Parental Bat Moment's Christmas Special 2013

Dami just stared at the strange thing that had made its way into the living room of the manor, the 6 year old had never seen such a thing since he arrived and he certainly hadn't seen one before he came to live with Bruce Wayne.

"Father?" Bruce looked up from his paper to see his son looking at him from across the room.

"What is it Damien?"

"What is that?" Bruce looked to where the little boy was pointing and saw the large pine tree that was stood in the corner of the room. Beside it were boxes full of decorations that were waiting for the other three boys to come home and open.

"It's a Christmas tree Damien, every December we get a pine tree bring it into the house and decorate it. Then on Christmas day there are presents under the tree." Damien tilted his head to the side.

"Why?" Bruce sighed; he seemed to have over looked that Damien had been raised for 5 years by the League of Shadows and his slightly psychopathic ex girlfriend which properly meant Christmas was something completely new to the young boy.

"Its tradition Damien, people all over the world have done it for years." He put down his newspaper and pulled Damien over to the boxes. As he opened up the boxes Damien's eyebrows raised as he saw all the brightly coloured tinsel and shiny round balls.

"See you put these on the tree to make it look nice." Damien reached forward and touched the tinsel; he took a few moments to think before looking up at his father with a slight smile.

"Is this something that is fun?" Bruce chuckled

"Yes Damien, its fun."


7 hours later all 6 member of the slightly dysfunctional family were sat on the sofa munching on popcorn after watching a movie. Dick hadn't failed to notice that his little brother hadn't taken his eyes off the brightly coloured Christmas tree since they had finished decorating it earlier that evening.

"What's up Dami you look as though you've never seen a Christmas tree before." The 16 year old kind smile soon turned sad when the smallest boy said "I haven't."

Silence filled the room for a moment as the fact registered with everyone that this was Damien's first Christmas. Bruce was the one who finally broke the quiet air.
"Right you lot off to bed, Santa Claus is watching you." Jason sighed

"Seriously dad, I think we're a little old too..." he was shushed by Dick elbowing him sharply in the ribs and then pointing to Tim. The 10 year old wasn't paying attention to his brothers which Dick was glad off. He was well aware that Tim was getting a little old to believe in Santa, but like all 3 of his brothers, Tim had been through a rough childhood so Dick wanted him to hold onto the magic of Christmas for as long as he could.

"What's a Santa Claus? How is he watching us?" Dami's eyes were wide and he started look around the room for camera's "Is he an enemy of Batman?"

Alfred chuckled "No Master Damien, it's nothing to worry about. Santa Clause is a mythical man who comes to young children on Christmas Eve and gives good children presents."

Damien didn't look convinced but still followed the other 3 up to bed.

Once they had gone Alfred stood from the sofa

"This is sure to be an interesting Christmas Master Bruce." Bruce nodded

"I was thinking of asking Diana to join us, she isn't spending it with anyone this year and I think by the sounds of it we are going to have our hands full."

"Very good Master Bruce, I shall add her to the dinner list, though if you could find out if she would like traditional Christmas pudding of chocolate pudding I would be grateful."


The days past in a blur and finally it was Christmas eve and everything was falling into the usual yearly routine. As every year Dick had gone a bit quiet spending most of the day in his own little world while helping Alfred and Tim prepare the vegetables. Jason was playing video games and generally being and unhelpful teenager, Bruce was on the phone trying to close some last minutes agreements so he wouldn't be disturbed Christmas day and Damien. Damien was currently in his room plotting on how he was going to capture this Santa Claus.


When Batman, Nightwing, Redhood and Red Robin returned from patrol all were pleasantly surprised to see Diana waiting for them.

"I thought I'd surprise you" she said kissing Bruce on the cheek before hugging each young hero in turn. They changed out of their Kevlar and went up to the manor.

"Right you lot, bed." Tim and Jason groaned but were soon running up the stairs to get away from their eldest brother who threatened to give them good night kisses if they didn't run fast enough. Bruce and Diana chuckled before the Amazon Princess turned to the Gotham Prince.

"I think it's time you were getting some rest as well." Bruce raised an eye brow and smirked.

"You go on up, I've got something I need to take care of and then I'll be right up." As soon as he was alone Bruce headed to the kitchen to find Alfred sat at the table with a cup of tea.

"Is it time Master Bruce?" said the old man placing his cup on the table and standing.

"Yes old friend, it's that time again. Operation Santa Claus."


Diana smiled as she headed down the stairs early that morning, she had always been an early riser and as far as she knew no one else was awake. But she was fairly surprised to see little Damien asleep at the bottom of the stairs with a blanket covering him, his late night antics of trying to capture Father Christmas had obviously tired the boy out as he only stirred when she touched his shoulder.

"Did I get him?" the boy mumbled

"Not this year, but have a look at the lovely presents he's left." The young boy let her carry him into the living room where she sat him on her lap. Damien's eyes widened at the sight.

The Christmas tree that he had grown to love over the past few days was once again twinkling in the early morning sunlight and underneath were piles of brightly coloured objects that reflected the lights and shone pretty patterns on the ground around them.

Damien was speechless, he had never seen something so strange and yet wonderful in his life.

"Merry Christmas son." He turned to see his father, Todd and Drake stood in the door way with Alfred behind them.

"Where's Dick?" asked Diana

"He always disappears Christmas morning" said Jason shrugging, she looked to Bruce and his sad expression told her what she needed to know.

He was visiting his parents.

"Right then boys, let's make sure Damien has a wonderful Christmas."


The morning went on with laughter and present opening, Diana noticed that Dick suddenly appeared after a few hours, his eyes a little misty but otherwise he was smiling and joining in.

They enjoyed Alfred's famous Christmas Dinner that even Damien ate without a complaint, which for the fussy 6 year old was impressive.

Finally the day was drawing to a close and the make shift family was once again sat watching a movie, when Damien suddenly looked up to Bruce's face.

"What's wrong?" asked Bruce but Damien shook his head

"Nothing. I'm just...glad I came to live with you Father." Bruce was touched by his sons displace of emotion. Maybe it was the spirit of Christmas or maybe he had had a little too much of Alfred eggnog, but for the first time since opening his doors to Damien he knew deep down in his heart that the little boy, that had started off so damaged and closed off, would in fact be alright.

"We're glad to have you Dami. Merry Christmas."

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