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Carth was worried about walking out on Korriban after hearing rumors of instability in the Academy, though it was a mixed worry. Part of him was concerned for Anna, that someone had learned the cause of the instability and had it in for her; the other part was worry for Dustil, since from what he could find through official channels there was still information coming in from Korriban's academy (which was how they knew of the unrest anyway). And for all he knew, someone might remember their violent capture in the spaceport.

But no one seemed to even really give her half a glance as they walked by, HK looming over her shoulder and Carth strolling at her side. The cantina was emptier than they'd remembered, probably due to the high body count in the Academy. The Rodian bartender was busy cleaning the bar, barely looking up as they stopped. "Be with you one minute," he said.

"I think you'll want to be with us now." She handed him the datapad. He took it, bug-eyes widening before he dropped into a low bow. "Oh, stand up," she said. "I heard you had items that I may be interested in."

Carth scanned the cantina again. No one seemed to be paying any attention to them. The Rodian glanced around and then beckoned them back into a storeroom in the rear of the cantina, opening a series of steel chests. "This is stock. All special traded, all on exchange. Experimental technology, rares . . ." He tossed several items to her as he spoke. "Amazing lightsaber crystals, all things that would be of interested to the esteemed dark lady you are."

"I'm not a Sith," she said lightly. "I heard you may have shields that block lightsabers?"

"Yes. Verpine prototypes. Very good. Untested but supposed to stop lightsaber damage."

"How do you know that if they're untested?" Anna asked, turning the small wristlet shield over in her hands.

"Exchange . . .apparently had run-ins with Jedi and Sith. These been used. Worked in field but do not know if a usual effect or just a product of that shield."

"Right." She frowned, and glanced over at Carth. "How much for each shield?"

"Four thousand. No less."

"That's outrageous!" Carth protested. Anna side-eyed him, and he closed his mouth.

"I don't know," she said, pursing her lips. "That's a high price for something that's untested. Three thousand."

"Three thousand eight."

"Three thousand one."

"Three thousand five."

"Three thousand three."

"Three thousand three sixty."

"Deal." She nodded. "I'll take six."

Carth cleared his throat. "Can I . . ." He gently tugged her back. "Exactly how many credits have you been hiding from the rest of us?"

"Quite a bit," she replied. "I'm sold excess gear and been penny-pinching for nearly five months, just in case."

"How much?"

She glanced to the Rodian, who was trying to listen intently, and frowned back at him as she lowered her voice. "All of them," she murmured. He glared at her. "Enough."

"You don't even know, do you?"

She glared back at him for a couple of seconds, and then cleared her throat. "How much money am I getting ready to spend?"

He shook his head. "Twenty thousand, one sixty."

"Eh. Not so bad if these things actually work."

"If," he said.

"Shut up." She turned back to the Rodian. "What else?"

"Take look. See if anything you like."

She nodded, rummaging through the trunks. "Thermal detonators?" She asked, carefully holding up one of the devices.

"Four thousand, again."

"Twenty-five hundred."

"Thirty-five hundred."

"Three thousand."

"Deal. How many?"

Anna pursed her lips. "How many do you have?"


"All of them." Carth rolled his eyes as she moved to the next crate, and he bent down and rummaged through another. His hands settled on a purple mesh vest that he pulled out, holding it up. It was light and flexible in his hands, but when he tugged it it held strong. "What's this?"

"Verpine mesh. Very strong. Very light." He drew a knife from his belt and scraped it down the mesh to prove his point, a shower of sparks hissing off the fabric. Anna looked up, clearly interested. "Laces in front for proper fit. Protects well, yes?"

Carth rubbed the fabric between his thumb and forefinger. "How much?"

"Carth, you've got perfectly good—"

"Hush, you."

"Ten thousand."

Carth glanced at Anna. She looked confused, but made a motion with her hand. "Five."


"Five and a half?"

"Six and a half."

Another look.

"Sixty three."

"Sixty three seventy five."

Anna nodded. "Deal," Carth replied.

They bought a few more various items, including a new gun for HK. As Anna started to hand over the credits Carth interrupted her, handing her the credits for the vest.


"Don't argue with me."

She frowned, but put her credits for the vest back into her pocket and put his own with hers. The Rodian gleefully counted the money to ensure it was all there, and then tucked it away. "Pleasure doing business dark lady. If needed anything to stop former apprentice, come back to me. Would hate to see you damaged."

The side of her mouth quirked down, but she nodded. "I will," she replied with a terse smile. "Thank you."

"Any time, dark lady." She turned on her heel and strode out of the cantina, handing HK the new gun as they passed. The droid made a disturbingly happy noise and holstered his old weapon, cradling the new gun in his arms. Carth handed her the vest, and she frowned at him.

"I got it for you," he said.

"Carth, you-you know I don't wear armor." She looked at it, turning it over in her hands.

"I know," he said. "But if we're going up against Sith and droids and Malak and who knows what else on the Star Forge, I want you to have something more than the Force and a few layers of fabric to protect you."

Anna stopped inside the spaceport, turning to him. "Carth, I—"

He rubbed her shoulders, pressing a light kiss to her forehead. "I said I was going to protect you," he murmured. "It's light enough it won't hinder you and I'm sure it wouldn't stop a lightsaber, but it'll make me feel better."

She smiled up at him, shaking her head. "Carth Onasi," she said, squeezing his hand. He locked their fingers together. "I hate you sometimes."

"I know." He grinned. "Come on. Let's get moving."


"Anyone have any business on Tatooine, apart from Canderous?"

"Uh," Mission shrugged. "I'd like to go yell at Griff again, if we have time."

"Fair." Anna nodded. "Juhani —"

"I'll go."

"I will as well." Anna nodded at Zaalbar, figuring that if anything was going to try and attack them they'd think twice with the Wookiee.

Anna glanced over at Carth. He shook his head. "I'm going to keep T3 here. I want to go over the ship again, since . . ."

"I'll give you a hand," Jolee said. Carth glanced at him out of the corner of his eye. "What? Sometimes you need an extra non-droid hand."

She nodded. "Close the ramp after we leave. Canderous, you and I will take HK and go see your friend."

"Not my friend." Canderous looked more tense than they'd even seen him, obsessively checking his blaster for damage with his mouth drawn in a thin line.

"Either way, we'll go deal with that. We'll leave first, just in case. Hopefully any attention will get drawn to us." She stood, starting out. "Come on."

Canderous followed her stiffly, slinging his blaster onto his back. They heard her yell for HK from the garage, and then the sound of the ramp lowering.

"Let's get to work then," Carth said, heading towards the engine room. "C'mon."

T3 rolled after him, and Jolee stood and followed. "Are you ready?" Juhani asked. Mission shrugged.

"I don't know. I still think he's scum but . . ." She sighed. "Yeah. Let's go."

They waved to Carth on their way by, and he waved them off from where he was hunched over the hyperdrive.

Zaalbar closed the ramp behind them, Juhani quickly checking for anything in the bay. Fortunately someone attacking them in the docking bay would have been too easy, since the walls were lined with auto-targeting turrets. She looked over her shoulder and nodded, and they began to leave the hangar.

All of them were jumpy. After what they'd seen on Manaan, the Sith — Malak, more specifically — still had a vested interest in protecting the secret location of the Star Forge. While any assassins or run-of-the-mill Sith would be looking for Anna, it was likely that they'd be on their guard for any member of her crew as well.

She wondered if the Commander had earned any extra points for his capture or death (it wasn't her fault she was thinking about this. Just the night before she'd walked in on Carth, Canderous and Anna discussing how much everyone was worth to the Sith at this point).

They left the hangar and headed into Anchorhead proper, weaving through the even smaller crowd. The settlement did look to be in danger of failing — the number of people in the hangar bay corridors had been twice this size when they'd last landed on the planet nearly three months ago.

She felt like they were being watched, the small hairs on the back of her neck standing high on end. But this was Anchorhead. It could be anyone, anything, even friends of Canderous' challenger aiming to make sure no one else interfered.

That was before she saw his head somewhere in the crowd, or at least swore she did. Canderous had told her that he'd not waited around to ensure Xor had turned into sharkbait — and he'd warned her to keep up her guard. She was just being jumpy. That had to be it. It was a play of the shadows her upturned hood caused on her eyes, making her see things.

Besides, she suspected not even Xor would be stupid enough to find her when she was walking beside a one-twenty-five kilogram Wookiee carrying two extra-long vibroswords and a bowcaster. Though he had been bold enough threaten her on Manaan when she had two other Jedi and the rest of her companions with her.

She decided she could not trust the man's intelligence to ensure her safety and quietly rested her hand on her lightsaber, pointedly moving her robe away from the weapon. Most Jedi learned that action quickly, since seeing that the threat of a lightsaber was sometimes enough to discourage a would-be attacker. She doubted it would work on Xor, but she did not intend to give him the chance to make the first move.

"Juhani?" She glanced over, seeing Mission's hands fall readily to her blasters. Zaalbar mumbled a concern, a click indicating that he now walked with his bowcaster held loosely in one large paw.

"I believed I saw him," she said quietly, and Mission nodded.

"Thought he was over the side of Ahto City."

"So did I. But Canderous said he didn't ensure it."


Juhani shook her head, but as they rounded a corner they heard a loud shout.

"There she is. Get her alive!"

She moved before the other two could react, slamming the hilt of her lightsaber into one of the approaching guns-for-hire and igniting it as it impacted, whipping it out to turn to the next one. A green shot took him out as Mission and Zaalbar opened fire. Xor hadn't brought many men, perhaps only five, not nearly what she'd expected. Arrogant, and evidence that he underestimated their entire crew.

Juhani reached out her hand and threw one of the men into a wall, sending him limp to the floor. Another reach pulled Xor, hanging at the back and already wounded in the arm by Zaalbar, to her and she slammed him back into the wall behind her with as much force as she could.

When his head cleared he found a double-bladed lightsaber to his throat and the ends of a blaster and a bowcaster close to his face.

"Hah," he said, his voice heavy and hoarse with pain and the sound of punctured lungs. "You seem to have defeated me, worm. But I will have the last laugh!"

"What do you mean?" Juhani growled, barely feeling when Mission nervously reached out to rest her hand on her forearm.

"You may kill me here but I had the pleasure of destroying your species! Not all of us fought for honor! Some did it for pleasure, the pleasure of watching your world burn."

Juhani's arm shook, but she took a long, slow blink. Mission's hand applied more pressure, stilling the shaking in her arm, and Juhani drew a deep breath.

"I'm beyond your petty vengeance now, girl. You can never have your revenge!"

"I will not give you the satisfaction," she said, though her voice shook. "Of seeing me fall."

"Won't you? I killed your people like the animals they were, just to see them burn — hunted them down like the animals you are. But the treacherous beasts fought back and left me with injuries that meant I could never fight again — or so you thought!"

"I'd say you didn't put up that much of a fight," Mission interjected coldly. "Stop trying to provoke her, you slime."

"I found your kind in the lower city as well! The male was easy enough, but the females were elusive. And then you were taken from me by the Jedi!"

Juhani leaned down, her lightsaber humming inches closer to his throat. "You killed my father," she murmured, her voice almost disturbingly calm. Mission swallowed nervously. "You killed my people, and you treat us like animals. But I do not need revenge." She lowered her voice further. "You will die, but you will not die because of me."

With that, she deactivated her lightsaber, turned on her heel, and started towards the Czerka office through the small gaping crowd that had gathered. Mission and Zaalbar looked after her, then back at one another as Xor's final breath rattled out of his lungs.

"What would we have done if —"

"Search me, Big Z." Mission slipped her blaster back into her holster. "I was about to call Jolee. Glad I didn't have to. C'mon."

Zaalbar took a sole disgusted look back at Xor's corpse, shook his head, and took two strides to catch up to his friend.

Xor was fortunate he hadn't been chasing Zaalbar, or else he would have been missing several limbs.


"These are the coordinates," Canderous said gruffly, looking around at the sea of sand surrounding them. "I don't see him though."

"Probably camouflaged, or hiding." Anna raised a hand to shield her eyes under her hood. "HK, do a scan?"

The droid was quiet for a moment. "Affirmation: there are several meatbags on the other side of that dune. I have little doubt they are who we are looking for, master. They do not match readouts for local lifeforms and appear to be Mandalorian."

She'd noticed that the droid had been far more positive towards her since the revelation about her identity. "How many, precisely?"

"Analysis: It is hard to say, master. The heat plays with my scanning equipment. Placation: I am sure it is no more than we can handle, master. I am quite capable after all."

Canderous obsessively brushed a grain of sand off his blaster.

"Mandalorian rules of honor? How is this going down?"

"Hopefully it'll be left up to me and Jagi," he replied. "I'd hate to leave you and HK with all the rest."

She frowned, glancing over at him. "I did survive a war with your people, you know."

He chuckled as he checked his energy cell. "Did more than survive. You beat the shit out of us." He glanced up. "Here they come."

She looked back at the dune HK had indicated, spotting several — probably seven — humanoid figures walking towards them. Anna glanced back over. "So how will this work?"

"The spares should be there to keep us from running," Canderous said. "But I doubt rules of honor will play into this very well. This is for revenge. Not honor." Canderous looked over at her. "Probably got time to call Jolee if you're scared."

She chuckled. "Not on your life."

In the middle was the man she recognized as Jagi, flanked by several men she could identify as Mandalorians but did not recognize. Anna shrugged, letting her outer-robe fall to the ground around her feet as they drew to a stop, the bright sunlight blinding her for a few moments.

"So you managed to come after all." Jagi's eyes traced over to Anna, clearly drawn to the lightsabers on her belt. Thank the Force her Mandalorian wasn't rusty, or else she would be having problems. "And I see you brought friends."

"So did you," Canderous retorted.

"I thought that you might need help, so I arranged a distraction."

"That's a hell of a distraction," Anna said. If Jagi was shocked by her use of Mando'a, he didn't look it.

"I thought he'd need more help," he retorted coldly.

"Besides, he tried to talk me out of coming. I'm very stubborn."

"I do not need to hear your excuses, Jedi! I know why he brought you!"

"Enough of this talk!" Canderous hefted his blaster rifle, leveling the barrel. "Let's do what we came here to do."

"Uh, before we do," Anna interjected, holding out her hand. "Perhaps you both should calm down?"

She could nearly see Canderous rolling his eyes from beside her. "We are not talking this out, remember?" he hissed.

"We both know what's at stake here," Jagi snapped. "We both know what we must do. It's only in death that this can end."

"This is a matter of honor. You know that."

Anna frowned. "Jagi, what did he do?" She knew the general rules of Mandalorian honor combats — Canderous had been slandered, and the only answer for him was to respond in the challenged duel. Jagi, on the other hand, had initiated it. For him to seek Canderous out when he'd spotted him on Korriban meant that whatever Canderous had done had not been a minor infraction.

"He abandoned us in battle, the men he was sworn to lead, in the pursuit of glory," Jagi snapped. Canderous shook his head.

"If I'd not attacked then the battle may have been lost. If we had won it would not have been such an easy victory!"

"It would still have been won! You left your own men to die there, Canderous. I cannot forgive you for what you did to us!"

"So he seized a strategic moment?" Anna said, glancing between the two. "Hell, in the Republic that would net you an award." She didn't need to throw in the obligatory "perhaps that's why we won" as one side of Canderous' mouth jerked up, knowing she spoke with more weight than Jagi knew, and Jagi scowled at her.

"That isn't exactly how it happened," Canderous said, as much to her as Jagi.

"What did then?"

"The Althiri were fighting hard. I saw a break in their defenses that left their center exposed and I had to take the chance. If I hadn't, the battle would have cost more in warriors and time. I stand by it."

She nodded. "It's what I would have done." Even without her distinct memories as Revan, it was what she would have done. Jagi's scowl deepened.

"You were nothing more than a glory hunter! You were given direct orders, a part of a plan to carry out. You had a direct responsibility and you betrayed that!"

"See, trying to talk this out . . ."

Anna pursed her lips. She folded her hands behind her back, ready to cue HK to fire. "You must see that it was a sound strategic move, Jagi. He saved other lives in exchange for yours. A shame, but it happens."

Jagi scoffed quietly. "Of course it would — to a Jedi. But we are not your kind! There are rules to our warfare, rules he broke!"

"Mandalore taught us that opportunism and flexibility in battle were to be admired," Canderous snapped, clearly losing patience. "You may contradict me but will you dare to contradict him?"

Jagi seemed to falter for a second, but then his jaw drew in a thin line. "No more," he said.

"He's fairly determined to have your head on a pike," Anna murmured. Canderous nodded. "You good?"

"Been good."

"I'm done talking. Men—"

Jagi's orders were cut off when Anna dropped her hand behind her back, and the man next to Jagi was cut down by a single shot to the head. They responded quickly, Anna blocking the first series of shots and rolling to avoid the others, throwing a lightsaber into two of the men closest to her. Canderous dropped to the ground, propping his gun up on a pile of sand he'd been nudging together with his foot and opening fire. HK was still on his feet, an energy shield flickering around him as he marked each of his shots carefully. Anna flicked her own shield on, deflecting a blast as it nearly struck her and then flicking her lightsaber towards the shooter. She wasn't trying to get close. After all, Canderous was mostly trying to concentrate his power at Jagi's position — she was merely supposed to take care of the rest.

"He's bunkered down pretty deep," Canderous yelled over to her as she caught her 'saber, ducked a blast, and rolled more towards him. Only about two of the men were still standing, HK doing most of the cleanup. "Could use a hand."

"Once HK has those two down I'll see what I can do," she yelled back, watching as HK dropped one of the last men. Anna hefted and threw her lightsaber again, slicing deep through the last mercenary's torso. "You ready?"

Canderous stopped firing, preparing himself for a rapid burst as his teeth grit. "Yeah."

Anna reached out until she could sense Jagi, several meters away and still firing. Wrapping the Force around him, she lifted. He was light — after some of the things she'd had to lift it was as if she were lifting a feather — until she dropped him outside of his cover. She winced when Canderous opened fire before Jagi had hit the ground.

Ignoring Canderous as he picked himself up off the ground and dusted off his armor, Anna moved back to her robe and shook the sand out before pulling it on. Tugging her tawny hood low over her face to shield her eyes, she checked over HK for any damage and rubbed a blaster smear off his chassis. "Glad I upgraded this," she murmured. "You ready, Candy?"

"Yeah." Canderous had his blaster back on his back as he trudged back over to her. She studied him — if anything, he looked older. As they started back towards Anchorhead, he cleared his throat. "Thanks."

"We should have tried talking."

"We did."

Anna shook her head. "We could have tried more." Somewhere she still thought that they might have maybe been able to resolve Jagi's differences peacefully, but —

"No. Not with other Mandalorians watching. If it had just been us, he may have caved." He cleared his throat again. "I'd prefer we don't discuss it."

"Fair," Anna replied. "While we're not discussing it, I need to ask you a favor."


"I need you to spar with me."

Canderous stopped, looking over at her. "You've got two Jedi floating around. I thought you and Juhani—"

"Canderous, I need you for this." She glanced back towards Anchorhead. "Look. With the way things are going, I'm going to need to face Malak again."

From the way he pursed his lips she suspected he knew something she didn't. "One of those Force feelings your kind gets?"

"Something like that."

"Don't tell me you're scared."

"Not at all!" She protested, though that was the smallest bit of a lie. Sure, she'd been Revan but in her current state that meant very little. "But part of my problem was that he's exponentially stronger than me. Physically. I need someone his approximate size and strength. You're quite shorter than he is —"

"Not by much!" Canderous protested.

"— but I'd reasonably believe that you're as strong as he is when he's not using the Force."

"So you need pointers."

"I need something I can adapt to another fight with him. He knows everything about me and the way I behave in a duel. I know nothing about him anymore. I did once, but I can't guarantee that'll come back at a useful moment. And after the Leviathan I think I know how he fights — I just need someone who can replicate it."

"Why not Republic?"

Anna had considered asking Carth but Canderous was stronger, and any attempt to try hand-to-hand with Carth would likely lead to other distractions that would not help her when she finally came face-to-face with Malak. "No."

Canderous nodded. "Sure. We've got about three days to the Star Forge after this. 'Sides, I don't want to stick around just to see Revan get offed by her upstart apprentice."

Anna snickered and started towards Anchorhead again, HK jolting back to a start behind her. "It's more likely we'll off one another at this rate."

Since he was behind her, Anna didn't see the small veil of concern that furrowed his brow as he thought back to their Manaan conference about that very thing. He still wasn't convinced she didn't have a death wish now that she and the pilot were getting on again, because things like that . . .

"Yeah," he agreed, letting his face fall back. When the hell had he gotten all concerned? Scowling slightly at himself, he took a few long steps to catch up to her. "So, after dinner?"

"I don't see why not."


Everyone was back on the Hawk by the time Anna and Canderous returned, covered in sweat and sand. Anna left a partial trail of clothing to the 'fresher that was stubbornly picked up by T3 as he rolled by. Once she was done she padded back into the main hold, barefoot with her hair loose down her back. "So," she started, getting some water from the dispenser. "How's Griff?"

"Gone," Mission said, tracing a circle on the table. "Exchange is after him. He scampered."

"Mm. Not surprised." She leaned back against the counter, her eyes meeting Carth's for the briefest second before glancing away.

"We ran into Xor again," Juhani admitted. Anna raised an eyebrow.

"I assume that went 'well'?" she asked, using a hand to put quotes around the 'well.'

"He is dead," Juhani said calmly. "He attempted to goad me and I did not rise."

Anna glanced at Mission and Zaalbar, both of whom nodded. "She did good," Mission said. "'Specially for what he was saying to her. I'd've fed him to a rancor."

"I will not describe what I would have done."

She raised an eyebrow at the Wookiee's reply. "Good then. Carth, Jolee, T3, how's the ship?"

"Fine," Carth answered. "We're set to go."

"Excellent." Canderous tromped back in, dropping down at the table. He still looked exhausted. "Look." Anna took a deep breath and straightened up. "This is it. Our next stop is the Star Forge and we know we might not all be walking away. So if any of you want to leave, this is your port."

There was an extended period of silence, until Carth finally cleared his throat and strengthened off the bulkhead he was leaning on. "I'll go ahead and get us into the air."

"I will contact the Jedi and inform them that we are leaving for the Forge." Anna nodded as Juhani stood. They had been lax with updating the Jedi after Bastila's capture, primarily because they'd been awfully busy and not nearly as (rightfully) concerned as she had been.

"C'mon, you can help me put together some emergency supplies." Jolee patted Mission's shoulder as he walked by, and she stood and followed him towards the medbay. Zaalbar lumbered towards the garage.

"Well," Canderous said, pushing to his feet. "I'm going to bang around on that damn bike. Shout if you need me."

Anna waited until the main hold had cleared, and shook her head before heading for the cockpit. She scooped X'lor up on the way by, the gizka cooing and bumping his head against her hand as she scratched behind his nubbly little ears. "Who's a good gizka?" she murmured as she headed down the hallway to the cockpit. He cooed back at her, nibbling on her finger. "That's right, you are. You—ow!"

Carth chuckled from the pilot's seat, hand on the controls. "And you swear up and down that he likes you."

"He does," she protested, sinking down in the copilot's seat and moving to help with the flight controls. X'lor curled up on her lap, croaking. Carth glanced over and shook his head.

"Never thought I'd see the day. A former Sith Lord with a pet gizka."

"For someone who was awfully bothered by that, you're joking about it fairly quickly."

A corner of his mouth twitched. "What can I say? It's a defense mechanism."

She grinned over at him. "Any other defense mechanisms you want to enlighten me about?"

He laughed. "You should know better than to sweet-talk me when I'm flying, gorgeous."

Anna dropped X'lor onto her chair and stood, resting her head on top of Carth's as she let her hands trail down his arms. Carth glanced up at her. "I'm plotting the hyperspace coordinates. Can I focus for two seconds?"

She chuckled. "I'll let you focus long enough to get us into hyperspace." Anna stepped back, resting her hands on his shoulders. Carth plotted the jump, and then leaned back. Anna bent down again, kissing the top of his head before resting her own on his. "Can I distract you now?"

He pulled her hands over his chest, covering them with his own. "I suppose so. Though . . . how are you going to distract me, hm?"

She grinned, moving her head to his shoulder. "Oh, I think I can come up with one or two things that might distract you. If you're up for them, that is."

"You're a very bad Jedi," Carth murmured.

"Am I . . . interrupting something?"

Anna took a step back, spinning back for the door. Jolee stood there, arms crossed and half a smile on his face. "No," she said, scooping X'lor off her abandoned chair. "Why would you think that?" Carth spun his chair back, glaring at Jolee.

Jolee chuckled. "Ah, never mind. You wanted to talk to me after we were in hyperspace?"

"Yeah." She nodded to Carth. "I'll see you later, Commander?"

"I'd better," he replied. She looked back over her shoulder as she followed Jolee out and winked. Carth grinned, crossing his arms and propping his feet up on the console as he watched hyperspace whisk by.

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