I do not own Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. This is in Greg's Point of View.

The Party
By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

I didn't really notice until Rowley asked me last night "Your brothers lips look really shiny. Does he wear like lip gloss?", I really had no idea, and so I decided to reply with a question of my own "Why are you even looking at his lips?". Well Rowley sulked and commented "Well, I was just wondering cause my mom says that males shouldn't wear lip gloss or lipstick". I mentioned that clowns wear make-up, put the movie IT on, and about half-way through Rowley called his dad to pick him up….I got into trouble and had nightmares about clowns... It's Rowley's fault.

"Rodrick….Do you wear lip gloss?" I asked him. He looked at me and started telling a scary story involving Clowns until our parents walked into the kitchen. I listened as Rodrick told mom and dad about how he received an invitation to go to a Birthday Party.

"You can go, but bring Greg with you." Mom stated calmly, I stared at her in disbelief, and Rodrick looked annoyed. She didn't even ask if I had any plans for tomorrow which I do not for Rowley is upset with me about the IT movie and so on...

"Fine." Rodrick said and he gave me an irritated expression. "I'll bring him."

The Birthday Party is tomorrow night which is a Saturday. I' m not looking forward to it. Why did mom have to say 'Bring Greg with you', but maybe she is doing this as punishment for scaring Rowley. Althought that IT movie scared me too... I'm planing to bring a camera with me to the party.

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