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Summary: What should have been a night of celebration for newly qualified CSI Greg Sanders turns in to a nightmare after he is kidnapped and brutally attacked...

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Chapter 1.

Greg Sanders was on cloud 9 as he bounced down the halls of CSI HQ. His supervisor, Gil Grissom, had just told him that he'd passed his proficiency and was now a fully qualified CSI level 1. After nearly squeezing the life out of his supervisor hugging him, he was now desperate to find the rest of the team to tell them his good news. Passing Archies lab he spied the A/V tech working at his computer.

"Hey Arch" he said, rushing in to the techs lab rather breathless. "Have you seen the guys anywhere?"

"Oh hey Greg" Archie replied, not at all startled by Gregs entrance. In fact after working with Greg over the years he, and the rest of the lab, was used to his hyperactivity. ".. Uh.. Yeah.." he said pausing, still concentrating on the computer screen in front of him. "..I think I just saw them headed towards the break roo..."

"Thanks man" Greg said hurriedly, interrupting him before he could finish what he was saying or ask what was up- because Greg was just bursting at the seams to tell his good news to someone, ANYONE, but wanted the other CSI's to know first, before anyone else- especially after all the help and advice they had offered him in the run up to his proficiency. He patted Archie on the shoulder and dashed out of the lab to find the other CSI's before his mouth ran away with him, leaving a rather confused Archie in his wake.

Greg couldn't believe it. It was a dream come true. He was finally a fully fledged CSI. All that hard work he'd put in over the years had been worth it and with the help and support of his fellow CSI's he had succeeded. He owed the team a lot- especially his supervisor Gil Grissom and colleague and good friend Nick Stokes. He remembered the day before his proficiency and how nervous he was when Nick called by his apartment to see how he was holding up. To say he was a nervous wreck would be an understatement. He was on edge and couldn't sleep.

It was almost like Nick had a sixth sense. He always seemed to know when Greg was distressed, in need of a shoulder to cry on or simply needed cheering up. Seeing him on his doorstep, beers in hand with a cheeky grin on his face Greg nearly launched himself at him, incredibly grateful to have some company before he drove himself insane.

After spending the past 2 months shadowing Nick, the two of them had become near un-separable. They had always been close, having clicked with each other from when they first met , they teased each other, played pranks on each other and even flirted outrageously with each other from time to time, and over the years- especially this past year- he found himself starting to fall more and more for the Texans charms. He'd always found Nick attractive even from the first day he'd met him. But it wasn't just his looks. He was kind, always putting others before himself, and he was the most dedicated CSI, often getting a little too involved with his cases, but that was Nicks nature- kind and caring.

Greg smiled to himself, fondly remembering Nicks words of encouragement. Remembered him saying that how he had no doubt that not only would he pass his proficiency with flying colours, but how he would also become an excellent CSI and addition to the team. He then flushed slightly, remembering his rather drunken advances on Nick in reply to his kind words. Insisting how he would take Nick out, just the two of them, to show him how much he appreciated all the help, advice and encouragement he had given him this past year before he passed out on the couch from exhaustion. He really hoped Nick would brush that off as nerves and alcohol getting the better of him.

Truth was, he really did want to ask Nick out on a date and thought this would be the perfect opportunity as he would never have the courage to do so otherwise. That and he was also a little wary that maybe Nick didn't swing that way and would take offence, ruining what friendship they already had, which came full circle as to why this was the perfect opportunity. He just hoped that he hadn't ruined his chances already.

As he rounded the corner, still wondering to himself how he would ask Nick out, and entered the break room he was startled from his thoughts with a loud "CONGRATULATIONS!"

In complete shock, he just stood in the doorway blinking before he was swamped by Sarah, Catherine, Warrick and Nick in a group hug. Grissom entered the break room a minute after, whilst he was still engulfed by his colleagues, holding a bottle of champagne.

"Well done Greg" Grissom congratulated him again, smiling fondly as the others eventually let him go.

For once, Greg was stunned in to silence. He wasn't expecting this and was utterly speechless, which is saying something considering one of his favourite past times is talking.

Finding his silence hilarious the others laughed. With Sarah taking the bottle of champagne from Grissom and presenting it to him she said "We knew you'd do it Greg, believed in you from the start and want to welcome you officially to the team. We are all so very proud of you.", smiling fondly at him as he accepted the bottle with slightly shaky hands. "Now come on" she continued "We've got some celebrating to do!"

With his emotions starting to get the better of him and his eyes welling up slightly, Greg swallowed the lump that had built up in his throat. "Guys I... I really don't know what to say.." he addressed them shaking his head slightly in disbelief. "Thank you... Thank you so very much."

"You're welcome Greg" Grissom said with a proud look on his face.

Finally getting a grip of his emotions he opened the bottle with a loud pop. After filling everyone's glass with a generous amount they all raised their glasses in a toast.

"Right guys" Warrick said setting his empty glass down on the coffee table "The night is young, and as Sarah said, we've got some celebrating to do. Come on Greggo, we're heading out to make you becoming a CSI official!"

"But" Greg paused to look at the time on the break room clock and casting Grissom a quick glance he said "we still have just over an hour left until shift finishes"

"Don't worry yourself sweetie, it's already been cleared up" Catherine explained "Besides, it's a quiet night and Grissom has offered to cover if anything crops up"

Greg was bowled over by everyone's kindness and especially by what they had planned for him in such a short space of time. He checked one final time, just to make sure he hadn't dreamt it all. "Are you sure?" he asked, looking at Grissom.

"It really is fine Greg" Grissom answered him, still with that proud look on his face.

A warm feeling spread throughout his body. It had taken him years to get Grissom to look at him the way he's looking at him now. Like a proud father would look upon his child. For him to see past his goofiness and flaws and take him seriously when he told him he wanted to work out in the field. He admired and looked up to the man so much and seeing that look on his face meant the world to him. He was determined not to let him down and to keep working hard now he was finally a CSI. "Thank you" was all he could manage before his emotions got the better of him again.

Grissom smiled fondly and nodded his head at him in reply.

"Oh... um.." Greg suddenly remembered then turning to the others "I don't have a change of clothes"

"Already taken care of man" Nick said producing a bag from behind the sofa. "I hope you don't mind, but I put some things together for you while I was at your place last night"

The room went suspiciously quiet. Warrick cleared his throat then and gave Nick a 'I knew it! You are gonna tell me all about it later' look before continuing to make conversation with Catherine, Sarah and Grissom, pretending not to eavesdrop on the rest of their conversation.

"When?..." Greg asked a little confused, starting to feel hot all over as Nick approached him, the previous night coming back to him again.

Nick handed Greg his bag. Then stepped even closer as he leaned in to whisper in his ear so the eavesdropping trio couldn't hear "You know..." he said with a teasing pause "While you were sleeping" Nick pulled back to look at Greg with the most wicked smirk on his face.

Greg immediately came to a horrifying conclusion. 'OH MY GOD! He knows! He must know!' Greg's face felt like it was on fire as he realised he must have been talking in his sleep dreaming about Nick, which recently was quite a regular occurance, while he was passed out on the sofa last night. And worse, Nick had obviously witnessed everything! He looked away from Nick to try and hide his face, which must be bright red, too embarrassed to look him in the eye knowing that Nick found out about his feelings toward him this way.

Noticing how Greg had suddenly come to look rather uncomfortable, Nick placed his hand on top of Gregs, which was gripping his bag so tight his knuckles were starting to turn white, and tried to get Greg to look at him. This wasn't the reaction Nick was hoping for. He hadn't set out to embarrass him. He was just teasing the young CSI. Trying to get across that it was ok, that he was ok by it because he feels exactly the same way about him. But it had backfired.

He started to stroke Gregs hand with his thumb hoping this would ease his worry. "Greg.. It's ok" he whispered.

Greg was trying desperately to think of a way out and tell Nick that it was all a big joke and laugh it off like he always did in situations like these. Not this time though. Even if Nick did have doubts about whether what he heard the previous night was true or not, he had just blown those doubts right out of the water. His reaction and look of shame on his face had just confirmed it. He was in so much despair he almost didn't hear Nick telling him it was ok. He didn't sound angry or disgusted. Then he looked at his hand gripping his bag and frowned slightly. Nicks hand was on top of his, his thumb stroking soothing circles. Then he heard him again, clearer this time.

"Greg.. please look at me"

Again, not angry or disgusted but more worried. He hadn't realised that he'd almost gone in to meltdown and had blocked out everything that was going on around him. Finally lifting his head to look at Nick all he could think of to say was "Sorry". The look on Nicks face though made his heart melt. And when Nick pulled him in for an embrace it left him wondering if he was just being sympathetic towards him or if there was more.

Getting a bit carried away with the moment they had completely forgotten about their co-workers.

"Get a room you two!" Sarah joked, breaking the silence.

Startled, they sprang apart. Both a little flustered, especially when they saw the grinning faces of their colleagues watching them.

"Right.." Greg said trying to think straight "..Um.. Yeah, shower.." Giving Nick a sideways glance he then started towards the door stumbling slightly, tripping over his own two feet when he noticed the others still smirking at the two of them. Still clutching his bag he made his way toward the shower rooms leaving Nick to the interrogation he is no doubt about to receive from their colleagues.

Greg couldn't stop thinking about what had happened just ten minutes ago in the break room between Nick and himself. After a quick shower he dried himself off, wrapped a towel around his waist then went to his bag and pulled out his toothbrush and set about brushing his teeth. Looking at himself in the mirror brushing his teeth, he remembered the expression on Nicks face and couldn't help but wonder, and hope, if Nick felt the same way about him. It could have been a sympathetic look of course, seeing as he almost crumpled in a heap on the floor, after Nick told him he knew he fantasized about him in his sleep but seeing as he'd just passed his proficiency and this was supposed to be a night of celebration he was ok with it... but just for tonight. He sincerely hoped that wasn't the case. Rinsing his mouth and wiping it clean he knew his mind was beginning to run away with itself, but he just couldn't help it. Sighing deeply and in complete turmoil he pulled out the clothes Nick had chosen for him to wear from his bag. A smile spread across his face when he noticed the black semi-fitted shirt that Nick bought him for his birthday a few months ago- Nick had very good dress sense and he also knew what looked good on Greg-and his favourite pair of jeans. He felt his heart start to race just that little bit faster again. Nick knew him so well- another reason that got him thinking if Nick felt the same about him.

After pulling on his jeans and fastening his shirt, which showed off his slim figure in all the right places, he then set about styling his hair. He finished off his look with a little eyeliner, which emphasized his brown eyes perfectly, then finally sprayed himself with his favourite scent. Taking a final look at himself in the mirror before heading back to the others he'd finally decided. Tonight would be the night. After weeks of trying to pluck up the courage to ask Nick out on a date regardless, he decided tonight would be the night to finally make that move. It was the perfect opportunity and perfect excuse if it backfired horribly. He locked his bag and other bits and pieces in his locker, took a deep breath and headed back to the break room to meet the others ready for the, no doubt eventful, night ahead.

Everyone went quiet when Greg got back to the break room. He got a sneaky feeling he'd interrupted something, probably something to do with him and Nick judging from the looks on everyones faces. He shifted a little uncomfortably on his feet before he caught Nick staring at him, mouth slightly open. Meeting his eyes Greg felt himself start to blush under Nicks gaze, which spoke volumes. Then he realised this was the first time Nick had seen him wearing the shirt he bought him for his birthday and, judging by the look on his face, he obviously approved of the way he looked in it.

Noticing the look on his friends face, Warrick chuckled to himself shaking his head slightly, holding back on the need he felt to close Nicks mouth for him and ask him 'what the hell are you waiting for? Now go get your boy!'. He was going to have some serious words with his friend tonight. Breaking the silence, Warrick whistled low before speaking. "Damn Sanders!" he said "You scrub up well" He then patted Nick on the shoulder, startling him slightly, alerting him to the fact he was as good as ogling the young CSI "What do you think Nick?" he then asked, deciding to make tonight his mission to get the two of them to finally admit to their feelings.

"Er.." Caught off guard, Nick struggled to reply but was thankful that Warrick had brought him out of his stupor "Yeah..." he felt his face start to burn "You look good G" He continued then smiled sincerely at Greg "Really.. good"

Greg felt himself blush even harder. Keeping his head bowed he managed to smile shyly back at Nick looking up at him through his lashes.

"I'll have to keep an eye on you tonight" he heard Warrick say, not sure if he meant him or Nick, or both of them.

Taking pity on her two colleagues, Catherine decided enough was enough "Right guys!" she said walking over to them, giving Warrick a look that told him to ease off with the teasing. "Are we ready?" she asked, then looked at Greg giving him a fond smile "You ready Greggo?"

He nodded his head yes, relieved Catherine had come to his rescue.

"Then lets get outta here and P.A.R.T.Y!" Catherine said looping her arm through Gregs and leading him out the door the others following suit, everyone looking forward to the night ahead. Greg however suddenly felt very nervous.

OK! So I got a wee bit carried away there... Like 3000+ words carried away compared to the less than 1000 words original chapter. I felt the original 1st chapter didn't explain enough of the way Greg and Nicks relationship was before they give in to their feelings. I hope it wasn't too much for you guys... As I said, I got a bit carried away. Hopefully you will also enjoy the next UPDATED chapter 2, which I'm hoping to have up pretty soon as there shouldn't be that many changes. In the meantime, THANK YOU for reading :)