Batman couldn't quite believe what he was seeing. Ever superhero in the room was struggling to stand back on their feet; their bodies drained of all power. Nightwing had just been thrown off Wilson and lay motionless on the floor while Wilson and Terry were stood still, something happening deep within their minds. Robin was pulling on the chains that held him down in the water, but Batman could see his strength was failing him as more water entered his lungs. Batman and Green Arrow beat against the glass with their weapons, but neither of them left so much as a scratch. Robin stopped struggling and placed his hand on the glass next to his mentors, he looked him in the eye, trying to hide his fear, trying to convince his father that everything was going to be alright. But Batman saw through him, his son was giving up. Looking around frantically his gaze fell upon a machine like he had never seen before; its two large metal rings were spinning in sync, just missing each other; could that be what was causing the Meta humans so much damage? Realising he had no choice but to act on this theory he turned to Queen.

"There, we need to destroy that machine." Green Arrow nodded and docked an arrow in his bow. While he had been fighting with Batman trying to crack the glass prison to free Robin, Green Arrows hands had been shaking, but as he felt the familiar feel of the bow between his fingers, he felt himself calm. The noise of the warehouse disappeared and for those few moments there was nothing but him and his target. As the arrow hit home the heroes felt as though a great weight had been lifted from their shoulders and as they stood they could feel their powers returning.

"Superman!" cried Batman; yes the Batman had cried out. Clark looked over to his friend to see that he was once again beating on the glass but Robin had gone limp within the chamber, "Help me!" Superman had never heard such emotion in the Bat's voice. He wasted no time in flying over and using his alien strength to shatter the glass. Water spilled around them and Robin fell lifeless on the floor; his hands and feet still chained to the heavy weight.

"Robin!" The Dark Knight ran forward, freeing and then cradled his son in his arms. The boy's lips were blue and his lithe body was limp. Laying him on the ground Batman started CPR, begging in his mind. "Come on chum, don't leave me!"


Terry was brought back from his own memories so suddenly it was almost painful. He swayed on the spot for a moment before opening his eyes and seeing Wilson standing in front of him. The man was swaying on the spot too which led him to believe he had been paralysed as their memories had started changing, just as he was. In a sudden panic he searched through his memories and quickly found with relief that all his memories of his friend were still there, still intact.

"Looks like you failed Wilson." He grinned taking a step towards the mercenary.

"I wouldn't be too sure, the brat could still die!" the anger was plain to see on his face and his rage blinded him to the figure who stood behind him. He had no idea of the presence until their elbow came down on the side of his neck, rendering him unconscious.

"Amber!" Terry grabbed the girl and hugged her tightly. Nightwing smiled at him before looking down at the man at her feet. "Are all your ex boyfriends this crazy?" Terry asked and Nightwing shook her head.

"No, he was always one messed up puppy."

"I take it since you are still here, your Dad is going to be alright?" she nodded

"This version of him anyway." Holding her tighter, Terry lowered his voice.

"You saved the years he had with you. No one could ask any more from you." He felt her nod against his shoulder and they walked over to the other heroes. From what they could see Robin had yet to start breathing again, but Nightwing knew it was only a matter of time. Just as she thought it the boy choked up a lungful of water and Batman turned him on his side.

"He's alive."


Bruce had never felt as relieved as he did when Dick started to heave the water from his lungs. He tapped him firmly on the back to help him and then rubbed it when he started breathing. The boy fell back into his arms in exhaustion, his eyes were closed and the only indication that he was awake was the tight grip he had on his father's cape. The Titans were about to rush to their leader but the cloaked member of their team, who Bruce recalled was Raven, held them back. Wordlessly they seemed to know what the empath was suggesting and reluctantly began to leave. Young Justice also seemed to be having a telekinetic conversation and followed suit. After checking their favourite little bird was alright, the Justice League returned to the Watch Tower, leaving Batman with Robin. Robin's hand tightened on the cape and he pushed himself further into the warmth of the man's chest.

"I'm sorry" the whisper was so quiet, Batman wondered if it had been there at all, but the way his son was now looking up at him, he knew the words had been said.

"For what?"

"Running away, keeping you at a distance, betraying you, failing you. Take your pick."

"Dick, you have nothing to be sorry for, it was me who was wrong. I'm sorry." Robin seemed to accept that as he closed his eyes and fell into a fitful sleep. Batman looked up to see the three from the future; one of which was securely tied up.

"We'll be taking him back with us and making sure he doesn't get near a time machine ever again." said Batman, indicating to Wilson who was held tightly in his grasp.

"What happened to Joker?" This was the first time Batman had thought about the Joker, which he would kick himself over later. But for now he was just glad Robin was alright.

"I'll track him down later. After what happened today, I don't think he will show his face for a while." The two future heroes looked at each other knowingly and Bruce decided he didn't want to know. "So I take it our memories of you both with fade over time." He said looking directly at the two. Nightwing grinned.

"I knew you would figure it out."

"I figured you wouldn't risk changing the future by letting us know who you were, and besides I changed the time machine last time so Young Justice would not remember my face. I am sure you did a similar thing." She nodded.

"What happened here will always be in your memories. But in a few days Batman and I will fade as though we were just a dream."

"I guess this is good bye then...for now." They turned to leave but then Nightwing turned as though she had forgotten something. She came back over to Robin and whispered in his ear something the Dark Knight could not quite register. And then they were gone.


It took several hours for Robin to come round, when he did he found himself in the infirmary of the Watch Tower. His chest burned and there were deep contusions on his wrists and ankles. Looking to his side he saw Batman asleep in a chair; as he tried to sit up quietly he awoke the elder.

"How are you feeling?" asked the deep voice

"Not dead" Robin said simply "Why am I here?"

"I figured you wouldn't want to be taken to the Bat Cave." Robin shrugged, after everything that had happened; he wouldn't have minded the Bat Cave.

"I thought I was going to die." he whispered.

So did I, thought Batman, but he knew better than to say it out loud. There was silence between them for a moment.

"Thank you, for coming to get me." Batman was shocked at the boys' words.

"Did you really think I wouldn't?" The boy shrugged,

"I did wonder." Robin didn't look at him as he said it.

"You listen to me Richard John Grayson. I don't care what disagreements come between us, if you are in trouble I will always be there to come and get you." The silence that followed was more comfortable.

"It's Jason's birthday next week" said Bruce "I think Alfred is making a Birthday Dinner, if you would like to come home to visit?" A big grin spread on Dick's face.

"That would be asterous."


Nightwing and Batman blinked as the white light cleared and they saw they were back in Mount Justice. The Superman they knew came forward and took Wilson from them. They were greeted with slaps on the back and rounds of congratulations; but soon enough Nightwing was alone. Removing her mask she sank down onto the floor. She knew what happened to Robin and Batman after the incident. They would become closer again, for a while; then there would be another argument and Dick would leave again to become the Nightwing. The Joker would cause more havoc with the Bat family which would leave all of them broken. Bruce and Dick would not speak again until after she was born. When her mother died when she was 8, her father would hang up the title of Nightwing, which she would take over when she was 18. And then not long after her 19th birthday, her father would receive a phone call from an old friend by the name of Rogers, asking for his help on a mission. He would leave, he would be betrayed and then he would not return.

Amber hugged her self tightly as her heart squeezed. Despite everything she and Terry had just been through, the fact still remained that her father was MIA, presumed dead. The house she and her father had brought after her mothers' death suddenly felt too big, too cold. She had considered going to live with her Uncle Tim and his family; or maybe ask Auntie Babs if she could stay with her and her boyfriend Sam. But in the end she knew there was only one place that she would ever be able to call home without her father. With her Grandpa at Wayne Manor. But even so, a part of her hoped her father would somehow come back to them. There were times when she thought she heard his laugh and smell his familiar comforting scent. Like now for instance, here alone in this room she could sense him.

It was only then that she realised she was not alone in the room. There was someone standing in the doorway. Everything was silent so she could not focus on them to 'see' who they were. But she could smell them; the familiar sweet musky scent that could only belong to one person.

"Amber." The voice confirmed her suspicion and a tear fell down her check.

"Tati?" Despite her exhaustion from the mission she found the strength to fling herself into his arms. "I don't understand, we thought you were dead. Roger betrayed you."

"As I knew he would." He hugged her tighter "When I was 16 I was captured and nearly killed by the Joker. The league managed to rescue me but while I was drifting in and out of consciousness I heard a beautiful voice whisper in my ear. 2045 don't trust Rogers." He pulled her at arms' length and brushed a hand through her hair knowingly. "My beautiful daughter. You are my guardian angel."

The end.

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