A/N: Missing Scene for Ep 2x3: The Beautiful Deception. Takes place just before the scene where Paolo is buried.

Cesare, in his dark formal Cardinal robes, swept into his sister's rooms. Lucrezia, sitting by her son's cradle, looked up to meet his eyes.

"Everything is ready," he told her, his tone gentle.

"Thank you, Cesare. I'm very glad it is you performing the ceremony."

"I'm… honored to do it. I wouldn't want my nephew's father, and your love, in Hell. But wouldn't you rather it be our Holy Father, the Pope, performing the ceremony?"

Her face hardened. "No. You're doing this because you don't want Paolo in Hell, and because you know that I want… need… this. Father only allowed it to save his grandchild. And only after I proved Paolo wasn't a suicide."

"What? Crezia… The note…"

"Yes, dearest brother, the note... Paolo couldn't read or write. Not even his name," she explained. She knew he was more than clever enough to figure it out from that, so she said no more.

The pieces quickly fell into place for Cesare. The young man couldn't have been part of his son's life (had accepted that), but had given Lucrezia happiness, and hadn't deserved to be killed. Pain, sadness, and anger crashed through him, but he kept outwardly calm, for Lucrezia, and his baby nephew – a fist clenching and unclenching as if ready to strike, or closing around a sword hilt, the only outward show of his feelings. "Juan," he said sadly, hating that his brother could hurt their sister so. Lucrezia gave a sad nod.

"Juan killed his body, but you are saving his soul. Thank you, Cesare," she said, standing up, and moving close to hug him tightly. He easily and automatically returned the hug.

"You saved his soul by giving him love, and convincing Father to allow this Christian burial," he told her, his voice soft and reassuring – a voice he'd only ever used with Lucrezia. "He spent his last night with the woman he loved, and his son… You gave him that. You let him see his son, and have a last night with you. You have no idea…"

She saw a far off look enter his eyes. "You're wishing for a night with your impossible love," she said softly. "You helped me, is there nothing I can do to help you be with your impossible love?"

He blinked, and gave a sad smile. "Thank you, but no. There is nothing. And today is not about me, or her. I'm glad you and Paolo at least had one last night."

"You helped a great deal to arrange that night," she reminded him. "Thank you, again."

"You're welcome, my sweet," Cesare replied.

Giovanni made a sound, a Lucrezia hurried to him, lifting him into her arms. "Thank you for helping take care of him while I was… unwell," she said, leaning in to kiss Cesare's cheek.

"He's my nephew," Cesare replied, smiling down at the baby.

"I wouldn't have let my baby die. I would have taken him back in time. I knew Father would give in,"

"Of course Father was going to give in. He could never refuse you anything – and neither could I," Cesare replied.

"Just as I could never refuse you anything, my love," she told him, then turned her attention to her child. "It's time to say good bye to your father, baby," she said, her voice almost breaking.

Cesare wrapped an arm around his sisters waist, and led her from the room towards the graveyard.