A/N: And so starts the 2nd part of my 'Alice the Thief' series. In the first book, 'To Catch a Thief', she ended up getting an ancient power through a sword thanks to Karai hiring her to steal it. With the help of Raphael and his brothers she was able to harness her powers enough, however, in the final battle she ended up going through a portal and waking up in a strange and scary future…

Book #1: To Catch a Thief
Book #2: Down the Rabbit Hole

Title: Down the Rabbit Hole

Full Summary: Upon going through the portal Alice is tossed 20 years into the future where NOTHING makes sense. Can she find her way back home or will a war between brothers keep her from her goal? If to go home means going against the Raphael of this world, will she be able to do it?

Genre: Drama/Romance/Adventure
Rated: T for now, eventual M!
Warnings: 4 now… VERY naughty language!
Dis: Don't own TMNT




Alice opened her eyes. Her back hurt. Her head hurt. Hell, everything hurt. What greeted her was a blackened sky where she could faintly see dots of stars. Tentatively she moved her fingers and against the pads of them she felt concrete and grit. Next she moved her head to see that she was on a building's rooftop. The movement had her whole world spinning off its axis but she sat up anyway. Groaning she brought her left hand up to hold her head, wincing as her strained muscles pulled. She felt the warm flow of blood on her forehead and rubbed it away while standing. She stumbled, gripping the ledge of the roof, then opened her eyes to the expanse of the-

What the hell?

What had been a beautiful city looked darker. Grittier. There weren't many bright lights save for one building in the far distance and Alice couldn't see a single living soul walking on the street. There were many large screens, one of which saying that a curfew was in effect until six in the morning. And was that the FOOT insignia at the bottom? The date was on there as well.

November 15th, 2032.

"Oh balls!"




It didn't take Alice long to figure out where she was. She was in Karai's building, except it looked like no one had been in it for ages. Dust motes danced in the air, threatening to clog up her sinuses. With each step she took it felt like the whole building was shaking and shuddering. Walking was a difficult task. Somehow, while going through the portal or landing, she had twisted her knee and each step had her gritting her teeth. Luckily, she no longer felt tired or numb from energy loss, so that was the silver lining in the mess she landed herself in.

Knowing that the elevator would be out of the question she headed to the stairwell. Observing the interior of the building she noticed yellowed pieces of paper and she bent to pick one of them up. Strange… It was a business letter for a national bank. Going through more she didn't see one sign that the Foot had ever occupied this building. However, it was the future, so maybe they had moved after Karai's plans hadn't worked?

Then Alice remembered the building in the distance and she made a note to herself to check it out later once she wasn't feeling the throbbing of her knee all the way down to her toes and up to her chest. What she needed to do now was find the turtles. Maybe they could help her get back to where she belonged. She longed to see Raphael at this moment but she had to wonder, it being twenty years, did he still feel something for her? Had he found someone else? The very thought had her clenching her fist and wanting to call on fire to burn the building down!

Alice then shook her head. What good would that do? She wanted to remain as inconspicuous as possible. The last thing she needed was Karai, if she was still alive, knowing that she was here. What other plans would that psychopathic ball of crazy have for her? Plans that Alice wanted no part of she was certain. So, she made the trek down the stairs to what would be considered a lobby in twice the amount of time it would've taken her with a good knee. Sure enough, in the lobby, were cubicles for a bank. The separation glass between customers and tellers was shattered and Alice could make out some deposit slips scattered on the lobby floor along with a few nests that belonged to rats. She also could see a small sign indicating where the employees were only allowed. Hoping for a bathroom of some sort, Alice went there first, ignoring the cupboards and still humming fridge that surely had expired food in them. She went to an open doorway and thankfully found what was left of a bathroom.

Pulling her sleeve down she rubbed the grit and grime off the mirror and turned on the taps. Pipes groaned due to their misuse and Alice waited a good five minutes before the water turned clear. Slowly she detached the sword then pulled off her trusty jacket and set them aside on the rusted sink. Then she ripped the sleeves off her black top to use as a makeshift bandage and washcloth. She winced while cleaning the head wound, wringing out the blood from the scrap of cloth after to them press it against the wound to stop the bleeding. Tying the dry sleeve around the wound she then washed the blood and grit off her arms and hands before cupping her hands under the water and drinking it, ignoring the slight taste of rust.

Satisfied for now, she slipped her coat on over her now bare arms and reattached the sword to her back. Using the wall as a crutch she made her way back to the lobby then whipped her body back into the employee break room when seeing what looked to be police cruisers parked outside the doors. Flashing red and blue lights reflected off of shattered glass and illuminated the lobby.

"You idiot," she said to herself. "Of course they saw the portal."

Angered for her stupidity she held her breath as boots pounded into the lobby. There was no way she was going out that front door now and she was certain they had the back covered as well. Pressing further into the wall she glanced around the room she was in, looking for an escape. There was a closed window which would surely catch the attention of everyone in her vicinity with how warped it looked. It'd probably screech louder than a rabbit caught in the grip of a cougar. She also couldn't reach the ceiling either where the ventilation shaft was. Pretty much, she was a sitting duck.

"What do ya think it was?" asked a voice of an officer and Alice found herself listening in to the conversation.

"Dunno. Looked pretty damn freaky to me," answered another. "Boss man said the Shredder was freakin' out over it though. Wanted to know if someone was here."

"Weird shit if ya ask me," voice a third.

Then radios started to blare. They were moving up, floor by floor. Apparently, luck was on her side, because they hadn't found her small hiding place and they only let three guards at the door. If she stayed here, they would grow tired of their search, and she'd be free!

"Anything?" asked a familiar voice through the radio, a voice she couldn't quite place.

"No," answered one of the armed officers and he sounded so close Alice once again started holding her breath. "Nothing here but rats and their shit, Boss."

"Shredder made it perfectly clear to search the entire building. If someone is there he wants them unharmed and brought back, understood?" asked the familiar voice.


"Good. Now get back to work! Leonardo out."


No, no, no!

It couldn't be… Could it?

Holding her closed fist over her mouth she bit into it to keep herself from screaming. Leonardo? With Shredder? Who was ALIVE and not dead? Where the hell was she? Maybe she was dead or just in a coma and dreaming this whole thing up. Yes. That had to be it because from all she heard about the Shredder and the honorability of Leonardo there was no way he'd be teaming up with HIM. Right?

"Anythin?" asked a new voice, one that had her tensing. The urge to run out of the room and into his arms was strong. SO strong she had to dig her fingers into her knee to keep in one spot. "Well?"

"No, Boss-man. Nothin'!"

"Da fuck is goin' on? First dat light and now dis!" snarled Raphael… She'd KNOW that voice anywhere! "Leo has his panties all in a bunch and don't get me started on Shreddah. He's already in a bad mood with findin' out dat the Rebels overtook anotha base yesterday."

"Those brothers of yours is a pain in the-EYAK!"

Alice chanced a peek outside the door. There, pinning an officer to the abandoned bank cubicle was Raphael. HER Raphael. Even though he didn't wear a mask and instead was in a matching black combatant uniform with the officers, she knew it was him.

"Don't evah, EVAH, talk about dem. You understand?"

"Y-Yes Sir!"

"Good." Raphael released the man and Alice watched as he rolled his shoulders then picked up a large gun, something he must've dropped before pinning the man. He still looked lethal, deadly: but this time not in a hot and sexy way. He looked… scary. He tapped an earpiece that was attached to what must be the area for his ear. "Alpha team, what you got? Nothin? How about you Bravo? FUCK! This was a waste of time! Let's go!"

"Hey what about that room?"

Aw shit!

"What room?" asked Raphael, and the sounds of heavy boots started to come in her direction. Well, it was now or never. Three goons and Raphael. She could do this, right? And what was all that talk about his brothers? The Rebels? Obviously Leo and Raphael were with the Shredder but could that mean that Mikey and Don weren't? She HAD to find these Rebels and find out what the hell was going on? The problem? Her "lover" and his troops were in her way.

Pressing into the wall she waited until a shadow came into the room. It was an officer, gun not even raised defensively. She wound up then brought her arm forward, her forearm smashing into his face. He landed with a thud, a startled shout coming out of his mouth before she brought her foot down to silence him. Rushing out of the room she didn't stop running, going down on her knees to slide on the grungy floor, back almost touching the dusty marble as glass cut into her skin. The move had her evading two more officers that had been standing guard outside the door. They yelled at her to stop but she kept running and upon seeing Raphael she whispered an apology before sending a fireball at his feet, startling him so much he fell back.

"GET HER!" he shouted, racing to his feet while she rushed out the door. Unsure where to go she took a left and started bookin' it. Suddenly, just to her right, a flash of blue light whizzed past her shoulder, then another landed just by her feet. Were they SHOOTING at her? What happened to the idea of capturing her unharmed?

Not looking she brought up another fireball and fired it behind her before taking a corner. Her knees were throbbing and her chest was heaving but she didn't stop as her legs propelled her further. Chancing a look over her shoulder she saw cars coming at her now. Stopping, she whipped around and fired another fireball, the largest yet, at them then growled in frustration when it hit windshield but didn't damage it, like it had a protective force field around it. However, it must've startled the driver because the car swerved and hit another. They crashed and blocked the way for the other cars so with a satisfied smirk she started running again until coming to a small alley of which she raced into then leaned against the wall, panting and beyond scared.

She slid down to a crouch, the brick wall supporting her back, and brought her clenched fists to her face while trying to get her breath back. Close to breaking down and sobbing like a baby she ordered her body to calm. Ordering her emotions to get back in check she dug her knuckles into her eyes and released a long sigh just as a van screeched to a halt at the mouth of her alley. Preparing for another war she stood, hands up and engulfed in flames, when the sliding door opened to reveal yet another familiar face.

"Get in! NOW!"

Not even hesitating because she was tired of running, she rushed forward to the van while extinguishing the flames and practically leaped into arms of yet another turtle. He cursed at her onslaught, almost tipping over as he whipped the door closed and ordered the driver to go. Tentatively an arm wrapped around her now trembling body.

"You're safe now."

She wrapped both of her arms around him, eyes closing. Suddenly her energy was gone, the adrenaline wearing off, and all she wanted to do was sleep for a week. Reopening her eyes she looked up into familiar blue ones, blue eyes that she remembered being light and playful not hard as stone and surrounded by massive scars. One scar went from the top of his right eye to his cheek and she was surprised he hadn't lost it. He must've seen something in her eyes, her sadness probably, because his softened a little before the arm that was wrapped around her shifted her around so that she could rest against his right shoulder. She brought her hand up to rest on his arm, but found nothing but air. Curious, she looked down, and then bit back the cry of alarm at seeing nothing but a stub past the elbow. His arm… he was missing half an arm! Trembling, she knew she was on a verge of a breakdown, perhaps she was hyperventilating a little because he was whispering in her ear to calm down and to breathe and so she did while large tears pooled then fell out of the corners of her eyes.

"Thank you," she said softly, hiccuping, eyes still on the part of his arm that was missing.

"Don't thank me yet," he said back, unaware of her inner turmoil. "We have a lot to talk about. Like that little fire trick of yours. Name's Michelangelo. And you are…?"


"Well, Alice, what sort of rabbit hole did you fall through to end up getting shot up by the Elite Squad?"

"A very, very bad one," she whispered, exhaustion finally taking over, and soon the realm of dreams drew her into unconsciousness with images of Leonardo slicing off Michelangelo's arm and Raphael in the background laughing with glowing red eyes.





WTF just happened? Hah, well I hope I caught your attention with this second installment! More to come SOON my pretties! :)