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What He Needs

"Eddie!" I hear him bellowing through the house.

I drop my head in frustration as I listen to the man I love continue to call me by the name I hate. I continue to stir the contents of my skillet as I shake my head. I take a deep breath before I answer him but before I could I hear . . .

"Eddie, babe?"

"I'm in the kitchen, Jacob," I finally respond.

I continue to stir the chopped vegetables sizzling in the skillet. Just as I drop in the butter and a dash of salt I see his frame come bursting through our kitchen door. I forget about him calling me Eddie.

It is as if time is moving in slow motion. He moves gracefully across the room, moving his six and a half foot frame towards me. Before I have time to register the look in in his eye I am in his arms. I drop the flat spoon I held in my hand. It hits the floor in a loud tap, surely sending reminisce of butter on to the floor and across the bottom cabinet. I will have to clean that later because right now I am being lifted onto the counter top by hands that are holding me tight.

I can feel as Jacob slides his hand underneath my shirt. He grazes the pad of his thumbs over my chest. Jacob began to trail kisses down my neck and I can't help but bury my hands in this long hair, pulling on the roots and dragging my nail across his scalp. I can feel the rumble in his chest as he pulls me closer.

"Jacob," I try to say but my voice is faint.

My body focuses on the callus hands that continue to rub and pinch my exposed chest. The smell of old books and motor oil fills my nose. It is all scent of my husband. My sense are overload and yet I want more.

I'm lost in the sensation but I register my shirts going over my head. Jacob's hands squeeze on my thigh as he holds me tighter. I fumble with the zipper of his coveralls but manage to pull it down to waist level. I pull the sleeves down his arms revealing his tight, white, "A" shirt and full muscles. I squeeze my hands between are bodies so close together and under his shirt just to graze my hands over his muscles. My touch encourages Jacob more and I feel him growl into my neck.

I love it when he makes that sound.

My head spins when I am, without warning, lifted from the counter. I wrap my legs around his body out of habit.

"Wait, Jacob!"

He grunts again in response as he moves from attacking my neck to looking at my face. His eyes scream confusion at why I would dare stop him. He goes right back to the very spot on my neck that makes me squirm in his arms.

"Love . . . food . . . stove on," I say, panting.

Jacob jostles me in his arms and in one swift motion supports my weight with one hand as he moves the skillet onto the towel sitting on the counter and turns off the eye of the stove. That only turned me on more. When his hands return to my body I claim his lips as he carries me to our bedroom.

Graceful, that is the best word to describe the monstrous size man who can carry me at least fifty feet, with his eyes closed, as he begins the hicky (that is sure to show later) on my neck and softly lay me on my back in the center of our bed.


Jacob pushes into my still clothed body and now I hate the jeans that are in the way. As if he is thinking the same thing he pulls down the zipper and yanks off the article as if they have committed a crime. When he moves to stand before me to pull off the remainder of his oil covered mechanics suit I look into his eyes and see a primal need. I know this isn't going to be us making love. This is going to be the wolf that lives deep in Jacob's heritage. The Alpha has come to mark his territory. Jacob won't hurt me and I know he will take care of me, it's who he is, but this isn't about me or the love we share. This is all about him and I am happy to give him what he needs.

Jacob lowers his body back onto mine, dragging his nose from my ear, down my neck and chest until he reaches the band of my still remaining boxers. The feel of his hot breathe as he takes in my scent gives me goose bumps. He trails his fingers just under the elastic of the material. The anticipation is making me so hard I think I am going to come just from him breathing on me. My breath is heavy as I grasp onto the sheets at my side, moaning in delight. When I can't take the torture any more, Jacob puts me out of my misery.

His hand is so rough and slow as he moves it up and down my cock, pulling the under ware from my body. It's the best feeling in the world. He climbs back on top of me as he continues to move his hands between us. He mouth moves frantically over mine and breathing is the least of my concern. My legs wrap tighter around his body wanting to be closer to him. I can feel as his own cock rubs against to side of mine, up and down my thigh and chest as he moves in quick thrust on my body.

I close my eyes, only watching the specks of light that appears behind my lids as I feel my orgasm yanked from my body. Jacob grunts in my ear and his growl vibrates our chest. I feel completely detached from my body in the best possible way and I know my Alpha isn't done with me yet.

Jacob lets go of my semi erect manhood as he re-centers himself above me. His large frame blocks the light from my face as he reaches over my head to the night stand. I know he is retrieving the lube and condom. When the essence of light reappears before my face I open my eyes to find Jacob smiling down on me. The illumination of the ceiling light makes his body glow. He looks like an angel the way he shines before me. His beautiful smile and bright eyes proving he could never be more than loving. I stretch out my hand which he takes and kisses me on my wrist; our own intimate act. I am back under his shadow as I feel his gel covered finger enter me slowly one at a time.

So slow the buildup I feel in the bottom of my stomach as Jacob prepares me. My once sated cock now back to life at the potential of another great relief. Jacob is silent as he rolls the condom down his own erection and aligns himself with my body.

"I love you, Edward," he says just before I feel him push pass the barrier of my body.

I arch off the bed but never remove my hands from Jacob's back. He stops, he moves forward; he stops, and moves forward again. Slowly he enters me until I can feel his legs on the back of mine. He is still as he waits for me to prove I am okay, that it is okay for him to move. He presses his forehead to mine as we both try to remain calm, not wanting to end it so quickly. I slide down his body to let him know it is okay to continue. No longer is Jacob slow as he pulls fully out of my body and slams back in. The sudden pressure and pain is welcomed and repeated until my body can find nothing but the pleasure in it.

Jacob sits back on his legs pulling my body with him. This is what he needs.

The room is filled with my heavy breathing and moans and cusses as I beg him for more. He growls more, deep from his chest, as he gives me what I ask for. He digs deeper into me as he slams harder and faster. I can feel the bed rock beneath us, slamming into the wall over and over again.

There is no kissing. No holding, no caressing. No other declarations of love and devotion.

This was fucking.

The lights are surrounding me again and I am ready to fall off the cliff to float away. I am unaware of anything that is not the feel of Jacob's dick sliding in and out of my body, just tapping the very spot that could end it all for me. I am shocked and disoriented when I feel myself move to fast. When I open my eyes I see my position has changed. No longer can I see the ceiling light above me. Instead I am straddling Jacob's lap, looking at our wall as Jacob sits with his back to the headboard.

I repositioned my feet flat alongside Jacob's legs. The slight change sends Jacob deeper into my body and I think I will faint from the feel of it all. I need more. Jacob thrust just below me, holding my hips steady as he chases the release he needs. I squeeze my eyes closed claiming the darkness for its peace and promise of pleasure. My hands grip the headboard and I expect to see bruises on my palm, if I don't break the contraption first.

I know my end is near. As if he knew exactly what I needed I feel Jacob's hand back on my fully erect cock, using the pearls of pre-cum as lube. The feel excites me and in response I squeeze around Jacob's cock as sets fully in my body. He growls again at the feel; only stumbling in his hand's rhythm for a moment. I love it when he makes that deep chested animal sounds. It gives me a fear that he could break me in half but he channels his strength instead into making me feel oh so good.

Suddenly, the light behind my eyes is back and the coil in my stomach breaks giving me the second release in such a short amount of time. My head falls forward onto Jacob's shoulder. I can no longer support my own body mass as I fall limp into his arms.

Jacob holds me still as he continues to push into my body with no sound, reason, or rhythm. I can only hold onto the much abused head board with one hand, and Jacob's shoulder with the other, trying not to scream in my husband's ear. Only so few strokes later I feel the hold on my body increase ten folds as Jacob release into the condom that separate our flesh. I can feel him pulsate in me and it only makes me feel the final twinge of pressure my body loves to feel from him.

Our body alternates breath as I lean in to his body and him into the pillows. I don't want to move and he makes no attempts to move me. No part of us separates but I know I will need to do so soon enough, not wanting Jacob to deal with a wet condom to long. I roll off of his body, clumsily as I still can't feel my legs. I manage to remove the condom, making Jacob grunt again. No longer lost in his touch I can't help but snicker at the sound he makes. I toss the material in the basket beside the bed before Jacob pulls me to his arms. Without looking his manages to place the perfect soft kiss to my lips.

And I smile, giddy from the pleasure I feel.

"So either you had a really good day at work or a really bad one," I comment, looking up at him; his eyes still closed.

All I got was another grunt. I laughed hard enough to shake in his arms.


"Yes, love."

"Is dinner ruined?" he asks.

I dropped my head on his chest in shock.

I placed a kiss on his lips before rolling out of the bed, pulling on my boxer and going to prepare my man a hot meal.

Cause that's what he needed.






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