I Love You Chapter 3

Sue sipped her coffee and signed to Tara "How long have you and Bobby been an item?" Tara nearly spluttered her coffee all over the table and replied "How do you know?" Sue smiled and signed back "It's obvious from your body language between you both; I don't know how everyone else hasn't noticed." "Only a couple of weeks but it feels like longer. I'm in love with him" replied Tara. "I suppose we need to make it public and one of us will have to transfer out of the team."

After their lunch break was over the duo returned to the office and got on with their paperwork. Bobby and Jack returned from court a place they had been most of the day. "One nil to the good guys, that judge was great, the drongo got 10 years" exclaimed Bobby. Sue had looked up when the guys had entered and smiled at them both. "Jack, can I have a word?" she said, when Jack was nearer to her she said to him "Do you want to come to mine for dinner tonight, Lucy is going to visit her aunt and it would be convenient as there is a chicken that needs to be cooked tonight and Levi won't mind." Meanwhile Tara was telling Bobby that Sue had realised that they were together and that more people would notice as time went on. "We'll talk tonight in private." was the reply from her lover. "Is mine at 8pm ok?" Tare said "Yes, do you have food? Or will I bring something?" "How about I order in some Chinese food?" laughed Bobby. He was well known never to have food in the house and it seemed to be a standing joke between them sometimes. "Fine by me" was Tara's answer.

At 8o'clock Tara was at Bobby's front door and Jack was at Sue's. Sue was cooking the chicken at Jack was helping her with the salad that was to go with it. "Tara and Bobby are an item" Sue blurted out without any warning. Jack nearly sliced his finger instead of the cucumber at this sudden remark. "What? What makes you think that" he shouted at her. Sue winced as it was obvious he had raised his voice at her. "Sorry, that came out louder than I intended. Seriously, what makes you think that?" Sue looked straight at Jack and replied "Apology accepted, Tara confirmed it for me this lunchtime; she says she loves him and that he feels the same about her. They would have never started a relationship if they weren't already in love with each other. "Jack was looking at Sue in amazement, "How come I haven't noticed?" he said, "I'm with them every day."

Meanwhile over at Bobby's, Tara and Bobby were enjoying the take out and Bobby said "I'll leave the team, Jack will understand and I know he has your back. So does Miles, I trust them with you." Tara nearly snorted and replied "I was just going to say the same thing to you. You and Jack get into more dangerous situations then I do and I know he and Miles have your back. Bobby leaned over and kissed Tara gently, a kiss that sent her wild. She put down her food and said" Seriously, who will leave? And when will we tell them? Bobby smiled back at her and replied "Do you mean it?" "Yes" was her answer, "anyway Jones from cyber crime was asking me if I wanted to transfer to his unit, he thinks I'm the best computer person he has met." Bobby's answer was "Great, but it will be a loss to the team when you leave. How about telling everyone tomorrow? But I think I'll tell Jack tonight, he deserves to know beforehand, and anyway I want to ask him to be my best man at our wedding" "What wedding?" Tara said "You haven't asked me to marry you?" " I suppose that was a proposal but I do love you and I do want the honour of being your husband." Was the answer from him. Tara smiled and leant over her body touching his and smiled as she said "Of course you can be my husband, I love you." Bobby kissed her like he had never kissed her before and then said "I suppose I better phone Jack and tell him. How do you think he will react?" He'll be happy for us but give you a lecture on the rules about office dating. After all he has loved Sue for years and never made a move on her because of the rules."

Ten minutes later at Sues place jack put down his phone and signed to Sue "He has asked her to marry him, she has said yes and Tara apparently has a place lined up in cybercrime. It looks like the team will be changing soon. They are telling everyone else tomorrow but told me that I could tell you tonight" Jack suddenly looked a little sad and Sue asked him why, "my best friend is getting married, I feel kind of strange" Sue walked over and hugged him, her feelings for him came to the surface and she gently kissed him. The kiss lasted for ages he passionately kissed her back.