This is my first drabble. I will put out EXACTLY 100 word chapters as part of my self challenge. I'll post twice a day. I am not done with the story yet, so I'm not sure how long it will be :-)

If you have read anything of mine you know I am a stickler for details... I'm not in the Marine Corps, but I have met some fabulous FB friends to help me along the way. Plus countless hours on the internet researching. I've made it as accurate as I can.

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Title: Why don't you notice me?

Summary:Jasper Hale is a cool , new teacher at Forks high school, Alice Cullen is his seventeen year old student. That first school girl crush is a Killer!

Now my first chapter. I hope you enjoy...

Chapter 1


Fuck him and fuck his Army.

Not man enough? Fuck you, ass hole. I couldn't wait to leave Texas. I loved Texas but this state wasn't big enough for both of us, and that was sure as fuck saying something.

Mama was a different story. I was gonna miss her something awful.

Leaning up against the bus' window I watched as the landscape passed by me, the familiar becoming the unfamiliar.

Nineteen hours later we reached our destination. Looking out the window I read the sign that welcomes us;

U.S. Marine Corps Depot

Eastern Recruiting Region

Parris Island

South Carolina