Bella Swan had almost exploded when she opened the letter. The stationary was creamy and pristine with the stately gold seal at the top. Even the acceptance letter seemed to scream elite. She had to expel her excitement onto someone else. She snatched up her phone and typed out a relief message with trembling hands.

1:15 - Get here now!

"I need a dime, Jas."

Tyler Crowley was ordering up a sack when Jasper heard his phone chirp. It was Bella's designated text tone. Instead of grabbing the dime bag Tyler was waiting on, Jasper snagged his phone out of his backpack. After reading the message he threw his pack across his shoulders.

"Gotta fly, man. Catch me later." He told Tyler. He was moving. When his best friend/cousin called, Jasper moved.

"Yo, man, I need that sack!" Tyler cried to Jasper's retreating back.

"You need rehab!" Jasper called back without turning around.

It was ten blocks to the apartment Bella shared with her mom. Ten blocks in the July hot, Houston sun. He let himself in with his own key, sure to be quite as Renee would either be sleeping or sleeping it off. He was less than thrilled when he threw open the door to Bella's room to find her sprawled in the middle of her floor looking at some papers.

"You don't appear to be bleeding." He said in an irritated tone. He dropped into her desk chair with huff.

Bella sat up and looked at him. Her eyes were elated. He was pretty sure if she smiled like a normal person she would be beaming.

"I got in." She said, the corners of her mouth turning up ever so slightly. That was a Bella smile. Jasper found himself grinning even though he had no idea what she was talking about.

"Got in?"

"Fountainview Prep, Jas. I got in. A full scholarship!" She snatched the papers off the floor and thrust them at him.

"Well, hot damn." He said taking the letter from her. He scanned it seeing that she had, indeed, finally gotten the full scholarship to the prestigious prep school. While he was glad that her plan to get into an Ivy League school (which began with getting into Fountainview) was finally starting to come together, he was none too pleased by the prospect of his last two years of high school without her. "I'm happy for you Bells."

"You don't sound happy." She said. When he glanced up he saw she was arching an eyebrow at him. Demanding an explanation with a look.

He shrugged.

"I am happy for you. I'll just miss my partner in crime." He explained.

Bella snorted a laugh.

"More like your conscience." She replied.

"Lord knows I need one." He agreed laughing.

"It's not like we won't see each other, Jas." Bella admonished him. "You're right up the street. Besides you're here most of the time anyway."

Not that Bella really needed to remind him. Jasper avoided his house as much as possible. It took Jasper's dad exactly twenty six minutes to get tired of looking at him. His ribcage was currently various shades of blacks, blues, and yellows from the last time he'd spent a little too much time bonding with the old man. He had spent most of his time this summer hustling on the streets or at Bella's. The drug dealer spending time with his good girl cousin and his stripper aunt to avoid his abusive father. His life was an afterschool special.

"This is a good thing, Jas." Bella said as she walked over and put her forehead to his.

"This is a good thing, Bells." He repeated. He hoped she was right.