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Nico's POV

We were staying at Avery's ranch in Australia for a couple of months until Fergus and Avery got our identities and locations sorted out. I still couldn't believe they were splitting us up. It wasn't fair! We're like a family and now we're going to be split up and forced to live apart from each other. It makes me so angry to think about it. Plus Ketty still won't talk to me. Why doesn't she realise it wasn't my fault! It was Ed's little sister, Amy! She was using her ability to look like Ketty and I didn't know because she never told me and I was so happy to see Ketty (who was Amy) that I kissed her. Ketty saw us though and she knows Amy never changed back but yet she won't talk to me! At first we were talking but there was some kind of distance between us then after a couple of days she stopped talking to me and won't tell me what I've done!

Right now I was lounging on a deck chair, enjoying the sun. There was a light breeze in the air. Off in the distance I could see Cal and Ketty flying. Don't get me wrong, I love my brother but he keeps flirting with my girl! Or maybe she's flirting with him? Either way she spends time with him but not with me. Lately though there's been a distance between Ketty and me. We're growing apart and I don't like it! I love Ketty and I'd do anything to make her happy but she just can't see that! It makes me want to hit something sometimes, it really does. If she doesn't see I would do anything to make her happy and that I love her as much as I have loved anyone else then I don't think we're made for each other.

'Nico.' Ed said.
'What,' I growled.
'Are you ok?' Ed asked, concerned. I didn't like it when he did that, I knew that Ed cared about me and I cared about him because let's face it, we're like family. But I just don't like it when he does that, especially when I'm upset.
'Yes. Now go away!' I told him.
'Ok. But I'm always hear Nico.' And with that he was gone.

Ok. So sometimes I envy Dylan's psychic ability and this was one of those times. Dylan called at me from the roof and then she jumped off doing somersaults while landing perfectly in the water. I want to do that! It's not fair. That is so awesome! I watched her in awe and it was only when she came up for air that I realised my mouth was hanging open.

I immediately shut it and chocked out the words, 'That was so totally AWESOME!'
'Thanks. It was pretty good.' Dylan smiled, not bragging but modestly.

Dylan and I usually get on but we do have some disagreements which can get pretty nasty! But we love each other really. We are technically cousins because my stepdad is Dylan's uncle. I still haven't made up my mind whether I want to live with Avery and Cal or Fergus and Dylan when we all split up. It's too tough a choice and lately I have been trying to push it off my shoulders and just spend this time being free and just being me!

'Where's Amy?' I asked Dylan.
'Still holed up in her room. She won't come out no matter what anyone says!' Dylan remarked.

Since our kiss and Ketty and I had both been mad at Amy she had stayed in her room. She had meals in her room and she had an ensuite bathroom so we haven't seen her in a couple of days. I did feel kind of sorry for the girl so I made the decision to go up and see how she was. Me and Ketty were the only people who hadn't been to see her so I thought I would go and see her because I wasn't mad at her anymore, I'm mad at Ketty for being mad at me!

I climbed the stairs and stood outside Amy's bedroom. I knocked gently on the door just so she acknowledged I was there.
'Amy, it's me Nico. I just want to talk to you but it would be nice if I could see your smiling face looking at me.' I said, using some of my Nico charm.
I continued on, 'I'm not mad anymore, Amy. Not sure about Ketty but I get it. You had to change into Ketty and I think I know the reason you didn't change back and I understand. I am sorry but you don't have to be embarrassed, I get it. Now all I want to do is see you smiling and happy! Please open the door. It's me Nico! Please, Amy.' I begged.
The sobs stopped and I heard feet pattering along the floor. The door was pulled open and there was Amy, a red blotched face with silent tears still streaming down her face. I gave Amy a hug and she nestled into me, still crying.
'I'm so sorry I never told you it was me not Ketty. I liked you Nico and I just wanted you to kiss me even if you didn't know it was me.' Amy said.
'It's alright Amy. No one is mad anymore. Look your sweet but I don't know whether it would work between us. I'm not sure if Ketty and I are working out right now actually,' I replied.
'Oh. I'm really sorry if it was anything I did.' Amy said.
'No Amy. It wasn't you. Maybe we just aren't right for each other but who knows. Now, are you going to come down and face the world,' I said laughing.
Amy cocked her head to one side and thought about it, then coming to a conclusion. She let out a sigh of nervousness and nodded.
I walked down with her and we went to sit by the pool. It was cool but I just jumped into the pool and started swimming. Until Dylan came running up to me, with a look I didn't recognise on her face!

'Nico! Nico! Harry's found something really important!' Dylan shouted. Harry was Dylan's boyfriend. He was a hacker and a pretty awesome guy. Harry was cool!
'What is it, Dyl?' I asked. She hated the nickname but I don't think she'd care whatever I called her now. She seemed genuinely worried about something.
'Harry was researching the Medusa Gene and Medusix and all of that stuff and he found out that there's another Medusa group out there!' Dylan exclaimed.

My mouth shot wide open and I nearly passed out…

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