No-one Mourns The Wicked

Ever since Katherine was born, she was taught one thing. *Never trust a Vampire because if you'll turn around, they'll bite you*. With this phrase in her mind, Katherine grew up. She never understood the war of the Vampires and the Witches. Katherine herself was a witch. She lived a normal life when it was bright outside. She lived in a normal neighbourhood with normal people who had no clue that Vampires and witches really exist. But in the evening, Katherine went like every magic creature, in the other parallel world. When she was on the streets in the 'normal' world; she could tell who was a witch or who was a vampire; she had such a feeling every time. Though, Vampires and witches didn't really fought in public in the normal world. All they did was glaring at each other. They probably would fight in the real world if...they had their magic powers - but unfortunately; they didn't work outside the parallel world. Kate swore to herself that she would never kill a Vampire because she didn't wanna be like all the others. But one day, as her husband, who was a male witch, was killed by a Vampire, she gave up on that and became like the others.

Bree had been born human, although her father was vampire and she had never seen him before, shortly after her birth, Bree's mother was killed and she was taken in by her mother's mother, Gertrude. There on their farm she grew up, not knowing of her real life. Not knowing of Witches or Vampires or any other mystical, evil beings. Although one night when she was coming up to her seventeenth birthday, there was a man in the barn, he looked injured and so being in her natural ways, she tried to help him. The young redhead turned around for a few seconds and it happened. He bit her. She fell to the ground in a crumpled heap and lay next to him as she began to change. Finally it happened and she looked to the man, he was handsome, debonair and more importantly, she was part of him. A Vampire.

One evening as Katherine was going into the parallel world again, she had a weird feeling. She felt watched all the time and everything didn't feel right. She opened her hand and out of the blue she had a broom in her hand. She shook her head in disbelief; she was being paranoid today. As she got onto her broom to fly away, suddenly a net fell down onto her and she couldn't move anymore. The more she fought to get out of the net; the less she could move. Her heart pounded strongly against her chest as suddenly a handsome man; clearly a vampire; picked her up and carried her away. She knew she would die; she knew this was the day. She was brought into the Vampire area; seeing all these Vampires she hated so much. He stopped in front of a house and opened it. He threw her inside, letting Katherine fell with a scream. "Bree darling, didn't you say this morning, you were thirsty?" He asked her smirking, looking at Bree. "Now I've got a little witch all for yourself."

Bree had been waiting all day for this moment and when Plato returned with the witch, her green eyes turned dark, black almost as she could smell the fear. The pale redhead was propped up on the end of a chaise longue with a midnight blue, flowing dress on, her fangs already protruding from her gums when she grinned at Katherine, circling her while the other vampires watched eagerly for the show to begin.

Katherine tried to remain calm since she knew that Vampire could smell the fear. She closed her eyes for a moment and tried to think clear. She made a movement with her hand and suddenly the net was gone. "Her hands! We gotta hold her hands." Plato said and grabbed Kate roughly and pulled her up; holding her hands, behind her back. She could feel his breathe against her neck; which caused her being terrified even more. Would he bite her? Would it hurt? Kate looked at the redhead, with the darkest eyes she had ever seen. Kate's eyes were hazel in the normal world but as soon as she entered the parallel world they turned into the greenest green ever.

Bree looked at Katherine and sat calmly back down, barely blinking and she smiled catlike, "Plato, let her go..." Bree's soft voice echoed gently around the marble room.

Plato let go of her and Kate turned and glared at him furious before she looked at Bree again. Kate thought quick and made another move with her hand, and suddenly; Pablo was fired across the room, crashing against a wall.

Bree watched in amusement and giggled a little as she saw Plato looked furious and charged to Katherine, "Plato!" Bree sang calmingly and he froze. Bree then turned back to Kate and stood, almost floated over to her, "Someone's daring..." she purred.

Kate looked into her eyes and made another movement with her hand, before a glass box was around her; protecting herself from Bree or any other Vampire to touch her.

Bree smirked and simply touched the glass before it turned to ice and quickly melted, "You know if I were a witch, I'd use my powers to disappear not put myself in some display cabinet"

Kate would do the exact same thing if she wasnt so nervous and could remember what to do. She never had been in such a situation and now everything had happened all of a sudden. Though since Bree was talking, she thought it was a good way; talking back to her - it would give her time to remember how to dissapear. "Let it be my problem how I use my powers." Katherine said coldly to her.

"Oh..." Bree smiled icily and stepped closer to Kate, "Well...I'll just have Plato hold your wrists agin..."

Kate snipped her fingers and a net was falling down on Pablo. She snipped her fingers once again and one was falling down on Bree. Then Kate opened her hand faltly again and her broom was there. "Hm, was nice talking to you." She said sarcastically.

Bree glared and watched as Kate's broom appeared and then bit at the net around her.

Kate got onto her broom, but before she could fly away she was kicked down so hard that she saw nothing for a few seconds. She felt how she was pulled up again and this time they pulled her on a wall and cuffed her hands, beside her head. Kate blinked a few times before she could see clear again. She looked to her right and left side; and to her hands. She moved her fingers a little, though it wasnt enough to make the cuffs go away.

Bree was now out of the net, and flipped her curled hair before glaring at Katherine, "What the hell did I do?":

"You are a Vampire." Kate just said.

"Wow..." Bree giggled and looked to her expensive jewels, before back to Kate, "No shit Sherlock..."

Kate glared at her; her green eyes start to shine because she was so furious. She now knew exactly what she would have to do, to get free; but now it was useless. She didnt try to let fear come through her; thats why she covered it with furiousity. "If you let go of me, I wont kill you when I see you the next time." Kate said, looking at her.

Bree thought for a moment and nodded, looking to Plato, "Let her out of here.."

"Are you stupid? If you kill her now, there wont be a 'next time where she cant kill you'." He pointed out.

Bree looked to Plato and sighed, she walked to him and kissed along his neck, from the back of his ear to his Adam's apple, "Let her go..." she whispered.

He simply nodded and walked over to Katherine. He uncuffed her hands. As soon as Katherine had free hands she opened her hand again, so her broom appeared and then got onto it; looking at Bree for another second; before she flew up in the air; leaving the Vampire area.

Bree watched as the witch flew away and she licked over her pointed fangs with her tongue, smiling as she touched Plato's chest.

"Why did you do this Bree? Do you a have a plan or something?" Plate asked the redhead.

"I may have" she smiled at her partner.

"You wanna share?" He asked her with a smirk.

"Not just yet" Bree smirked and roughly kissed Plato.:

Plato kissed her the same back as Bree kissed him.

Katherine landed in the witch area and had to calm down first. She already thought she was going to die and now...she survived.

Bree grinned and knew Katherine would be thinking about what had just happened, she swirled her tongue with Plato's wanting to bite him.

Plate rubbed his tongue against Bree's, tasting her. "I need blood. The Witch made me thirsty." He whispered against her lips.

"Me too..." she whispered back and let her lips move to his neck.

"We should go out for a witch hunt." He said and looked at her.

She sighed, feeling his strong pulse against her lips, her fangs out still.

"So what do you say? Shall we get a witch all to ourselves?" Pablo asked Bree, grinning at her.

"No...I'm more for human blood tonight..." she murmured.

"Human?" He asked her. "You are aware that the only thing what works in the normal word is the biting. You dont have any other magic powers." He said to the redhead.

Bree sighed and nodded, "How about a slayer...?"

"Slayers blood is as good as anyone elses." He agreed and spread his arms wide as he suddenly waft up in the air.

Bree nodded and jumped before floating off after Plato.

"Male or female slayer?" Plato asked her.

" tastes sweeter.."

"You should have taken the witch earlier. Sweet witch blood." He said.

"Mmm, maybe but...there's plenty of other witches..."

"Indeed." He agreed. "Oh look here we have a nice lady slayer. You wanna bite her first or shall I?"

"You can charm them, I'll bite her"

"Okay." He agreed and got down, landing behind her, causing her to turn around. Plato smiled at her. "Hm...nice night out here, isnt it?" He asked flirtly.

The slayer looked to him and eyed him suspiciously.

"What does such a beautiful young lady like you out here all by yourself?" He asked her.

The slayer smiled softly and tucked her hair behind her ear.

"You have a beautiful smile." he said with a smile. "What is your name?"

" name? It's Jade"

"What a beautiful name for such a beautiful lady." He said and touched her cheek.

Bree watched from behind Jade and smirked before she latched her teeth into Jade's neck, biting her har. Jade let out a surprised scream and fell forward, dead. Plato smiled at Bree, before he went down and started to suck the blood out of her body. Bree smirked to Plato and licked her lips before she kneeled next to him and also sucked the blood.

As he was finished her got up with a smile; blood running down his chin. "Hm delicious."

Bree then got up too and saw the blood, she leaned forwards and licked it off.

He smiled and spread his arms again before he went up to the air again.

Bree watched him and he took off back to the other vampires. Bree heard a noise, a scared noise and she sniffed, smelling fear and a woman. A witch. Her eyes turned dark again.