What are you guys doing here?

BoysAreIdiots: and girls*

ZeusIsTheBest: We decided to modernize Olympus. Got a problem, punk?

TheUltimateFisherman: Watch it, brother, He's my son.

SonOfPoseidon: Uh-huh. Annabeth?

WiseGirl2000: Yeah. Bye, mom.

(SonOfPoseidon has left)

(WiseGirl2000 has left)

TheWiseOne: They better not be frolicking about, Poseidon. -_- she's my daughter.

TheUltimateFisherman: and he's my son. :P

LoveIz4Evah: But they're soooooooo cuuuuuuuuute 2gether! ^_^

TheWiseOne:… says the one with eight O's and ten U's.

LoveIz4Evah: huh? :P

AresCoolAwesomeWarGod: lets get outta here, babe

(LoveIz4Evah has left)

(AresCoolAwesomeWarGod has left)

BoysAreIdiots: I have jackalopes to kill… :S

ApolloIzHot: why do I have a feeling that involves me?

(BoysAreIdiots has left)

(ApolloIzHot has left)

ZeusIsTheBest: So…

TheUltimateFisherman: so…

HadesTheAwesomeOne: So…

ZeusIsTheBest: I have people to vaporize. This is getting awkward.

(ZeusIsTheBest has left)

TheUltimateFisherman: Uh-huh. I've got… fishy… stuff to do. Bye

(TheUltimateFisherman has left)

HadesTheAwesomeOne: sigh I'll go torture some people.

(HadesTheAwesomeOne has left)

~~~~~~Ten minuted later~~~~~~~~

(HermesMadeTheInternet has entered)

HermesMadeTheInternet: so… what'd I miss? Where is everyone? Hello? Hello? HELLO?

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