No-one Mourns The Wicked

Bree arrived at the farm and smiled, transforming back into her vampire self and seeing a vet nearby, she asked him for some directions before biting him to kill him, and she took his coat as not look suspicious.

After Kate had breakfast, she took out her conjuring book and read in it. It had 999 pages. It was the opposite of 666 - the evil.

As Bree got onto the farm, she smiled, looking to the cows, she could smell fresh blood and she walked over, the stethoscope around her neck before she bit into the cow's shoulder, drinking. She was enjoying herself before a voice called out, "Hey! Hey!"

"What are you doing, you lunatic?" The old farmer asked, running to Bree.

Bree retracted her fangs and quickly wiped her mouth, looking up, smiling, "Oh...uhm, I'm your vet...I can't figure out which cow is the injured one..."

"The injured one is still in the barn." He told her.

"Ahh...right..." Bree smiled and nodded, "The barn..."

"Come. I already waited for you, though I thought you were a guy." He told her and walked with Bree to the barn.

"Have I came to the wrong farm then...?" she asked quickly.

"I dont know." He said. "I called about 30 minutes ago." he pointed out.

"Oh no, I'm at the wrong place then"

"Alright." he said and scratched his head. "I hope your colleague will come soon though!"

"So do I..." Bree nodded and smiled gently.

"Thank you anyways." he said and shook her hand.

Bree's hand was icily cold and she looked to the farmer.

"You should drink something at warm at home. Or at least take a hot bath." He pointed out as he removed his hand.

"Oh uhm, yeah" she nodded, not blinking.

"Alright. Goodbye." He said politely to the redhead.

"Bye" she said coldly, staring at him, for interupting her meal.

The farmer swallowed and then turned and went into the barn to his sick cow.

Bree watched him, he looked widowed, she smirked a little.

He sat down to his cow and tried to calm the cow down.

The redhead followed the farmer into the barn.

"You forgot something?" The farmer asked as he saw Bree.

She closed the door, staring at him.

"Miss? Is something wrong?" He asked her again.

She grinned and swept over to him, shaking her head.

He now found her confusing. "Leave my farm, Miss." He said.

Bree moved closer to him, her eyes slowly turning dark.

He saw this and panic grew in his eyes.

She swallowed and sat down next to him, looking to the cow.

"Leave my farm now, will you?" He asked.

"I want to do a quick check on the cow"

"Oh okay." He said with a nod.

Bree checked the pulse of the cow and counted using her fingers.

The farmer looked at her in expectation.

She sighed and nodded, moving around to look at the eyes.

"What is wrong with the guy?" He asked her.

"I'm not sure yet..." Bree said softly before quickly flying at the farmer and pinning him.

He looked at her shocked and screamed for help.

Bree covered his mouth and glared into his eyes.

He looked at her in horror and shut up.

Bree opened her mouth and ran her tongue over her teeth

As he saw her fangs, he caught for air - he was having a heart attack because of the shock.

Bree looked to the guy and quickly got up, "Oh my God!"

He grabbed to his chest, coz it hurted and then became unconscious.

Bree swallowed and quickly transformed into a cat before anyone could see her.

Bree took off and headed back to Kate's place in shock herself.

As Kate saw a black cat jumping on the window; Kate opened it. "Bree." she said. "Hi."

Bree climbed through and quickly changed back, "Oh my God!"

"What?" She asked her redhead friend.

"I killed someone and gave some other guy a heart attack"

"What?" Kate gasped, "You killed a human being?"

Bree nodded, "I didn't mean to"

"How can you not mean that?" She asked. "This human being maybe has a family and kids and just killed a family member!" Kate said.

Bree looked down to her feet.

"I really hope you have a bad conscience!" Kate said serious.

Bree nodded, "I do" she whispered.

"Good! Why didnt you take a cow like planed?" Kate asked her.

"I did..."

"Ugh you Vampires are so unpredictable." Kate said with a sigh and closed the conjuring book.

Bree looked to Kate before sitting on the bed.

"I need to go to the magic world now. I meet my nanna." She let her know.

"Can I stay here?" Bree asked.

"Only if you promise not to kill any other human being." She said.

Bree nodded slowly

"Why do you wanna stay here anyways?" Kate asked as she got into her closet with the book.

"I don't wanna see Plato"

"Hm if you dont wanna stay alone could transform into a cat and company to my nanna." She offered.

Bree bit her lip and said, "Take Simbala..."

"Hm okay. Come here boy." Kate said as the cat jumped into the closet with her. "See ya." She said and clapped her hands and suddenly she was gone, only smoke was left.

Bree looked around the apartment and frowned slightly.

Katherine went to her grandma and practised with her a little from the conjure book. She wanted to be a perfect witch one day. About 3 hours later, she stood in her closet again.

Bree was now asleep in Kate's bed.

Kate looked at the Vampire in her bed and walked silently closer. She covered her with a blanket gently. 'Vampires are really sleepy when its light outside' Kate thought. She walked into her living room, so she wouldnt wake her.

Bree flinched a little when the covers moved over her but she stayed asleep until Kate spoke in thoughts.

Kate turned on the TV and watched a movie. Somtimes the normal world was bored.

Bree softly slipped out of bed and moved into the living room, behind Kate.

Kate didnt notice she looked at the screen. 'Ugh what boring crap' She thought and switched the channel. ' nose itches, something is wrong." Kate said and wiggled her witch nose.

Bree stayed behind Kate, watching her intently.

Kate looked to one side and raised an eyebrow. 'Probably a witch or Vampire just passed my house' She thought with a sigh. "Hm where is Simbala?' Kate thought and then her face lit up. "Here he is.I want a soda..." Kate then thought and glanced over to her kitchen. "I am too lazy to move...ugh i wish the magic powers would work here too and I would just have to clap my hands and had the soda here.'

Bree then lifted the can and handed it to Kate, over her shoulder.

"Thanks." Kate said and then suddenly jumped up in shock. "Oh my god." She said and brought her hand to her chest. "You keep frightening me!" She said.

"I apologize" Bree smiled.

Kate nodded. "Why did you give me the soda?" She then asked.

"I could hear you"

"Hear me? But I wasnt saying a thing." Kate said and then had a shocked expression in her face. 'Can she read my mind? Oh holy Oz!"

Bree nodded, "I can..."

'Oh no ugh. Dont think of anything now, Kate! Do not think, do not think. Great, now I think that I shouldnt think. I am the weirdest witch ever.' She thought. "How...nice." She said sarcastic.

"Kate, I can still hear your thoughts..."

Kate felt caught. She wanted to stop thinking. 'Boobs. Ugh why did I think 'boobs' now? Great I embarrass myself. Please dont be able to listen to me anymore.* Kate thought and watched her. 'She seems normal. Maybe she couldnt understand. Oh, i have to whisper in my thoughts...' Kate thought. 'Might work.'

Bree looked to Kate and smiled, "Okay, I won't listen"

"Can you...switch this off? So you cant hear me?" She asked. 'please say yes, plese say yes'

Bree nodded, "Since you want me to"

"Okay." Kate said with a smile and watched her closely. 'You suck, you suck, you suck'

Bree looked to kate softly and smiled, not hearing anything.

Kate smiled satisfied. "Good, you switched it off." She said and cleared her throat. "I wanna be able to hear other people too."

"Oh did you say something to check?" Bree smiled.

"Yeah," Kate admitted and smiled a bit. "Nothing from importance though."

" you wanna be able to do that too?"

"Yes." She said and nodded. "Am I gonna be able to do that without being a Vampire?" She asked.

Bree nodded, "Yes, I will help"

"How?" Kate asked her curious.

"You have to train your mind..."

"Train my mind"? She asked. "Ugh, maybe its only working for you because you are a Vampire." She said-

"No, it can work with anyone"

"Alright." Kate said and closed her eyes, trying to concentrate.

"Now think hard, think of my mind..."

Kate closed her eyes and thought of Bree's mind really hard.

Bree closed her eyes too and trained her mind on Kate's.

"Its not working." Kate sighed and gave up.

"Please don't give up"

Kate sighed and closed her eyes again, trying to concentrate.

Bree touched Kate's forehead.

As Bree touched Kates forehead she suddenly felt something inside of her. Something undescribable. "Think of something." She whispered.

Bree thought about Kate and smiled.

"Its not working; i think that you think of me." She chuckled. "I give it up really."

"I was thinking of you" Bree replied gently.

"Are you being serious?" She asked her.

Bree opened her eyes, nodding to the witch.

She looked at her. "Think of something else." She said.

Bree sighed and thought about the look on the vets face before she had bitten him in his car.

"Ew Bree! You killed a vet." Kate exclaimed. " do I switch it off? How do I stop hearing what you think?"

Bree looked to Kate, "Don't you get it, you can hear my thoughts now too"

She looked at her. "Oh my god..." She whispered. "I can hear what you think!"

Bree nodded and beamed a smile.

She looked at her and touched her cheek. "You can show emotion in the human world." She whispered.

Bree looked to Kate and tilted her head, "Meaning?"

"Meaning in the...magical world... you sometimes seem so damn cold." She tried to explain. "Its a total difference here."

"Oh..." Bree nodded, "And it's a good thing?"

"It is." She said. "I like emotions." She told the redhead.

The redhead smiled back at the witch and nodded, "I know"

She smiled softly. "I have to go to the magical world tonight again." She told her. "Falbala, my aunt has her birthday."

"Oh, okay" Bree nodded, feeling unusally tired.

She looked at her. "Will you go back with me to the Magical World tonight?"

Bree's eyes fluttered a little and she looked to Kate, "No, I'm...I'm quite tired, I'll just sleep"

"So you wanna stay here while I go to my aunt?" She asked her.

Bree nodded and sighed gently.

"Alright." She said. "You are scared of going back, arent you?" She whispered.

"Back?" Bree questioned.

"To the Magical World." Kate said.

The redhead groaned a little and nodded.

"Whats wrong?" Kate asked concerned.

"Nothing, I just need some sleep"

"But you just woke up." Kate pointed out. "No its alright, just go to sleep." She said with a nod.

Bree nodded and moved back into the bedroom, falling onto the bed and drifting into a deep sleep instantly.

Kate looked at her worried. Maybe the normal world didnt do her any good.