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Prologue: Leaving

She knew that walking away would be the hardest thing she'd ever done.

But as the woman once feared as Darth Revan walked away from her ship, leaving a deactivated HK-make droid and a lone Astromech who watched her from the lowered ramp, she knew it was the only option. Traveling on ahead, alone, further into the unknown. Staying on the ship, staying with the droids . . . that brought back too many memories, memories of happiness, memories that didn't have a place where she was headed and would only continue to make her nostalgic and distracted.

She approached the transport official, making sure to not look out of place in the surprisingly busy crowd. This wasn't an Empire-held world - though she'd found many of them and increasingly more as she went further, and she knew that even worlds uncontrolled by the Empire were still regulated by them. She was still surprised she hadn't been marked further, especially after that incident the year before on her first Empire-held world.

"I need transport," she said, as she got within speaking distance of the officer.

"Where to?"

"The nearest world where I may purchase a ship. Or another sort of independent transport." She narrowed her eyes slightly. "Without having to 'borrow' it with no intention of returning."

He glanced past her at the now-closed Hawk, scanning it. "If you're looking to sell, I-"

He was cut off as the ship's engines roared, and it swept off the landing pad and into the sky. She smiled sweetly at him. "I'm not. Transport, please?"

She bought her ticket and headed towards the appropriate dock, looking back in time to catch the Hawk's lights as it sped back into space. Good luck, my friend, she thought, staring after it wistfully for a second or two. I'm sorry.

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