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Mias POV-

I was just putting on my mascara, when my phone started vibrating,

'Whats up T?' I said, sitting on my bed and pulling on a shoe 'I'm not late for the stripper am I?' I laughed. I was just getting ready for Tina Hakim Babas hen night, she wasn't getting married till next week, but who wants to have one the night before your wedding? Getting to the ceromony all red eyed,tired and hungover? No thanks!

Tina sighed and said 'No stripper, Mia, im afraid. Boris would get paranoid and think i'd run away with him, Lilly would probably sleep with him,you'd be in the papers then next day with 'Princess finds new love.. With stripper!' And it wouldn't really be Perin and Ling Su's taste, would it?' She said, laughing

'Oh ha ha.' I said sarcastically. Has it really been 2 years? Two years since I smelt his neck? Two years since I kissed him? Two years since he- No. I won't think about him again. Im not going back to therapy. Not because of Michael. Not again. 'Are Lana and Trish coming?' I said, trying to blink back my tears.

'Duh. Do you really think they'd miss a party?' Tina said, giggling 'Oh, by the way, Boris is having HIS bachlor party tonight aswell, so he can probably keep an eye on me!' Tina said, sighing. I could hear Boris protesting in the background. 'I'm telling her now! God! Mia, I didnt phone you to bitch about everyone, its not Monday' (We bitch about the week that's just gone every monday) 'I phoned to tell you that, um, Michael is going to Boris' Bachelor party...' Tina trailed off. I'd stood up a couple of minutes before, but now i collapssed onto my bed. He was going to be there. GROAN. Its taken me two years to get over him, now i have to be in the same room as him? I sighed and said 'Okay Tina, i'll be there in a few, okay?' I hung up. I looked in the mirror, and smiled. Not being big headed, I looked good! I walked outside, ignored the paparazzi and climbed into the limo waiting for me outside. 'Drive.' I said to Lars.

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