Green Arrow sighed as he walked down the hall of Mount Justice, the place had been pretty busy the last few days, he had been instructed to be Young Justice's "Den Mother" until red Tornado returned from an off world mission. Due to this Artemis was also staying in the tower, Batman was also off world and Alfred was taking a much deserved holiday. But young Robin was ill and so couldn't be left on his own, so he was also here, due to this Kid Flash had decided to stay to take care of Robin. Upon hearing of Robin's ill health Roy, Green arrows former sidekick had so decided to join Wally. Both KF and Red arrow didn't get on with Artemis and so all of the above had ended up fighting over the last few days.

Green Arrow sighed again; he couldn't wait for the day after tomorrow when the JL were due back.

"Swallow!" he heard someone shout

"I can't it's too hard!" from the croakiness of the voice that must have been Robin

"Just swallow it!" That was Wally, what on earth was going on?

"It tastes funny" Green Arrow was starting to get slightly concerned now, not that he didn't trust the boys but it suddenly came to his full and un wanting attention that none of the 3 in question seem to have girlfriends and after this thought was in there suddenly his mind was full of all sorts of images of what was going on round the corner.

Picking up his pace and taking a deep breath he rounded the corner to see Wally and Roy had pinned Robin down on the floor Roy was also holding a glass of water and Wally had a small white item in his hand.

"Just swallow the damn pill!" he shouted and green arrow let out a sigh of relief, seriously what had he been thinking the boys were up too in the living room.

"Green Arrow help" croaked Robin upon seeing his Uncle figure.

"What's going on?" he asked looking from Wally to Roy and then back to the little bird they had pinned down.

"Batman says he has to take one of these every six hours, but he won't take it!" said Roy pushing harder as Robin tried to make a run for it.

For the 4th time the older man sighed, walking over he took the pill from Wally and took hold of Robin's nose, pinching it so he could not breathe without opening his mouth. The young boy looked stubborn for about 2 minutes before he started to look slightly distressed finally he opened his mouth to take a gulp of air and Green Arrow put the pill in grabbing the water and getting the boy to drink. Robin then sat there for a few moments with both pill and water in his mouth, with the older mentor making sure he kept him mouth shut. After a few minutes of him not swallowing all three were about to give up. They stood up and Robin gave an almost triumphant look before a stern voice was herd from behind him.

"What's going on here?"

There was a gulp sound as Robin swallowed the pill accidently from shock, turning he expected to see his mentor but instead he saw a certain green Martian.

"Thanks for your help beautiful" winked Wally, Megan giggled

"No problem" she replied in Batman's voice.