Ed's POV

Why was Nico being such an idiot? He's taking my sister away from me! She loves him, I know she does. Nico's just making her feel special because he lost Ketty but when someone better comes along she'll be pushed away and be very upset and she'll come running back to me. I just want to keep her safe. Nico's right, she technically is our age but she is now my little sister and I'll treat her how I want to. I would rather if Nico went away and never came back. If he wasn't here then me and Ketty would've stayed together all that time ago and she wouldn't have fallen in love with Cal now.
That's what she was talking to me about while we were sitting in the meadow. Ketty was telling me about how she wanted to forgive Nico. She knew it wasn't his fault and she truly knew it wasn't Amy's either but she didn't want to forgive Nico. Ketty said that she had already fallen in love with Cal and if she forgave Nico she would just end up hurting him more.
The anger I had at Nico had passed as quickly as it had come. I don't know why I said the things I said, I guess it was just my over protectiveness of Amy. And now Amy was gone. I had treated her like a toddler and then was very mean to her and she had left me. She had followed her heart and gone with the guy she loved. Who might love her back aswell!

I glanced behind me where everyone was still standing; watching as Nico and Amy suddenly ran out of view. They then stared at me, wondering why I hadn't gone after Amy presumably. I'm going to let her live her life, like she said. If she's in danger and doesn't contact me then I can't do anything about it, as much as it kills me to say it. I think it's time to let go of my little sister.
'Ed,' Ketty started.
'Don't. It's alright. I let her go for a reason. What she said is true, I am too overprotective of her and it caused her to run away…from me. She really loves Nico. But you know what Ketty; you're going to have to tell Nico what you told me earlier and you may aswell tell everyone else. Nico deserves to know, and maybe he'll bring back my sister in one piece,' I laughed bitterly.
'Ed, you're right. Listen up everyone. I love Cal. Cal, sorry I had to say it in front of everyone but I love you. I haven't forgiven Nico because if I forgive him it will only hurt him more to know that I've moved on. You guys should know so it's not awkward. And if Nico ever comes back then he'll know the truth. I'm sorry guys.' Ketty exclaimed before blushing and going quiet.
'Ketty; I like you too! But at the moment I kind of want my brother back and want to focus on that. He may have left voluntarily but that's only because we were all giving him crap about nothing. He doesn't need it from us. He has a big enough decision to make on his own without us making things harder for him. Ketty, I would really like to go out with you but only if Nico doesn't mind. He is my brother after all. You were his girlfriend first.' Cal said.
Ketty blushed and nodded. I was the odd one out now. Ketty and Cal, Dylan and Harry. Most likely Nico would fall for my sister and where does that leave me? She died after all. The only girl I ever loved apart from Ketty had been killed. I couldn't say her name. I had put more misery into her life then before she met me. It was my fault she was dead.
'Well come on guys, let's go and find a hotel. We may aswell find somewhere to sleep tonight and then start tomorrow. I think we should try and find these guys aswell. At least we might come across Nico and Amy.' I announced.
Everyone agreed and we set off.

Nico's POV

Amy and I had been split from the group for an hour now and we were doing fine. I thought it would be awkward between the two of us but it was fine. Amy didn't push things and we talked like old friends. It was getting quite late and cold. I could hear Amy shivering. She was a lot colder then me. I took off my jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders exposing my arms to the cold. I knew we had to get to shelter soon so I made Amy run. We ran together through the cold evening, back to civilisation. I urged Amy onwards, reassuring her the lights are getting closer to us, which they were.
Within a few minutes we were standing outside a hotel and we grinned at each other. I ushered Amy inside first.
'Well it looks nice enough Amy, doesn't it?' I asked.
'Yes it does. We're only staying one night though, aren't we?' Amy replied.
'Yes, tomorrow we better hit the road and make our way to these Medusa guys. Luckily I have learned my new skill so I can carry us both.' I said.
I walked over to the check in counter and requested a room. I tried to make myself look taller and more sophisticated. I introduced Amy as my little sister and the woman at the counter didn't ask too many questions though. She willingly handed over the keys and told me in which direction to go. I told Amy to follow me and I pressed the up button on the lift. I hopped from one foot to the other. We had been out in the open for far too long. Even in Australia there are probably guys looking for us.
'Why are you so nervous?' Amy asked puzzled.
'Just in case. It's not like we have the others to depend on anymore, it's just me. So I've got to make sure you're safe so Ed doesn't kill me when you get back to him.' I replied.
'Just me, aren't you staying?' she said.
'I don't know Amy. There's nothing left for me anymore. My girlfriend's moved onto my brother, Ed's got you and Dylan has Harry. I'll drop in on Fergus every so often and see him and Dyl but I think I'm going to walk alone after this. Don't give me the sad eyes Amy, please. You know you have to get back to Ed at some point.' I pointed out.
'Come on Nico, you've got to-'Amy started before I cut her off.
'How about we talk about this another time, eh?' I added.
'Ok, but we're not done with this, you know?' She said.
I nodded and walked into the lift, pushing the 3rd floor button. Amy trailed inside and started fixing her hair in front of the mirror. I smiled to myself at her weak spot. Her weak spot showed her vanity. Amy was a typical teenager with a twist. She had the ability to shape shift into anyone she liked or she could just merely change a slight thing in her appearance. The upside was she could change her hair length without paying for a hairdresser.

The lift stopped at the 3rd floor and we trudged out. I walked along the corridor until we got to room number 8. The key fitted perfectly in the lock and I twisted it open. I could've used telekinesis but what was the point, even if it was fun and pretty cool.
Inside there was a big sitting room which led off to the kitchen. One door led to the bathroom and the last led to a bedroom. I walked in and there were two single beds. Amy chose the one by the window and I plonked myself onto the bed by the door.
'Pretty nice and basic. We're not staying for long though so it's alright. Now, are you heading to bed or off in the shower or what?' I asked.
'I think I'll have a shower before bed, if that's ok?' Amy answered.
'Sure, I'm going to get ready for bed I think. I'm knackered. Night Amy!' I said.
'Goodnight Nico.' She replied.

Amy's POV

I dropped my discarded clothes into a pile in the bathroom before stepping into the steaming shower. The water was nice and hot so I forgot all my troubles from today and I just relaxed. It was like my body had shut down but it hadn't. Maybe this is what it was like to meditate. Well, what do I know?
What I did know though was that one of the cutest boys I had ever met was sleeping in the same room as me, just a few metres away. How awesome was that? Of course, I couldn't do much. Nico had made it clear he didn't want a girlfriend at that moment but I could wait.
He hadn't said it would never happen. There was still hope within me. After cleansing my body with the complimentary shower gel that the hotel provided I shoved my clothes back on and left the bathroom. I returned to the bedroom and saw straight away that Nico was fast asleep. He was lying on top of the covers, arms outstretched and his face looked so angelic and innocent. I watched him for a minute more before making my way back to my own bed.
I pulled back the covers and clambered in. Within minutes sleep had overtook my body and I was dreaming about the adventures I would have with Nico in the possible future.