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Rose's POV

Dear Mum and Dad,

I can't believe the year is almost over! It seems like yesterday you dropped me off at platforms 9 & ¾, and waved me goodbye. You were right; Hogwarts has been an amazing experience. Final Exams start in two months, and don't worry Mum, my notes are already color coded and ready to go!

Also, please tell Hugo that for the last time, MUGGLE CONTRAPTIONS DON'T WORK AT HOGWARTS! Oh, and send him a big sloppy kiss!

Lots of love,


April comes, along with many showers. We are constantly locked inside under the gloomy gray clouds of the Great Hall, which no one is happy about. Especially the quidditch players. Al's insane captain still makes them practice five mornings a week, and it's a wonder when he doesn't come into class late and wet.

Fortunately enough the morning of the quidditch finals is cloudy, but the weather seems to be holding. Scorp and I find ourselves waking up early with Al, taking him down to breakfast and force-feeding him some waffles. The rest of the team seems in pretty bad shape too. James and Freddie are just staring into the air instead of producing their usual loud banter, Louis is bouncing up and down in his seat, and across the hall in the Ravenclaw table I can see Roxanne, Fred's twin and the Ravenclaw Chaser, just sitting and gaping at thin air.

Eventually Hunter Wood, son of the legendary quidditch player Oliver Wood, and seventh year Gryffindor team captain, comes to gather everyone up. Scorp smacks Al on the back, and I give him a quick hug, before letting him go with the team.

"We should probably go get ready and wake everyone up." Scorp tells me, tugging slightly on my hand. I nod silently, and let him lead the way.

"AND POTTER SCORES! 10 NOTHING TO GRYFFINDOR!" Darcy Wallace, the Hufflepuff commentator bellows, followed by a deafening cheer from the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff stands. Some Slytherins join us, but most keep quiet, having teamed up with the Ravenclaws.

James does a small victory loop, before Wood, the keeper, saves a bad throw from the Ravenclaws, and passes him the Quaffle. He quickly passes to the other chaser, Sixth Year Gregory Vance, who passes to the third chaser, Louis. They keep up formation, passing and dodging, while Fred and the other Beater, a fifth year named Dave, do their best to hit the bludgers away.

The seeker, a meek seventh year boy I can't remember the name of, circles the top of the stands, keeping a close eye out. Suddenly there is a crack, followed by a boom of thunder, and it starts to drizzle.

"Are they going to cancel the match?" I ask Scorp, who like me, is decked in Gryffindor spirit.

"I doubt it." Halie answers instead. "My sister said that they never cancel quidditch matches, not even when it's snowing."

"Well that's stupid, someone can get hurt." I point out, crossing my arms. In the background I hear a commotion, and turning my attention back to the field I notice that both seekers have started to speed up, racing each other to the top right corner of the field, where they must've spotted the snitch.

"Well quidditch is renowned for its safety." Scorpius relies cheekily, and when I smack his shoulder he just sniggers in response.



"HE GETS STRUCK BY A BOLT OF LIGHTNING?" Wallace finishes, sending everyone into a frenzy. The flash of light seemed to momentarily paralyze us all, but when we see the falling body of our seeker, people start to snap back into reality.

"SOMEBODY CATCH HIM!" I hear people scream around me, but everyone is in too much of a daze to do anything but watch. Fortunately James seems to be in the right mind, because at the last second he dives, catching Hartford right before he hits the ground. The whole Gryffindor team swoops down to the ground, having called a time out to check on their injured teammate. I grab Scorp's hand and weave my way through the throng of shocked people to find out what's going on.

"Is he going to be ok?!" I ask, a bit out of breath, when I finally reach Al next to the Gryffindor sideline bleachers.

"I- I don't know." Al stammers, a deathly shade of white. At that moment Hartford passes us, having been propped on to the shoulders of two seventh year Gryffindors, obviously on their way to the hospital wing. I can hear Hunter shouting in the background, and when Scorp nudges me I see him stalking over to where we are.

"Potter, we need you to fill in." He says, running over. "Go get dressed quick, your uniform is in the locker room. We start up again in five minutes, don't be late!"

Hunter runs away before Al can reply, and we are left with him hyperventilating.

"I'll take care of this." Scorp whispers to me. "Go back to the stands, I'll meet you there."

"Ok…" I say, but Scorp has already caught Al by the arm and is dragging him to the locker rooms.

"Do you want to win this or not?" I hear him yell. "IS THIS NOT IMPORTANT TO YOU AND ALL OF GRYFFINDOR HOUSE?"

"It- it is!"


"IT IS!"


The Gryffindor common room is crazy, it being that we have just won the quidditch cup and all. Al was amazing, swishing and swooshing here and there, left and right, up and down. He was so good actually, that he caught the snitch two minutes after he entered the game. He definitely won't have a problem making the team next year.

James and Fred are lifting Al up for what seems like the millionth time, and chanting his name. Kids swarm around me pushing and pulling, trying to get to their friends or to the snack area, and suddenly I don't feel so good anymore. Standing on my tiptoes, I scan the room before I spot Anna, and I hurry over to her.

"Can you come with me back to the dorm?" I ask, tugging a bit on her sleeve.

"Why? Are you ok?" She says.

"Yes, I'm just not feeling in the party mood right now…it's a bit too loud and stuffy here, you know?" I say, pouting a bit. Hopefully this will work.

"Oh all right," she gives in. "I'm pretty tired anyways. Let me just go tell Halie."

"Yay, you're the best!" I smile, giving her a quick hug. Oh warm bed, you're not so far away from me after all.

The quidditch celebrations don't continue for long, because before we know it, we're back in classes getting loaded with piles upon piles of homework for the exams. Even as first years, whatever free time we have is spent wandering around the lake, reviewing old charms or spells.

I spend hours each day in the library, reluctantly letting Al and Scorp pull me out sometimes. It really seems like they don't study at all, yet the boys are almost as smart as me. Almost.

Exams come and go, and with it June, and before I know it it's the night before the last day of school, and I'm walking down to the Great Hall with Al, Scorp, and the whole crew. Gryffindor has won the house cup, and the whole room is decked with crimson and gold.

"What are you talking about?!" Al cries, "You got 100's on every test except for Defense, where you got a 98!"

"Exactly!" I reply, exasperated. "It was a stupid careless mistake. I know the material, I could've easily gotten a 100! Even you got a 100 Al! Even Scorp did!"


"No offense."

"Can you three stop bickering for a minute and sit down?" Halie asks, and I realize that we have been standing around the Gryffindor table for quite a while now, causing a scene.

"Oh yeah, sorry." I mumble, feeling the heat rush up to my cheeks. I plop onto the bench, pulling Al and Scorp down with me.

"I mean the way that you act, you would think that you guys were an old married couple. Well a very weird one anyways, with two husbands and a wife." Halie continues, and this time I know it's not only me who blushes. Al kicks her under the table, which causes her to let out a little shriek, which then makes Anna burst into giggle. Al blushes and buries his face in his plate.

"Well actually, I'd rather not marry little Rosie Posie here," Scorp retorts, earning him a quick slug to the shoulder.

"Don't be so quick to judge, Malfoy."

"Aww, does someone have a crush on me?"

"In your dreams."

"Well in my dreams-"

"Shut up!" Anna yells, " McGonagall is about to speak anyways." Scorp and I let out an annoyed sigh in unison, before, fortunately, McGonagall begins her speech.

"It's been a long year." She starts, surveying the room with her crystal eyes. Not even a breath can be heard. "But a productive one, and I am very proud of you all. To the seventh years, which are going off into the world after today, I wish good luck, and for the rest of you, a good summer, and I'm looking forward to seeing you here once again this September. Congratulations to Gryffindor, for winning the house cup and the quidditch cup, and to Ravenclaw, for coming in a close second. Have a safe summer holidays and without further ado, enjoy your feast!"

The hall breaks out into cheers and whoops, people throwing their hats and robes into the air, celebrating the end of the year. Around me my friends are laughing, and smiling, digging into the food that has now appeared before us, and studying them one more time I come to a conclusion.

This year couldn't of been any better.

Dear Rose,

I can't wait to see you tomorrow love! Your room is clean and ready, and I have already started to prepare your favorite meal for the family dinner tomorrow. Even if Hugo doesn't show it, he has missed you a lot, and Dad and I have missed you even more!

Counting down the seconds until I get to have you in my arms once again,

Hugs and Kisses,




Mum is right, it's been too long since someone has beaten me in wizards' chess. It's time you come home to knock some sense into your old Pop.

I love you much, you know that. And I'm so proud of you.



To the older sister with the red hair,

When do I get to go to Hogwarts?



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