Authors note.

It has been a year and a half since I last updated this fic. Since my last update life has been (and still is) god damn awful. With things improving slightly fairly recently I have had time to come back to Trauma. As it has been such a long time I had to re-read what I had already posted to remind myself of what I had written and the sort of direction I was taking it in. I will be re-posting chapters 1-7 after polishing them up a bit. There will be no major changes and it is up to you guys if you want to read them again. I will say, however, I have added quite a bit more to chapter 1. I felt it was a bit rushed and so went in to a bit more detail (and I got a bit carried away with myself!) with what was like an introductory chapter before is now over 1000 words! I'm hoping to have that posted within the next day or so- so keep a look out! :)

Finally, I don't know if any of my original reviewers will still be following this. THANK YOU very much for sticking with me if you are. I am still halfway through working on chapter 8 and am hoping to get it posted soon. As for the newer chapters, I'm hoping to have some of them up this week- fingers crossed. As I have said before, I would never leave the lovely Greg in a situation he's currently in (although I am putting him through hell at the moment). I am determined to get chapter 8 up no matter how long it takes me!