Starfire gave a small cry of grief before sinking down the wall of the building they were stood next too.

"It's hopeless" she said "He could have been anywhere in this city. If only we could know how his mind works!" she buried her head in her hands as Beast Boy rested a green hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry Star, we'll find him." The Teen Titans turned to Young Justice; they had been searching Jump City for hours and still had found no sign of their friend.

"You must think my friends" said Aqua Lad giving a pleading look to the other team "Where in the city did he like to go? Did he have any other friends here?" Cyborg shook his head.

"We know hardly anything about him. The guy is so mysterious and so complex, who knows what's going on in that head of his." Young Justice nodded in some understanding, they knew how this new team felt. They had had Robin on their team for nearly 4 years and in all that time had never learnt about his past, his life, even his real name. But Kid Flash seemed to be deep in thought.

"What is troubling you my friend?" KF looked up to face their leader.

"Robin may be a very complex person, but once you get to know him. Both sides of him, he's really quite methodical."

"What are you getting at?" asked Artemis

"Do you remember that simulation mission that went wrong years ago?" She nodded, how she could forget the time she had thought she had been killed. "We were all pretty traumatised; each of us had our own way of dealing with it."


"So, Robin's method of coping was the get as high up as possible. The feeling of being away from the ground comforts him." The Titans looked astonished, they had been living with this guy for nearly 8 months and yet they had had no idea of this.

"Robin was kidnapped a few months ago by a guy named Slade; he was with him for a little under a month. We were never told many details but I can only imagine what that mad man did too him." said Raven "He's been slightly off since the incident, do you think that could help us work out where he is?"

Kid Flash nodded and started looking around the buildings surrounding them.

"We need to find the tallest building in this city."


Super Boy looked over the edge of the building they were standing on.

"Yep, that is a long way down." He moved away from the side paling slightly.

"This is the tallest building in the city" said Cyborg "You really think he was up here?" He turned to Kid Flash, who for the moment seemed to have taken Aqua Lad's place as leader since he knew more about the boy wonder than any of them. The yellow clad hero was knelt down near the edge fingering something on the floor.

"What is it?" asked Starfire

"Looks like blood. Cyborg can you test a sample of this?" the half robot nodded, extracted a sample and began analysing it. There was silence as they waited until Beast Boy couldn't hold back his question any longer.

"So do you guys have any idea why Robin is so angry with Batman?" Young Justice looked at each other with solemn looks on their faces; they all remember the day the Dynamic Duo disbanded.

"They had a fight" said Super Boy bluntly.

"Must have been some fight, what was it about?"

"Robin had been hurt badly during a mission against the Joker. He nearly died and understandably Batman was freaked. He tried to fire Robin. It didn't go down so well. As soon as Rob could get up, he was gone." The silence returned as the newer team thought this over.

"So this Joker is the one who wrote on Robin's back?" whispered Starfire, the rest of the Titans gave her a funny look. "I walked into the gym when he was training. He was changing his shirt." She explained "On his back were the words Joker and a scar that spread over his shoulder like a flower."

"That would be the bullet wound that almost killed him." Said Artemis, she tried to shake the image of Robin bleeding out on the table from her memory.

Beast boy shook his head in disbelief "Who is this guy?" he whispered.

"I've got a match" said Cyborg which captured all the heroes' attention "The blood is Robin's."


The first thing Robin noticed as he woke up was that he was cold. He shivered violently, a painful shudder that took over his entire body. It also alerted him to the fact he was chained up, the cold metal digging harshly into his vulnerable skin. Remembering his training he tried to gather information through all his senses to try and determine where he was. But all his senses seemed dulled. His head felt like it was spinning, his eyes wouldn't focus. His sense of smell was gone and all he could hear was a high pitched ringing. And other than the feeling of cold, his body was completely numb. Robin had been under many forms of drugs before, especially sedatives, but never had a drug made him feel like this. Even his mouth was dry, evaporating all sense of taste. He tried pulling at the chains but found that with his body numbed as it was, he had barely enough strength to lift his arm. Blinded and weakened Robin felt something he hadn't felt since he was beaten half to death by Two Face when he was 10; pure fear. But even back then when everything had seemed hopeless, including every other time he was kidnapped both as Robin and as Dick Grayson. He always knew Batman would find him and save him. But he hadn't spoken to Batman in months; the older man wouldn't even know he was missing, not until the Titan's alerted him. And he doubted they would get suspicious about him being missing for a while. He hadn't opened up to them at all, not even in the way he had to Young Justice. They knew nothing about him, so why would they see anything amiss if he went missing for a while. He had done it before many times.

Realisation dawned on him, he had been kidnapped by a man he knew nothing about but who seemed to know a lot about him. He was weak and helpless in his current condition so escape was near impossible. And worst of all, no one was looking for him.


Nightwing rocked backwards and forwards slightly as she listened to the old Batman communicate with Kid Flash. She bit her lip hard and tried to hold back a scream of frustration as the Younger version of Wally West relayed the information they had found. They had found Robin's blood on the roof of a building. They were too late, he had him. Batman turned to her; she could feel the tension of worry that ran through his body. Her blind eyes seeing more than anyone how torn the man was by the situation.

"You know this villain, what will he do to Robin?"

"He himself will do nothing. He isn't stupid enough to kill someone from the past himself. It would create a black hole which wouldn't benefit him at all." She clenched her hands together; she wanted to hit something "He'll find someone from this timeline to do it for him and will likely instruct them on what to do so that they can overcome Robin."

"I don't understand what this guy has against Robin. From what I hear Deathstroke strikes fear into Robin, not the other way around." Said Kid Flash

"In this time yes. But you need to remember that right now Robin is still a kid; a kid who has seen far too much for his age. He will grow up and when he does he will be a force to be reasoned with."

"That's enough Nightwing." The future Batman rested a hand on her shoulder "We don't want to reveal too much." She nodded thoughtfully but still seemed troubled. Sensing this Bruce and Wally took that moment to move away from the future heroes. Terry then placed both his hands on her shoulders.

"You shouldn't have come Amber, you're in this far deeper than I am, and you have far more to lose if this goes wrong."

"This is all the more reason why I need to be here." She said firmly "I can't just sit back at home and wait for everything I hold dear to fall apart. To be deleted from time itself." Terry's heart clenched. He wanted more than anything to pull away her mask and see her eyes; those eyes that, though unfocused gave away so much emotion. But he knew at one look at her everyone would guess who she was, which could make things more difficult; especially on Amber.

"And besides..." she continued "I need to hear him again." Terry nodded knowing it was pointless to argue.

"Alright, I get it." He squeezed her hand quickly and then went to join the others.

"Hey Batman..." said Flash as he looked up from the computer "There's someone trying to make contact through the JLA network." Everyone brightened up in the hope that it might be Robin trying to get through to them. But when contact was made, they realised very quickly the situation was worse than they had feared.

"Hello Batsy!" The white scarred face of the Joker showed up on the big screen "Now before you go all teenage drama Queen and hang up on me. I've got something of yours." He turned the camera to scan over the room he was in until it finally settled on a small figure hunched in the corner. They were shaking and seemed half comatose. More importantly everyone knew who it was.

"Let. Robin. Go!" growled Batman which earned a laugh from the Joker.

"Not so fast Batsy, you see I made a new friend. And he know some very interesting things about Robbie Poo." The evil grin that spread over the clowns face caused a few of the heroes to shudder slightly.

"What do you want Joker?" asked Batman, trying to keep his voice even.

"An audience, it's no fun messing with the Batman's favourite toy is the Batman isn't watching!" he laughed and laughed until he wiped a tear away from his eye. "I'll give you two a moment to say your goodbyes. Not that the kid's very co operative, as I said my new friend has some brilliant tricks up his sleeve." At that the Joker disappeared leaving the camera focused on Robins limp form in the corner.

"Rob, Rob listen to me. We're coming to get you don't worry." said KF trying to get the boys attention, but he didn't seem to register anyone was speaking.

"He's been numbed" the future Batman whispered the Dark Knight. "It's a toxin from our time that numbs every sense of the body. Robin's literally in his own world at the moment. He can't see, hear, touch, or smell. He can't do anything except breathe and hope." Everyone looked horrified.

"What do we do?" asked Superman but nobody answered until Nightwing walked forward and disconnected the call so that the Joker would not be able to listen in.

"We fight back." She said "He doesn't know Batman and I are here, we can use that to our advantage. Track him down and stop him before he hurts Robin permanently."

"And how do we know you're really going to help us?" asked Red Arrow coming forward from the crowd "None of us know who you are, for all we know you could be in on the plan and lead us away from the so they can kill the kid!" Nightwing knew he was mad; the Roy Harper from her time had a temper as well. But she also knew that a lot of the heroes around her were feeling the same way.

"You can trust me when I say I want to save Robin."
"And why's that!" Red Arrow was in her face now; she could feel his breath on her mask. She sighed, lifting her hands to the edge of her mask and pulling it off her head. Letting her long black hair fall down to her waist. She looked up at Roy with hazy blue eyes.

"Because Uncle Roy. I'm his daughter."

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